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Is it safe to take expired Hydrocodone-Ibuprofen?

I have some and it expired in July of this year. Is it still safe to take?

If it is only a few months out of date it is probably OK to take. Most times the expiration date on the label is one year after fill. Most meds have a longer expiration date. This is in part a marketing ploy to get you to get a new prescription and sell more drugs. I often take meds a few months out of date.

What would happen if i took expired Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen?

other wise known as vicoden?

You'd get high on pain pills.

What would happen if i took 4 hydrocodone that are 3 years expired?

What happens if you take 4 hydrocodone that are about 3 years expired? Will it still work? Is it dangerous? Does it have less effect?

Tetracycline, Nitroglycerin, most liquid medications and insulin should NEVER be used beyond the expiration date. Antibiotics will discolor.
With that said: There was a military study years ago showing that most medications remained safe and only slightly less effective than the "fresh" meds. Some were tested with shelf dates of over 10 years beyond use date.
Now, hydrocodone comes in many strengths so be very cautious as 4 could put you in jeopardy. It may be slightly weakened - but the key word is slightly. Do NOT use my opinion or what I have read as a green light - always confirm with an MD or Pharmacist (but I can tell you from experience that the pharmacy will tell you to throw it out and get a new script - calling for another md apt? ) I had some blood pressure samples the Dr. had given me that were out of date - called the pharmacy and they said throw it out - called the Dr. and he said should be fine - now these were just a few months out not years.

How bad is it to drink 12 oz. of beer and then take two expired 5mg Hydrocodone?

I drank the beer and took the pills within an hour of each other last night at 11:00pm and by 1:00am I was puking. And my stomach is bloated and i'm still nauseated and sick, barely keeping food down and taking pepto bismol all day. I didn't do anything too horrible did I? Not to be paranoid but I didn't mix a terrible cocktail with those did I?

With any medication, always best to read the labels. You are to avoid alcoholic beverages! Really, you need to be careful and think before you end up hurting yourself or others.(if you are driving)
What ever you do, don't start down this path, it will only ruin your life.

What happens if you take expired Hydrocodone?

Most times when you take an expired medication,the active ingredient starts to deminish. I dont think that it can really hurt as long as you are not abusing the drug

What would happen if i took expired Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen?

other wise known as vicoden?

Generally, when a pill expires, it doesn't "go bad" like food. It will simply begin to break down and become "inert". In other words, it will likely be less effective than it originally was. But it shouldn't be any less safe.

Expired hydrocodone for pain?

is it safe to take expired hydrocodone that is 7 months expired what are possible side effects

There will be no side effects . The pills will not be as strong as they were intended to be.

I Have Expired Hydrocodone?

I have Hydrocodone that expired in 1995 or so.
Is it still safe for me to take it?

It's absolutely safe, but the potency of opiates degrade very quickly within a year of production. At best expect tylenol-like relief.

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