Can you snort hydrocodone

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Can you snort hydrocodone?

Well, the majority of hydrocodone comes mixed with tylenol. So, if you snort it, chances are you'll have so much "crap" in your nose that the blood vessels will be so dried out that they won't absorb anything at all... In that case, it'll just snot down the back of your throat, dissolve in your stomach, and you'll have a really messed up nose for the next week.

If it's pure hydrocodone, you probably could, but you'll probably overdose.

Just read the directions on the bottle numbskull! Whatever it says to take, double it and drink a beer... No need to get a psycho about it... chill out, relax! Do things in moderation d00d... :P

Can you snort hydrocodone/ lortab/ vicodon?

For one thing? What in the world would you want to snort Vicodin for? It would probably make your nose bleed.You know it is just as effective swallowing the pill.Maybe you have a problem with drug addiction and need to seek help.

Can you snort acetaminophen hydrocodone. it is white and long and says WATSON 349 on one side?is it snortable?

i have acetaminophen hydrocodone watson 349 pills, there white and long. wandering without any fussing about why im asking this if i would be able to snort this pill? its 5g hydro & 500g acetaminophen i believe.......

yes thats vicodin...just swallow it !

Can u die from snorting hydrocodone?

my stoner buddy swiped one of his grandmas hydrocodone and snorted the entire thing "not consecutively" but about a small line every 5 or soo min. and he says he is very numb and has a weed like effect. or body high. he thinks he is going to die lol. so somebody straighten this out for me and explain that just one wont kill you it takes atleast three to over dose

He's an idiot but he won't die unless he has some form of undiagnosed heart problem. Tell him to calm the heck down and never do it again. If he's had that reaction, it is more than likely he's allergic to it. Snorting it just increased his vunerability. Btw...get better friends that don't do sh*t like that.

Can Hydrocodone & Allegra Powder Be Snorted? ( Not Together Tho)?

I was told that this is a stupid question but, I don't care!!!!!! I WILL GIVE 5 POINTS 4 THIS BECUZ I AM NEW SO, Can somebody ACTUALLY BE SERIOUS? Please answer this!!!!!! Thank You So Much!!!!!!

hydrocodone can be snorted. the last time i did it was thanksgiving. it stings! allegra can be snorted too, but i don't recommend it because it WILL NOT get you high.

The drug fioricet i have generic brand im wondering what this does exactly and has anyone ever snorted this?

im wondering if anyone has ever snorted it or takes this drug and what it does. will it relax u like a pain medicine is it like hydrocodone and can you snort it if so what happens?

its primary use is for migrane headaches. its not worth the burn

Is he addicted to pain pills?

My boyfriend who ive been dating for a year and been living with for 6 months has a past of doing pills. He told me he only did them while he was going through his divorce but now im not so sure. He had knee surgery in january and has had seven prescriptions for hydrocodone since then. The last one was for 50 pills which he snorted all in four days. Since then he has been to the doctor once and the dentist twice to get them. They usually give him 20 and those last him two days. He also steals them from his grandmother when he can. He will snort any kind of pain pill! He tells me he doesn't have a problem and can quit at anytime. We both have children from previous marriages and i don't want my kids knowing this. I love him but im not sure about the situation. Im worried he will get worse and i don't think i need to have my kids around this especially since their teenagers. Can you get addicted to snorting hydrocodones? He works and has a home he pays for and doesn't spend money on them. What should i do?

Yes, he is addicted. Stealing meds from others, doctor shopping, doubling up on prescriptions, snorting the pills rather than swallowing them, going on binges...all of these are classic signs of opioid addiction. I'm very sorry.

If these pills are mainly vicodin (hydrocodone/APAP), then he's also doing a hell of a job on his liver. The Tylenol in the pills isn't the addictive part, but it is very dangerous, and depending on the dosage of his pills, your boyfriend is either skirting or going over the maximum recommended daily dose every time he goes on one of those 10-pill-a-day binges. That much Tylenol can cause serious liver damage, and there are often no overdose symptoms until permanent damage has been done. If you can convince him to get his blood tested for liver damage, you could be doing him a great favor.

If it will make you feel any better, your boyfriend isn't really lying to you - not deliberately. He almost certainly really believes that he has the situation under control, and that he can quit at any time. Vicodin addiction is a growing problem in part because opioids are such sneaky little drugs. It's all too easy to become addicted to them without ever really realizing or believing that one has a problem.

I'm not a drug abuse counselor, so I hesitate to offer any advice as to what you should do next. If you want to try intervention, I'd suggest that you find an addiction center near you and speak with someone knowledgable there before trying to confront your boyfriend about it. They might be able to advise you as to the best way to proceed.

Good luck, and I hope things work out for you..

I need to know what does long term drug abuse does to your nose and the rest of your head?

There is a girl thats only 29 years old and she has two beautiful children and she is adicted to hydrocodone and my husband and I are trying to help her. But, before I stick my foot in my mouth. I need to know if snorting drugs for a long period of time can cause the palate of your mouth to deteriate? PLEASE help if you can. thank you

Snorting drugs will impact on the minor blood vessels in the area. They are close to the skin surface and they are constricted by drug use. Blood supply to the area is reduced and, basically, the flesh dies. Keep it up and she'll end up with a mono-nostril and it will go on from there.

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