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Do doctors prescribe Adderall realatively easily if you tell them you can't concentrate?

No, you have to have an evaluation, and depending on your insurance, doctor, and diagnosis you may not even get it. If it is prescribed the dosage goes by the age and the weight of the patient.

Can my general practice doctor prescribe adderall or does a psychiatrist have to do it?

I'm just wondering if my doctor is legally allowed to write prescriptions for adderall. If he can do it, do you think he will still refer me to a psychiatrist?

Your GP has a liscence to prescribe virtually any medication. However, he/she may not feel comfortable dealing with psychiatric issues. Our health care system would be better off if more GP's would take on those issues though.

How to get my doctor to prescribe Adderall?

I know I have ADD, I've had it all my life and it has held me back, both academtically and professionally.

I'm going to see my general doctor tomorrow. He can prescribe Addreall, but the respectionist said that he may need to send me to a Mental Health specialist.

How do I get my doctor to give me Adderall? I know relatives who have ADD and adderall has helped termendously

talk to your doctor and request it when you visit

Can any doctor prescribe adderall Medicine?

I know that i have ADD and have been tested, but i have to get retested cuz the test results have expired and you have to get retested, but it costs so much money. And i want to know if my regular physician can call in an order for adderall, or if they have to have a special license or something when they try to call in the order to the pharmacy. If so then i want to talk to my doctor about it.

Any doctor can prescribe it, so go to your normal doc first. However, a word to the wise-Do not ask specifically for ADD medication, and do not list Adderall by name. You will most definitely be denied the medication if you do, doctors in general do not like being told by their patients how to do their job. (Would you after going to school for god knows how many years?)

Klonopin (Clonazepam) causes drowsiness; would a doctor prescribe Adderall to counteract that?

I have an anxiety disorder and I am prescribed to take Klonopin. It is either take the benzodiazapine or an SSRI, and I refuse to take SSRIs because of their potential dangers and horrible side effects.

Now, Klonopin completely fixes my problem, but it makes me drowsy and inattentive when not active, such as sitting in class or at the computer. I was just wondering if a doctor would prescribe Adderall to reduce the drowsiness caused by the Klonopin.

I ask this because Adderall is a Schedule II drug and doctors don't like prescribing it, but it really sucks being drowsy and inattentive when sitting still, so maybe it would be appropriate? I was just wondering if that option is on the table or completely unacceptable to doctors, since Adderall has such a high potential for abuse.


I doubt it very much. Maybe take less of the clonipin. OR.....have your doc to a complete AD/HD exam on you. Sometimes undiagnosed/untreated AD/HD can cause anxiety and depression. You mentioned dangers & side effects w/ antidepressants - benzodiazipines (klonipin) and adderall have some really bad side effects too. I believe Paxil and Effexor are good for anxiety. I will list side effects below.

what is the best way to convince your doctor prescribe adderall?

To actually have ADHD or narcolepsy.

Would my doctor prescribe me adderall or depression?

i've been depressed for like four years now, i also have anxiety. i never have any energy, i never want to do anything because it takes so much energy. But i heard that adderall makes you happy and gives you energy, although adderall is for people with a.d.d would my doctor be able to prescribe it to me? Also have you ever heard of anyone who was taking adderall for their depression?

Yes it does happen in some situations. Most non medical people will say prescribing stimulants for depression is wrong, dangerous, or something like that. They don't know what they are talking about.

Ritalin is a drug called methylphenidate and other stimulants (Adderall, Dexedrine, Vyvanse, Desoxyn) are amphetamines.

Adderall is a mix of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, it increases energy, alertness, focus, reduces apathy, and it can cause euphoria, and addiction. In the US it is a schedule II controlled substance.

When people are being treated for depression they don't really get "happy pills," if you are expecting a pill that will make you constantly smile and be completely blissful then your wrong. Adderall causes the euphoric level happiness when it is abused, particularly if amphetamines are not taken by mouth.

It certainly sounds like you have issues with depression, apathy (lack of interest, concern, and not caring), and anxiety.

The simple fact you have anxiety is a problem. Most doctors will not prescribe stimulants to people with significant anxiety because stimulants tend to make people more anxious (but sometimes less).

The other thing is it sounds like you have not tried any conventional treatments like antidepressants which treat anxiety and depression. They don't have stimulating effects like amphetamines but if the underlying problems, depression and anxiety, are helped your energy should go up to. Most people don't need stimulants they take Zoloft or another antidepressant and start to get better.

Doctors can more/less legally prescribe any drug, at any dose, for any problem. There are people taking morphine for depression. That is legal but that would need to be the most extreme situation.

But there are only a few situations were stimulant use is considered to be acceptable-

1) To treat depression, hypersomnia, apathy, and sleepiness in people with cancer or AIDS. Often they can't take antidepressants and their symptoms are so severe it is acceptable. Amphetamines also potentate opioids and reduce pain.

2) Acute situations where a patient is completely debilitated and a rapid reduction of symptoms is required.

3) For severe, crippling, treatment resistant depression which fails to respond to multiple drugs, drug combinations, and therapy.

4) For people with multiple medical problems that each respond to stimulant use (ie chronic pain and treatment resistant depression)

That is about it. Stimulants are for ADHD and sleeping disorders, primarily narcolepsy. Aside from these conditions, amphetamines are not first line treatments. No ethical and intelligent doctor would prescribe Adderall when nothing else has been tried. Not to mention that most people respond better on antidepressants than to amphetamines for depression. The few that do not respond to antidepressants tend to do well on stimulants.

I take a large dose of Dexedrine because of a sleeping disorder, chronic pain, and treatment resistant depression. The reason Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine) is appropriate is because I have three conditions that can benefit and the sleeping disorder really requires stimulants.

Does anyone know of a Chicago HMO doctor who prescribes adderall?

Does anyone know of a Chicago HMO doctor who prescribes adderall liberally? I just moved here and have seen two doctors who are unwilling to prescribe it. My doctor downstate gave it to me with no problems. I'm a bit frustrated to say the least...

If two doctors so far have refused to prescribe it for you, then they probably think that you don't actually need it. If you are absolutely sure that you need it, ask your previous doctor to call your new doctor to verify that you're not a drug abuser.

Can adderall or dextroamphetamine be prescribed to people who haven't been diagnosed with AD(H)D?

wondering if there are any circumstances where doctors may prescribe adderall or d-amphetamine to people who don't have an AD(H)D diagnosis.

I am pretty sure that it cant be but maybe for other illnesses...

Getting doctor to prescribe me Adderall?

I don't want an alternative (except Dexedrine or meth). Must get an Rx for Adderall. What type of doctor is most likely to prescribe it and does anyone have any tips? Thanks.

can you get a prescription for speed if you don't have add?

just buy some off the street like the rest of us

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