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Is it true that the only good medication against osteoporosis is Fosamax?

yes Fosamax is a good med for osteoporosis. I have a patient that has been on it since it came out and He is doing very well with it. You need to make sure that you take it as directed. There are lots of different ways to take it the best that I have found in the once weekly pill.

What are bad or good factors for business globalization in China?

Hi there, I was wondering what are some good or bad effects/factors of globalization of business in China in it's Economic or Political fields?

China's capitalism is unregulated
the PhD needs to know better

see a real estate housing bubble burst soon in China

What good and bad do you find about the education system in India?

What good and bad do you find about the education system in India as compared to education system in other countries? Which country's education system do you like the most?

1) Very detailed
2) Rigorous

1) Do not teach them basic stuff like public speaking and personality development
2) Taught to be quiet, meek and are trained to be terrified of authority

What are some good and bad points of statistics?

I am in a class called "Theory of Knowledge" and we analyze different ways of knowing things. My homework was to write a summary on good and bad points of statistics. Good points so far that I have are things like, it is easy to see general trends using the bell curve. ANd bad points are things like, taking the stats out of context, and stuff like that. But, I need some help with more good and bad points.

Any suggestions?

Statitics allow us to distill a large number of experiences down to a few simple truths. But the truths may not be important, or they may be misleading and imply that something is true that isn't, or that something is important when it is not. For example, statistics may show that Obama's popularity with voters fell in March. This suggests that something bad is happening to him.. But the fact may be that his lead over his opponent increased three percentage points in February and only two in March, so that in fact, he is more popular than ever and still gaining in popularity, just not as fast.

Or, statistics may show that casualties in Iraq were down in September compared to August suggesting that the war is going better, but then you learn that September was Ramadan, and many Iraqis didn't fight that month, and in fact, that casualties are always less in September than August. Furthermore, you learn that each of the last four Septembers has had more deaths than the one before it, and each of the last four Augusts have been bloodier as well, suggesting that the war is actually getting worse. But then you learn that the number of troops stationed there was doubled this year, and that the increase in the numbers of casualties this year was actual a drop in the percentage of combat troops killed or wounded because twice as many were exposed to battle, but casualties only went up one or two percent. These are typical statistical illusions or tricks.

What are the good and bad neighborhoods in Joliet Illinois?

I'm moving to Joliet Illinois and looking to rent an apartment (not a flat) in a safe and quite area. I'm totally unfamiliar with the city. Does anyone know the good nieghborhoods vs. bad ones? Please include some street names so I can mark it on a map. Thanks to anyone who helps!

Most of Joliet is ghetto especially downtown and the east side. The west side by the mall is probably the nicest area.

How to tell between good and bad numbness?

If you are numb in a bodypart is there sometimes a good or bad reason for it?

Numbness, particularly in the feet is a danger sign for two reasons that I am aware. These are diabetes as you can damage your feet and not feel anything and they will not heel if you are a diabetic. Also diabetics have a tendency for the skin on their feet to peel and become sore. Again they have peeling feet and don't feel anything because of the lack of circulation.

The other problem that causes numbness is a sort of atrophying or closing of the spinal lower column - due to injury or osteoarthritis or both. This can result in numbness in the feet and extreem pain in the legs. A very odd combination but it does happen. Both are warning signs that there is a problem.

If you have poor circulation due to low blood pressure you may experience numbness in the hands and feet and they will be very cold. For any of these problems you should consult your family doctor. Also a shortage of Vitamin B12 in your system can result in numbness in the feet.

Here are some sites that may give some information that will help.……………………

I hope that this information is of some help to you.


What is the difference between good and bad employee?

Bad employee could be very normal and regular (routine) oriented while the good employee could be an example for others; you give me more characteristics?

As someone who has run companies of various types for over 10 years, I can tell you the number one trait I look for in an person that works for me is self motivation. Does the person sit around waiting to be told what to do or do they go out and do it themselves? Also, do they have enough confidence in themselves to do something without being told? People who just wait to be told to to things are the types who want to remain unseen, who do not want to stand out. I look for people who want strive everyday to be creative, bold and instinctive in what they do.

A bad employee will take a "I was not told to do it" or "That is not in my job description" were a good employee will have a "I can do it no matter what it is" attitude.

What stars make your sign look good and bad?

Me: Gemini

Good: Johnny Depp. Has two kids and has never cheated. Been with his girl forever.

Bad: Angelina Jolie. Need I say more? I love her, but she makes us Gem's look psychotic!


Good: Lady Gaga! She's unique-- Hugh Hefner He's just THE MAN

Bad: Jon and Kate Gosselin OMG! I cannot STAND them! Exploiting their children, greedy, money hungry, etc.

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