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If you were to take 7 Xanax bars (2mg) spaced out over 1 day and then drink 1 beer would that be dangerous?

Or potentially life threatening perhaps? I have heard a lot of horror stories of people dying from eating just a few pills of Xanax or Valium or some other benzo's and mixing it with alcohol. This may seem like the "hypothetical" dose I described in the main question is a lot of Xanax to your average prescribed and/or recreational user as on average for severe anxiety disorder or panic disorder the maximum dose is 2 or 3 bars (4mg-6mg) however keep in mind this person has a high tolerance to Xanax and take about 4 or 5 bars a day for awhile, and there have been a few occasions they have taken up untill 9 or possibly 10 bars a day at the absolute most. I was wondering if they drank just one light beer, one bottle of bud light beer to be specific, if that could actually cause any serious negative side effects, because it is only just one beer and also they extremely rarely drink alcohol maybe just a few times a year so they have no tolerance to alcohol, and they are a big guy he weighs about 240 lbs., so I'm sure tolerance and body weight and height play important roles in this... so can anyone answer my question? And what if they had 2 beers?

it could be very dangerous. one time i took bout 5 and then had a smirnoff and i ended up at the hospital. and him not drinking that much makes it even worse because is body isn't used to it.

How many days after taking Valium can you safely drink?

I take diazepam (valium) occasionally for anxiety/sleeplessness (not every day.) The half life of valium is from 50-200 hours, supposedly.

If i took ~30 mg Thursday night, would it be safe to drink Friday night? (24 Hrs) If not, what about Saturday night? (48 Hrs)

I only ask because I am unsure how important a role "half-life" plays when mixed with alcohol. Peak Plasma levels are within 2 hours of ingestion; my main concern is contraindication, and an overload of CSN depressants.

I usually drink at least a few beers on weekends, and want to be sure alcohol wont KILL ME if i take Diazepam on Thurs. afternoon and drink a Friday or Saturday night...

I saw one source saying 24 hours was sufficient, another "personal" recommendation saying to wait (3*mg)
(ie, 15mg*3=wait 45 hours...)

If there is a definitive source or someone with credentials or experience that could help me, this would put my mind to ease. Thanks.

Unfortunately, no physician will ever tell you it is safe to drink while taking Valium.

The main problem is that valium not only has an excessively long duration of action, but it is broken down into metabolite that are also active, also long lasting, and last for different durations.

The upshot of all this is that time you have significant active medication in your system is completely unpredictable. There is no predictable "half-life" as such, since only medications that are metabolized in one stage have half-lives. 6-12 days is just a general statement looking at test subjects--it is not based on any known, consistent chemical feature of the medication.

Therefore, there is NO medical basis for telling you when it is "safe" to drink after taking valium, and you do so with the knowledge that any consequences are completely in your hand.

In general, if I ever recommend valium to someone, I also include two additional recommendations in addition to any others:

- do not drink within 4 weeks of taking the medication for the above reasons.

- do not operate a motor vehicle within 4 weeks of taking the medication for the above reasons. Also, since a DUI is a DUI regardless of whether the medication is prescribed or not, and it is much easier to detect with a drug test than alcohol, it is simply not worth the risk.

As always, discuss these and any questions with your physician.

Should a recovering alcoholic drink non-alcoholic beer?

Hi, my father is an alcoholic who has been dry for 20 years. Recently he had a relapse and began heavily abusing the prescription drug Ativan, which is like Valium or Xanax.
He lied to our family for a long time about abusing the Ativan and recently came out with it. He has stopped taking it but hasn't shown any signs of improvement, he has depression and anxiety disorder and continues to never exercise, eat only chips and candy, and be a huge jerk to the family.
He started drinking nonalcoholic beer around the same time he started taking the Ativan. He has continued to drink the nonalcoholic beer, usually one a day but sometimes up to three a day.
Is this okay? It makes me really uncomfortable, and the other day after he had two nonalcoholic beers his eyes were all red and it scared me. If this is not something he should be doing, what can I do about it? Anytime you mention the Ativan or the beer he gets angry and tries to blame it on others.

