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What is the difference between taking Clomid days 3-7 vs. 5-9?

I usually ovulate on my own the problem is I'm on cycle day 28 & have not ovulated YET! I start Clomid next month & my Dr. prescribed 50mg on days 5-9. I have read people take it day's 3-7 and have more sucess. Should I take mine 3-7 without asking my Dr?

Does anyone know the difference?

3-7 more follies, 5-9 less follies but higher quality.

watch out for cysts, clomid gave me some big nasty cysts.

What's the difference between taking Clomid on days 5-9 vs. days 3-7?

Would it make a difference in ovulation day? Has anyone taken it both ways themselves? The only reason I ask is because my husband is leaving for Iraq in the next few months and I want to make sure that we have as many chances as possible. I have taken it on days 4-8 and 5-9 before, unfortunately I've seen a different doctor with a different philosophy on this everytime. TIA!

I was on 100mg last month on days 5-7 and didn't ovulate so my doctor raised it to 150 mg and is having me take it on days 3-7. It can change your ovulation day. But it hasn't yet with mine. My doctor said he has women start first on days 5-7 and if it doesn't work 3-7. I read on the net that taking it on the earlier days tends to make more eggs. And the later days makes the egg or eggs mature better. Don't know if that helps at all but best of luck to you!!

Does anyone know the big difference between taking clomid days 3-7 vs 5-9?

I took 50mg last month on days 5-9 and this month I am to take it days 3-7 100mg. Please tell me what you all have done and what worked best for you. Thanks!

I was told to take 100mg days 2-6 and I conceived on the 4th attempt, but miscarried. I took it again 2 months later and conceived but miscarried again. My doctor told me that the earlier in the cycle you take Clomid, the more effective it is, so I guess that's the big difference in the days you are wondering about.

The difference from taking Clomid on days 5-9 vs. taking it 3-7???

What is the difference from taking Clomid days 5-9, or 3-7? Also im taking Prometrium starting last night, for 10 nights to induce my period because I have PCOS, and then I take Clomid the 5th day of my period cycle through the 9th, but im wondering if I should take it day 3-7. Also day 1 is actually counted as a full day period, not a spotting one, correct?
Does anyone have any success stories with taking both Prometrium to induce the period and Clomid?

I'm not sure if there really is a difference I think it just depends on your dr. and what they tell you to follow, my dr. gave me a chart of when to take Clomid and when to start intercourse and then when to take a HPT. I am taking Clomid days 3-7. My dr. also said to start counting on the first day I see any blood at all.
After taking the Provera for 10 days I started my cycle 3 days after my first pill, so don't be alarmed if you don't start it right away, also I now get my period on my own every 28 days so I haven't had to take the Provera again. So I would wait on taking a second round until you have a missed period.

Clomid: days 3-7 vs. 5-9?

I heard that when you take Clomid on days 3-7, you'll have more follicles. However, if you take it on days 5-9, you'll have less follicles but more mature.

This cycle I took clomid days 3-7 and on CD 13 I went for monitoring, the doc said that I probably won't ovulate because my estrogen levels were decreasing. (She was comparing it to when I went for an ultrasound on CD10 as well). My uterus lining was perfect though. So now she prescribed Provera already to restart my cycle and she's already increasing dosage from 50mg to 100mg. She didn't even wait to finish up my cycle. Do you think it's better that I take it on days 5-9 so that the eggs mature if that theory is accurate? I don't wanna argue with my doc but just wanted to get everyone's input who's had experience.

Hi! I'd ask your doctor why you're on CD 3-7. Some have a preference of certain days over others. You may have a problem producing a follicle which is why she put you on CD 3-7. I produced a lot of follicles but none of them were mature enough so I was put on CD 5-9. Anywhos, I'd ask your doctor and see what answer she gives you. Ask her about switching to CD 5-9. Good luck!!

Can someone please tell me the difference with taking clomid days 1-5 vs. 3-7 vs. 5-9?

Which days are best to take Clomid? I have been on two cycles 50 mg. My doc. told me to take it days 5-9. I have had no luck so far with the 5-9 schedule. Has anyone out there taken it earlier in your cycle and conceived quicker. It seems like with taking it days 5-9 my CM is pretty dry when it comes time for me to ovulate I am wondering if this is why I am not conceiving. Is there more CM when you ovulate if you take it earlier in your cycle. thanks!

It really depends. I originally took it from days 5 to 9, but I was ovulating late and having a cycle about every 35 days, so they bumped it up to days 3-7 and my cycles got a little shorter. I don't know how it affects your CM, I never had that problem. After I had taken Clomid for a few cycles, my reproductive endocrinologist discontinued it because he told me that prolonged use of Clomid thins the CM.

What is the difference between taking clomid days 1-5 vs. 3-7 vs. 5-9?

Your cycle has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Clomid is designed to work in a specific way, so you MUST take it as directed, or it won't work.

Clomid stimulates the ovaries to release an egg... and that only happens during the beginning of your cycle.... and it takes a certain amount of time to happen (about two weeks). You cannot rush this. Some people have 14 days to mid-cycle and others have as many as 20 days.

At the middle of your cycle, the egg that has been released is floating through the tubes into the uterus and meets up with a sperm, so you can get pregnant. Fourteen days later, if the egg didn't find a sperm that could penetrate and create a baby, you will have a period.

So.... take them when your doctor says to. I used Clomid three times, always as directed.... had boys the first two times and then had boy/girl twins the third time. It works, but not if you don't follow the doctor's directions.

TTC Clomid days 1-5 vs 3-7 multiples...?

just wondering what everyone else takes for dosages and days??? Also if any of you had twins etc.

I have been looking at clomid schedules and can't find a much info on the doctors prefrerence for which days to take it...just curious

I take 100mg CD 1-5
Today is my CD4

When can I expect ovulation...from what I understand it usually happens 5-9days after your last dose...correct??

Well i took 50mg CD 5-9 this last month for the first time i'm not sure if i ovulated or not, are you takig ur temp every morning? if not start when ur temp risies about .5 points then ur probably ovulating or try a predictor kit they don't work for me and they are very expensive, but they may work for you, my dr. told me i sould ovulate between CD 12-21.....Good Luck!!!!

Clomid days 3-7 05 5-9.....?

I have been taking clomid days 3-7 w/no luck. I wanted to see how many ladies have been successful with days 3-7 vs. days 5-9. This cycle my doc has switched me to 5-9.

i took mine 5-9 for 2 cycles and got pregnant- good luck

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