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Which is stronger soma or hydrocodone?

and how much of each per day to be fatal, i was reading about how someone used to take 30-35 pills of soma, i dunno how many mgs or how they come in so if u could let me know cuz im wondering thatd be great thanks.

Each of these drugs have their own purpose and are not really comparable with each other. Vicodin is a narcotic pain killer that is used for moderate to severe pain. They come in many different strengths, so again, they are not necessarily comparable to the Soma. Soma is a heavy duty muscle relaxer that is prescribed for muscle spasms and pain. They only come in 250 and 350 mg dosages. Most doctors try not to keep a patient with muscular related pain on this medication for too long because there is potential for abuse. If long term treatment is required, they'll usually prescribe Flexerill.

Since I have been in pain management for more than a year as the result of a head on collision, the Vicodin does not help me any more. Soma can still knock me on my butt though. Any time these medications are used they should only be used when prescribed by a doctor and never taken for longer than absolutely necessary. Both have addiction potential, which is why they are scheduled medications by the FDA.

About hydrocodone 5-325.?

I've been prescribed hydrocodone 5-325 to manage some chest pain. I already took one in the afternoon yesterday, and two last night. The bottle says to take a tablet every four to six hours as needed, so I know I'm fine as far as the hydro goes, but I'm worried about the acetaminophen. Apparently I'm not supposed to take more than 4000mgs a day of that or it could be fatal, so I was wondering how long it takes for that stuff to neutralize so I can get back on schedule.

4000mgs of acetaminophen means 2 pills of Tylenol (or panadol) every 6 hours. And u can take hydrocodone and acetamenophen at the same time (given the hydrocodone tablets aren't combined tablets (i.e. hydrocodone + acetamenophen). Otherwise, u cas stack both together since they have different mechanisms of action.

What happens if you OD on Hydrocodone,is it fatal? if yes?

how long does it take before it would result in death

It is absolutely fatal, about how long it takes, I'm not sure. It has a lot to do with weight and height, what you've eaten. Its a bad way to die, generally lots of vomiting, pants pooping and what not. I used to have an abuse problem with that drug, its a lot of fun, but a lot of danger. I used to take one pill, see how I felt in an hour, and then take a half. That crap can kill you and is very addictive. If you want to get high, go smoke some pot :)

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