Non alcoholic beer contains an extremely small amount of alcohol--about the same amount as a container of orange juice that has sat in the fridge for a couple of days! Your father is NOT getting drunk by drinking it.

The ativan is another matter. It appears that your father has become addicted to that. He is not "in recovery" at this point, he is a practicing an addiction to prescription drugs--actually a very common addiction these days.

I am going to provide you a link which might help you (and him, if he is interested in possibly changing his behavior):

Need advice: Chemically dependent fiance?

I've been with my fiance for 21 months now. He is 10 years older than me and has 2 teenage daughters. I have no children. We have a wonderful relationship...I would even venture to say almost 100% perfect. I know in my heart he truly loves me beyond words. He is respectful, tender-hearted, loving, kind, faithful, and everything that I would ever want in a man. Our only problem is he has a chemical dependency.
We had dated for 8 months when he confessed that he had an addiction to pain pills. I had suspicions that there was something 'wrong' with him, but we usually only saw each other on the weekends and he kept his drinking to a minimum around me and the pills a complete secret.
I love him more than anything and wanted him to get better, so we got help and he got on suboxone. He asked me to stay with him to help him get through this time in his life, so I did and I'm still there :)........while he was on suboxone things were great!!! His kids and I were his #1 priority. He did still drink alcohol now and then, which was fine with me because I enjoy having a glass or two of wine with dinner anyway, as long as it's in moderation.
He was on suboxone for 11 months and he complained that it made him tired all the time and made him feel weird when he drank. He asked for my help to get him off of suboxone, because he said he couldn't do it by himself. So, for the last 3 months he was on this medication I decreased his dose, until 12/08/09 when he quit completely. I really wanted to help him get off suboxone because I wanted him to feel better and I wanted him to have a normal life without depending on a medication to get through the day.....Unfortunately, that's not what happened. For the first month he went off Suboxone he would drink 5-6 double shots of bourbon almost every night. It was crazy!!! We had arguements about this and he finely quit drinking bourbon. Now, he only drinks beer (wine has become a no-no also, because he drinks too much), still that isn't enough so he has been bumming valium from family and friends. If he was taking the valium for therapuetic reasons, I wouldn't have any quims, but I know all he is doing is feeding his addiction of wanting to get high or drunk. He also has been smoking marijuana quite a bit in the last 2-3 months...the sad thing about this is that he OWNS 2 family businesses!!!!! To his defense I have to say that he works 8-10 hours 5-6 days every week, even though in the evenings he is trashing himself with valium and alcohol.
I feel that me and his children have been deprioritized (if that's a word) and replaced by chemical substances. Most of our interactions in the evenings are with him high or intoxicated!!! Fortunately, I have done my best to keep things hidden from the kids, but teenagers are very smart and know when somethings amiss.
I have talked to him about this and told him that I see a problem/pattern here and that he can't do anything in moderation. He agrees with me, but seems to push things to the limit with me. He has agreed to get a prescription for valium and let me keep them and administer them as he needs them, BUT will he still get pills from outside sources??? Probably :(.....and what about the alcohol? If he can't get enough valium, will he replace it with beer, wine, or whiskey????
I would give anything if I hadn't helped him come off the suboxone and talked him into staying on it longer, but I feel that if he had been on it for 10 years this would happen when he got off. It's basically like he has switched one addiction for another. His energy level, if anything is worse...after all the complaining about suboxone making him tired. I am convinced that he wanted off suboxone because it blocked the pleasurable feelings of getting high or intoxicated :(
I know most of you will tell me to leave and I will admit that leaving has crossed my mind and is a last resort when there is NOTHING left for me to do or say in this relationship anymore. I would sincerely appreciate any advice from others who have been in his or my shoes at some point in their life. I truly love this man with all my heart and being. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I want to do everything that is in my power to help him, but I know he has to want help and want to change. I just want to know that I have done everything I can before I walk away. Thanks in advance :)

