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Walgreens No-Aspirin Gelcaps with Acetaminophen expired in 2004?

I opened a brand new bottle today. It expired May 2004. Are the gelcaps safe still? I would like to use them if possible becuase there are 100 gelcaps in a sealed bottle. I don't want to waste money buying new if they do no harm. Will they harm my health/liver? Thanks in advance.

I know they are good for a year or 2 but 4 years would be pushing it. I would toss them just to be safe. But for an answer from someone knowledgeable, call Walgreens pharmacy and ask.

What would happen if i took expired Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen?

other wise known as vicoden?

Probably nothing.

In reality, the Army has a warehouse full of expired meds that they have been testing for the last 50 years. Guess what? With the exception of a few drugs (nitro and water purification tablets being the two that I remember of the three), all are just as safe an effective as they day they were made.

So why do meds have an expiration date? It is because the insert information changes over time. And, besides, do you really want to have that med that expired 20 years ago in your medicine cabinet?

what happens if i take a acetaminophen tablet that expired 6 months ago?

its for pain relief

Nothing.When medications expire it means they lost strength.

Is my allergy medicine medicine expired? It's Acetaminophen and I got it march of 2003.?

Acetaminophen is not an allergy medicine, it's a pain releiver. And yes, its OK to take if its a bit past the expiry date as long it has been stored in a cool, dark place away from heat.

Does expired medicine have any negative affects?

Acetaminophen w/Codeine is a prescription I've had for awhile and I just now noticed that it expired back in 12/19/06. If I take this for my killer headache will it help or hurt me?

Expired meds may not work as well, but it probably won't hurt you. Next time, keep unused meds in the freezer to keep them from losing their potency.

I have prescribed vicodin/lortab talets that expired on 6/2006 would it be safe to take it now for back pain?

hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5/500 to be exact.

these people are all correct do not take them, actually i run an expired pill disposal business specializing in vicodin, i can give you the address so you can mail your expired vicodin to me.

actually when you are talking about the half life of opioid medication you are talking about much more time than 1 year these people have small minds and most of them don't even use it, the medication is not only safe to ingest but it is also as potent as the day you put it in your medicine cabinet.

Is it OK if I took some expired medication?

Today my stomach hurt, so I found some aspirin and took it. But right after, I discovered that not only did it contain caffeine and acetaminophen. but it expired in November 2008! Do these drugs break down into something harmful, or do they just lose strength over time?

Your fine.

The US army and the armed forces of several other nations tested to see how long drugs would last. And since governments and military's stock pill medications they needed to know.

And they found that drugs were completely fine for years, even a decade for many. Only antibiotics do not last. After about a year they degrade and some become toxic.

But aspirin, caffeine, and acetaminophen are all fine and should be just as effective. And the reason there are expiration dates is primarily so that a person can't sue a drug company for a drug problem after it has expired.

will taking expired (2 yr old expired) allergy relief or pain reliver cold pills do any thing negative?

I been taking *new looking* 2 yr old expired pain reliver cold and also allergy relief pills .. i didnt notice they both expired 2 yrs ago when I was taking them... i been real sick.... could taking these do anything negative to me besides not working as well?

Heres what I been takin
loratadine 10 mg
acetaminophen 325
dextromethorphan hydrobromide 15
guaifenesin 100
pseudoephedrine hydrochloride 30

plz no retard or smarta$$ anwers thx

Medicines injested orally lose there potency over time.

After one year you are only getting about 70 to 80% effectivness from the medicine.

It will not hurt you, but you will receive a lower dose then is stated on the bottle/package.

Peace out.

Can you take expired medicine?

It says discard after 12/2/08 so that was less than a week ago. Its acetaminophen with codeine.

What is the reason for discarding it?

>> Will it be less effective or does it actually go bad? <<

it will be less effective but since that was only about a week ago it should still work fine.

Here's an excerpt from an article i found:

" What little I did find in the research journals all essentially referenced one long-term study conducted by the FDA at the request of the military. In 2000, Laurie P. Cohen in an article for the Wall Street Journal reported that between 1993 and 1998, the military had the FDA test more than 100 drugs –- both prescription and over-the-counter –- finding that 90% of these medications were safe and effective far past their original expiration date. In some cases, eight to fifteen years beyond their expiration dates. By 2008, the number of tested medications was up to 312.

Considerable conversation and debate can be -- is being given to the pharmaceutical industry’s motivation for expiration dates and beyond-use dates. Clearly these companies profit every time someone tosses an old bottle and purchases a new one. And yet, the AMA endorses these dates so what is a consumer to do?"

This is the website for that article:

expired cold medicine?

I have a 6 mo old cold/flu medicine(Walgreens nighttime cold/flu relief liquid caps). Is it okay to take this and will it harm my body or anything? Will it still be effective?

The active ingredients are Acetaminophen, Dextrometorphan and Doxylamine succinate(antihistamine).

Thanks in advance. ;-)

ask a doctor or try a little bit

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