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Does medicaid in texas cover clomid births/babies?

i am no longer on clomid but i was taking it before i got into medicaid program but i was reading around and i came to know that many insurances don't cover clomid births or babies, does that also go for medicaid?

im not sure what CLOMID is but YES medicaid in TX does cover prenatal doctor visits and the birth of ur baby.. they cover it fully.

You can also get medicaid for your baby once it is born, and medicaid will pay for his/her doctor visits, dental, medical, EVERYTHING.

Im on medicare and medicaid.Does these insurances cover clomid?

i want a baby so much!

no. they don't.

Trying to concieve....heeeeelp?

I am almost 20 yrs old, i have been with my fiance for 5 years.I have very irregular cycles(3-5 months apart). We started trying to concieve in 2008, Still no luck yet. I want to go to a doctor but I dont know if he will tell me im to young to be on fertility meds like clomid and also not sure if the insurance from the state(medicaid)will cover charges of the meds and or exams they do when ur trying to concieve I have wanted nothing more then to become a mother and be the best i can be since i didnt have a mother growing up. We have finally settled down into our home and things are going great. any suggestions. I am a shy person when it comes to talking to doctors about this kind of stuff or any kind of stuff actually. Any advice in how to begin the conversation or any one in the same situation but had a success?? please only serious people answer thanks so much!

We had a similar issue years ago. It was determined that my wife had a tilted uterus which didn't allow the sperm to get far enough to initiate pregnancy. The simplest suggestion was our most successful method. It was suggested that she elevate her legs as high as possible following intimacy so she placed her heels on top of the headboard for about a half-hour and relaxed. That helped us to have 2 children. Good luck!!!

When is the right time to have a baby?

my hubby is 18 and im 19, we just got married but we've been a couple for two years. we agreed that i would go off birth control when im 24 (when we've been married five years), and that for a year we'd just let whatever happens happen, but then when i turn 25 if i hadnt gotten pregnant id go on fertility meds and we'd relle try. i have PCOS, and my doctor said i might not be able to conceive without fertility meds, and that she might prescribe clomid. first off, how much does clomid cost? is it expensive? secondly, is this a good amount of time to wait? and thirdly, im on depo-provera, and for the next year ill be on medicaid which pays for it, but do normal insurances pay for it? i hadnt had a period in 3 years until i went on depo, and id like to stay on it until im ready to have kids. if it doesnt cover it, is it expensive?

thanks for your help.

You have lots of is a good thing to wait till you are 24 years old...If you and your hubby are smart you would wait till you have good jobs..go thou college..Give your future child the best...with love...a real good paying job with insurance so you don't have to have tax payers pay for it thou medicaid...

Does Medicaid cover Clomid?

Im not sure if my Medicaid Insurance covers Clomid or not. Does anyone know FOR SURE?

I know FOR SURE that Clomid is NOT covered by medicaid in SOME states, but it is in others. What state do you live in?
Also, Clomid is very cheap, only $9 for each cycle at walmart. Why would you even need medicaid to pay for it?

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