Redbird, look up Al-Anon immediately! They will help you with your problems. You are the one that is in need of help at this time. Remember that the only one that you can help is yourself! You are trying to help someone that doesn't want your help in spite of what he states. Take the children to Al-ateen and let them get help! They know far more about what is going on than you do. The question that has to be asked here is do you love yourself? This question is asked for many people in the same spot as you stay there because they truly love that person but also understand that they cannot do anything for that person. You are enabling him to do things and are providing him with an excuse for everything that goes wrong in his life. If you mind your own business and that doesn't mean to leave him but just means stop making excuses for him. If he is high or drunk then let him be and don't try to hide it from anyone. Don't attempt to control his "medication" or drink because he will just replace it or get angry and possibly abusive to you. Change the way you look at this problem. You see things through the eyes of someone that is trying to mother, manage, manipulate, and martyrdom. These are hard words to hear but if you can understand that is where you are then perhaps you can understand that by changing those you will change how you see things. I will not tell you to leave for if you love that person then only you can make that decision but make the decision from a point of clarity. Get to Al-Anon and get the help with this problem that you really need.

Am I way too much of a prude for my age (13)?

What I don't like:
- Drinking, ever. I've tasted it when I was asked for some at eight by my now passed on father. The drink of choice was beer and even though I took just a measly sip, I wanted nothing to do with it. Also, I have this stereotype of people who drink, even just for a bit, are troubled people. If you are troubled, well then, I'm sorry, but I'd just want to steer clear of you.
- I think smoking is gross and can seriously kill you; better off downing some Valium pills.
- I have never touched myself, as in masturbat1ng, and never plan on doing so. Rubbing yourself? That's like wiping yourself after you urinate? Doesn't do anything except create a senstaion for a minute. Seems overrated to me. S3x sucks, too. Get pregnant if you want too, but I would never be able to take care of children. S3x leads to wearing lingeri3, and I hate that to.
- Swimwear like bikinis is slu11y. You see all those those 'classy' sports models wearing them...posing, leaning on a made-up 60s Buick. One pieces just make you look like a fat penguin, so I woyuld never wear those.
-Tattoos, I don't see how they symbolize anything. It makes your skin look dirty. Piercings are just unnecessary and I just think that's a waste of time.

Of course, some things are exaggerated a bit, but IF i WAS TEACHING SOMEONE SOMETHING i WOULD DO THAT.

i DON'T LIVE IN AN ISOLATED COMMUNITY OR BELONG TO A church that requires you to wear skirts below your ankles

You seem fairly normal to me. We can live normally without drinking, smoking, having tattoos, etc... Lots of people do and I don't see how one can miss on drinking or wearing a bikini.
It is actually unfortunate that nowadays, drinking and acting slutty is becoming the norm when it should be the opposite.

I need help with myself, bad..!?

Alright, I don't go on this site really and definitely do not ask people over the internet for help but I am desperate for something. Anyone that knows or gets it..

I am the most angry person I have ever had the displeasure to know and to anyone that knows me will agree. I have ****** almost every relationship I have with everyone in my life. My girlfriend and I (Year and three months) are on the verge of never speaking to one another again. This has been going on for awhile. I am a very troubled teen and for those who don't know the **** I have done do not try and tell me that I haven't. I love my girlfriend with all my heart but it definitely does not look like it. I've cheated, I lie, I do everything wrong. I honestly can't believe shes still with me. I cant seem to do ANYTHING right. Not for myself, my family, her or anybody! I am 18 years old. I started being extremely angry about 13. All hell broke loose, I was doing drugs every night. Through out the years, 13 to 17 I would say, involving heroin, meth, ecstasy,weed, all sorts of prescription pills (xanx, oxycontin, valium, etc...) alcohol, pcp, special k, acid, mescaline, coke/crack, dmt everything you can imagine. Ive taken them all in different ways, Shooting up(injecting), snorting, smoking, normally taking everything im very intelligent in the "drug field" but don't touch that stuff anymore. Iv'e been smoking a pack to two packs of cigarettes a day for four years already and have been a popular drug dealer growing up through my years, that's how people knew me and liked me. I don't sell or use anything anymore except drink a beer here and there and of course cigarettes. After chronic use of drugs, abusing myself. I have mental disabilities, I am diagnosed with the mood disorder Bipolar, manic depression, Impulse disorder, anger issues and can't control myself at all. My psychologist checked my brain. I nearly have any serotonin in my brain to keep me the slightest bit of happiness, I pretty much created a permanent depression for me filled with anger and hate. After I think things are going, OKAY it goes to **** shortly after. My relationship with my parents are at 0. I can't talk to either one of them with out cussing, going crazy etc.. (don't judge based off that you don't know what goes on in the house, what has happened in the past, and such) I do have much to be angry for for what has happened in my life. I can't even tell you what I have done. The people I have hurt, things I have destroyed in my own anger. And I found myself a compulsive liar, I find myself lying about the simplest things, things that I don't even need to lie about! Been doing it for years and just can"t stop for the life of me. I can go on and on about the problems I have, the **** I have done, the criminal record I have, everything but I'm giving you the outline of it.

