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How does the drug Valium make you feel?

I'm getting 10mg of it before my I get my Wisdom teeth pulled out. I pass out and throw up when I get shots/IV's so they are giving it to me before so i dont get to overanxious. What does it make you feel like?? Thanks!

Valium is in the class of drugs called benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines are mild tranquilizers. Valium is often used prior to medical procedures. The idea is to make you feel calm and rid you of anxiety. Some people get a sense of euphoria. Most people get a little drowsy. It is hard to know how you will feel. We all react differently to medications. 10 mg of Valium should suffice for calming you and preventing you from fainting or vomiting. Try to stay calm and not worry about getting your wisdom teeth pulled. Think positive thoughts such as how much better you will feel without all that pressure in your mouth. Take care of yourself. Nurture youself in some way. We all need some TLC.

How does valium make you feel? (Im taking it before surgery tomorrow)?

I'm 15 and getting my 4 wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. They are still inside my gums. How will valium make me feel? Will i feel like im in heaven?

Its for sleep.

How does valium make you feel?

I've been prescribed up to 40 mg. of valium a day, in the past. For me, valium is very strong. Other people think xanax is better, but xanax is to strong for me. If valium is not abused it can be effective for anxiety, and to relax your muscles. Valium should not be abused, believe me it is not fun to have black outs from benzos.

Valium can be dissolved on your tongue, and it makes me feel drunk. It really lowers your inhibitions. Just be careful on it, and never mix it with alcohol. Valium also can help with hangovers in the morning after a night of drinking. But if you combine alcohol and valium at the same time, you can black out, or act really bizarre.

What does valium make you feel like?

i'm having a procedure done in a few weeks and the dr. prescribed me a valium to take before the precedure to relax me and i was just wonding how it will make me feel. i've never taken one before. its 5mg.

Hi Im Kellie & i have taken valium 5 mg before & it just made me real sleepy & relaxed so it should def help you for this procedure. I now take the lowest mg klonipin(which is alot like valium) for extreme anxiety. But as the last person said yes they are very addictive, but no worrys if its just the once! I will keep you in my prayers! Take care hun

How did taking Valium make YOU feel?

My shrink says that may be the route he wants to take now that the "prozac-class" of meds don't seem to work. I have both Anxiety (nervous all the time) and depression. Does it make you feel "good"..."buzzed"? Can you drive a car, go to work etc while on it? I'd love to finally find my "Happy pill"....but I'm kinda scared about it.

at first amazing...but then i got addicted to it and it wasnt so amazing

How will two 10 mg tablets of Valium make me feel?

I'm going to get 4 teeth pulled tomorrow, including one wisdom. (I'll obviously need more work later on too.) I was just wondering how these two tablets will make me feel? I have extreme anxiety, and for some reason... I'm thinking two tablets would be a little much... I guess the dentist knows what he's doing though. I went to an oral surgeon before changing. He had only prescribed me one pill, which I did not get filled. He ended up being really... rude, and I had a panic attack right before getting them pulled. Any advice? It's roughly 12 hours from now, and I'm already very nervous about it. I've never had a tooth pulled before.

I've already done my research, no drinking out of straws, soft foods, etc etc... Thank you.

drowsy and groggy. But if it helps you get through your panic attack at the dentist, great.
But remember, these types of drugs (the diazapam family) are extremely addictive. Do not have it several days in a row.

Take your favourite music to block the drill sound.

Remember the dentist is there to help you.
Also, if you are having valium, don't drive. Have someone pick you up.

Good luck my friend, it will be over before you know it.

MRI, Claustrophobia, and Valium?

I'm going to be having an MRI in about 3 hours. I'm pretty claustrophobic so they are going to give me 1 valium. What does the valium make you feel like and how much does it help if you are claustrophobic?

The valium will chill you out and reduce your anxiety.

If you feel you are particularly claustrophobic, tell them and perhaps they will give you some more.

But generally it'll relax you and take away your anixiety. If you are overly anxious, though, let them know, or at least ask them to be ready to give you some more if you are stressed going in.

How does methadone make you feel?

Read an article about Eminem where he said he has been addicted to pills and ODed recently and it opened his eyes. In the article it said he took 2 methadone and 4 valium. He said he wouldn't have taken the methadone if he had known what it was. I think that is a lie! I think if he knew what it was OF COURSE he would take it. What do you think? Does it affect you the same way other pain pills (like vicodan) do? I have never taken it but i know its what they give people to get them off heroin so surely it has to make you feel good? What are your opinions/thoughts?

He probably thought it was just another pain pill, and was trying to get high. But Methadone is Strong for someone not used to it, and lasts a long time. He probably puked and thought he OD'ed, but that's what Methadone is supposed to do.
What a retard.
He didn't OD, he's just over reacting to the normal effect of it.

Hayfever does it make you really really angry?

Hi i suffer from hayfever between mid april and mid july i can cope with the sore eyes and running nose what i cant cope with is how angry it makes me feel. I am ussally very a grounded person but when the hayfever starts i turn in to a complete nightmare and feel full of rage for the first three to fours hours each day. It has become such a problem that my doctor after much pressure gave me some valium. When second week in july come it simply goes and i return to my nornmall mellow self. Does any one else get this type of reaction to hayfever. Thanks joe

WOW! What a huge clue as to what homoeopathic remedy will help you!! Try Nux-vomica 30c - take 1 twice a day & you should see very quick improvements in your symptoms - and anger!! Please try it - I'm sure you'll get amazing results. Remember to stop taking the remedy when you feel improvement & only restart if the same symptoms return.

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