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Need help getting refills free on my xanax?

I need help with my xanax,I have no insurance,does anyone know how to get it free? Lost job in July and my employment is running out soon. The price of this med is high.

Pfizer has a program to help people without prescription coverage get their medicine.

check here for more info

Should I just get a prescription for tranquilizers (Xanax, etc) rather then trying to live med free?

I do all these so called healthy things to experience a sense of well being, but honestly none of it is as good as I felt on benzos. I haven't used them for a few years, but really I think I should go to a doctor and get a script. Should I continue to try to live medication free or just go get some Xanax?

Once you take Xanax, most of the time it can turn long term, you have to commit to accepting the fact that you most likely will be addicted physically and mentally for quite a while if not the rest of your life. Even getting a doctor to prescribe you this long term is impossible because no one knows what it can do to you long term. The FDA doesn't have extreme long term effects information about this medication and until they do, they will prescribe you month to month scripts. Personally I feel that after a couple days of taking this medicine it can really help with current things, but it's still not solving the real issue that gives you this anxiety. Lucky for you we live in a society where instant gratification rules.

how to get trial package of xanax online?

theres little boxes that doctors give you to try medication free sometimes, like xanax, is it possible to get those online?

The patent for Xanax ran out years ago. Those trial packs are for brand name only drugs so 1. They are not made. 2. You probably wouldnt be able to get a hold of it anyway.

Is it OK to feel reliant on having a Xanax script to take for a panic attack if I perform better in life?

In order for me to go on job interviews and previously to finish school with lots of people I have needed to be reliant on Xanax (legal) to not run to a safe spot from wherever I am. I also have depression and ADHD. Is it Ok to be prescribed so many prescription drugs if it makes me a productive member of society? I feel I will never have an absolutely free choice in taking them one day. Thoughts, please!

thats a very good question, i think scientists made xanax for a reason, to control anxiety, everyone would probably be better off to be drug free, i have been on xanax for over 20 years and my new doctor may decide not to keep me on it, i think with great will power you could probably stop but the real need probably varies from person to person you are still young so if you need to take it say until your mid 20's and it is a relatively low dose i think you are ok. the long term harm of taking xanax i don't think is that defined,i think even from doctor to doctor their thoughts about long term use will differ, so it is really up to you, do your own research on xanax. good luck to you

Can anyone tell me how to safely withdraw from Xanax?

i read about using valium, according to the Ashton method in safely tapering from this drug. has anyone experienced this and withdrawal in general.
how do i reduce my anxiety an panic attacks ? i don't want to take antidepressants because they are very harmful. i have been taking xanax for around 5 years, and for one year i was free without it, but started again. i need to get off it, by using valuim, but i don't seem to find a doctor that in Toronto that is willing to taper me off with valium. does anyone know of such one in toronto, physician or psychiatrist. please help me find someone, for a couple have refused to prescribe valium.

I found slowly tapering down worked. Go down 5mg, then 10mg, then 25mg etc.. do each stage for a week and if you go down to the next stage and find you are getting withdrawl symptoms take a little more. I just slowly started cutting my doses on my own (not really recommended though). You need to learn how to think to get anxiety and panic attacks under control. When you start getting anxious, find out why.. then tell yourself why you will be ok. I found once I started realizing what was making me anxious, and avoiding what did it helped. Good Luck :)

i have been taking xanax for 20 yrs now. i currently take 8mg a day! is there any way to be free of this drug?

ive tried and tried!!! ive even been through 2 inpatient facilities with no luck. is there any hope? i really dont know anymore!!!!!!

It's really hard to do but possible. I was taking 4mg a day for severe anxiety. I weened myself down by a half a dose a week and now I take none. You can't go cold turkey because it can be harmful to you. Keep the faith my friend it's mind over your feelings.Remeber that anxiety won't kill you even though it feels like it could.

Has anyone successfully detoxed from Xanax or any other benzo?

I am now three weeks benzo free and still have agoraphobia and still can't leave my house. Also with a list of other withdrawal symptoms. When does it all end?

Don'tt give up, I was taking upwards of 12 xanax a day and got off completely... but i did not go cold turkey!with-drawlss are dangerous for your heart, please taper slowly, i know its been three weeks, but benzos store in your fat cells, and re-release when your body is starved of its dose, its best to cut slowly down and stay on a minute dose for extended period, it took me 3 months to get off completely, Water and running helped me, but at times i felt like the earth was moving. Justdon'tt give up, 3 months tops and youll be free!!

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