I have never had a job in my life except for an "entrepreneur" you could say. But I need help. With my anger, I've been to countless hospitals for depression, suicide places (My anger just gets so high and find my self breaking my hands over walls and punching walls till my hands pop) and need to be restrained. Doing anger management right now and AA/NA meeting but doesn't seem to help much. My girlfriend would definitely be a good person to help (she helped me on the dope) but again another reason for a lot of it. I find myself needing to escape and run away. Ill run to LA and be homeless for months then come back to nothing. I don't know whats wrong with me. I have serious issues. And am looking for help in every way possible. I hope to find happiness in myself one day and actually have something to be proud about and stop letting people down in my life. So many disappointments, I guess I'm just venting to people I don't even know. If anyone will even reply or whatever I just need to get my **** out i guess. ****

You have to get involved in AA and NA for the program to work, otherwise you never learn the 12 Steps of the program.

Growing up with alcoholism is too much for most of us and of course you were born into the disease and had a 90% chance of becoming or marrying an alcoholic because of it. Abuse is just a side effect, and since your dad uses it, so do you. Alcoholism affects the whole family, every member and from generation to generation. Your younger brother has a much better chance of living a normal life if you break the cycle of abuse and addiction in your family.

Because of NA you know that a drug is a drug including alcohol and you can't use any drugs or alcohol if you want life to get better. Telling yourself anything else is bullshit.

Bipolar is manic depression and all addicts have it, we just call it "all or nothing behavior," extremes, high highs and low lows and shrinks call it bipolar and impulsivity disorder. Anger problems? We know it's rage and it feels good, it's addictive and powerful, because it releases endorphins and dopamine and makes mothers and girlfriends and little brothers cry and tremble and give us our own way.

When you're sitting in jail (it won't be long you're not a juvenile anymore) and your girl is gone and your family has kicked you out, I hope you remember this and give AA and NA an honest try.

A Question about drugs, hallusenagens, and alchohol abuse? What can be wrong with me?

I'm 17 years old, male..and in the past when I was 15, I was really abusing drugs and alchohol. I was smoking alot of pot, drinking beer, even doing that crazy **** salvia, and doing cold medication to get high, at age 13. When I was 14, I took my first hit of acid, and it freaked me out so bad, I quit using all drugs and drinking alchohol for a while. Then when I 15, I started using drugs again, and using them very exsessivly.
During the summer when I was could say, I smoked a **** load of pot and hash. I did about 20 something, hits of acid. I tried peyote, shrooms, DMT, MDMA, ecstacey, a little bit of angel dust, tweek, adderrall, hydrocodone, muscle relaxors, oxycodone, oxymorphine, dilauded, trazodone, xanax, valium, attarax, ativan, and speed pills. I did amino acids and herbal supplemets like, L-Theanine, L-Dopa, L-Tyrosine, Ginseng Tabs, Yebra Mate, and GABA.
Now I'm having really insane and intense dreams, sometimes horrorifying, having emotional disturbances, having severe rage problems, hallusenating visually and auditorly randomly, having big mood and energy swings, have terriable insomnia off and on, and feel like I am loosing my mind. I am not using drugs or alchohol currently and havn't for about a year now.
Could my past use of drugs, hallusenagens, amino acid & herbal supplements, and alchohol being cauing this stuff to occur? My cousin thinks I'm suffering from some kind of serotonin syndrome...

Could be from the bad trip on acid. But only because you were freaked out from it and at being such a young age, that can have some bad effects since you're still developing.
Or it even could be caused by weed, or mdma.
Mainly because you're young and really, I think most drugs shouldn't be taken till you're mature enough to know how to use them safely, and understand what they are. Like 18 is a good time I think.. but I mean obviously you can't change what is done.

And.. lol this isn't serotonin syndrome. SOunds like some type of schizophrenia. But you should go see a doctor and get some help.

Please tell me what you think of my short, interesting story?

"Bye Peter!" Jenny exclaimed to her friend. "Bye Debbie and Shelley!"
Debbie and Shelly didn't reply, but Peter did. "Bye? But the afternoon is so young."
"It's almost 3pm," Jenny said, smiling. "I wouldn't call it THAT young...and I have homework for school tomorrow."
"Well, I've got something fun we can do," Peter said with a mischievous grin. He pulled a white box out of his bag.
"Valium?" Jenny read the contents of the box aloud. "What are these for?"

"Special little pills to make us feel relaxed," Peter explained, after they'd started the walk to his house. "Have one."

Jenny popped the blister pack and swallowed another yellow pill. Her third one so far. She was drinking beer and had been smoking pot too.
"How do you feel?" Peter asked Jenny.
"I'm...really relaxed..." Jenny said, her voice trailing away. She didn't have a care in the world. Everything was how it seemed and yet so different now.
"I have to go pee," Peter said, getting up to his feet. They were sitting in the den.

Peter ran to the staircase and took them two at a time. But he tripped and fell. Hit his head badly.
It was about 5 minutes before Jenny came upstairs and found him on the kitchen landing. Surrounded by a pool of blood.

That was the only time Jenny ever did drugs, but it still haunts her today. A friend lost a life because of a silly mistake. It could have been her. She was alive...but dead inside.

it sure does give a point not to use drugs but the first part would be better off either with less names of character who dont have any purpose in the plot or just giving a bit more intro to the senario. Best of luck to you friend.

I really hate my mom.?

Alright, so I've finally reached my limit. Tonight my mom and dad went out to a retirement party (no big deal) so I just hung out at home. My dad goes straight to bed, but my mom acts all sneaky and starts rummaging through the refrigerator.
"Uh.. what are you doing?"
Her: ".."
Then she puts on her jacket and grabs her purse and starts toward the door, keys in hand.
"Hey, where are you going?"
"Dad said I could go up to WaWa to buy beer"
"Uh, no he didn't."
And then I tell her about how she should be driving drunk at 12 am. I grab the keys from her and hide them.
She doesn't like that.
She starts yelling and cussing and whatnot about how I'm such a f*cking horrible child and throws a f*cking chair across the room.

I am so sick of this; I can't take it any more. THIS IS AN EVERYDAY THING.
The last 4 years have been hell for me and my brother (I'm 15 now)
She abuses Vicodin, valium, and tylenol-- but when confronted says "I'm just taking it the way the doctor tells me."
Well... if you were, you wouldn't run out of it, now would you?
A kid shouldn't have to see their mom OD'd on happy crack on Christmas, their 12 13 14 15th birthday, etc. (Yeah, that's right. She's such a f*ckup that she downed a gallon of wine at Olive Garden on my birthday this year. Real classy. In front of my best friend too.)

There are a lot of other little details too, but I don't wish to delve into them at this time. It pisses me off too much.

Any advice would be extremely appreciated.

I'm so sorry for your problem. Your mom needs professional help and none of this is your fault. Have you tried talking to your dad? there are counselors at school that you can talk to or a church leader. If your mom physically hurts you then you need to report it. When someone is an alcoholic and does drugs they are totally messed up. I know your mom loves you but she is sick. Try not to hate her and do your best to find someone to help.

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