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How would I find out which antibiotics I am allergic to?

Months ago when I had bronchitis, I was put on several antibiotics: Prednisone, Hydrocodone, and another one I can't recall. The Hydrocodone made me sleep really heavily and the second time I took it, it made me slightly nauseous. The next morning, I woke up covered in hives on nearly every part of my body. So I switched over to different antibiotics, save for the Prednisone, which I had to finish off bcuz A. I had been told to take them all till they were gone, and B. Bcuz I didn't react as much to them, which made their benefit outweigh the risks. I was able to deduce that I was allergic (very slightly) to Prednisone bcuz little bumps would appear on my hands when I took them. I could usually stop them from developing further by taking some 'Dryl. So after all that brouhaha was over and done with, I made a list of all the medicines I reacted to, and I keep it in my purse. The question is, how do I found out which of the medicines I actually have an allergy to, w/out putting my health at risk?

It could have also been the hydrocodone. The only way if it was not a severe reaction is by trial and error. Prednisone ( a steroid) is usually used to treat allergic reactions in the ER-so to have a reaction is rare. Next time you take these meds or a combination of meds and you have the same reaction you may have to take one med see what happens if nothing add the second if nothing the third & if you have the little Or you get allergy tested with the information you have.
This happened to me a few years back for bronchitis as well and I'm a nurse.
I was given the usual prednisone and Amoxicillin-used both for many years. Broke out in severe hives after one dose of each. Took Bedadryl! I figured it couldn't be the presnisone so I took one and nothing-a couple hours later took the amoxil and 10 minutes later looked like I had measles!!
Good luck!

Whats the difference between.....?

Whats the difference between Dihydrocodeine and Hydrocodne?

My Dr seems to think there is no difference and that Hydrocodone is just the American name for Dihydrocodeine. But I have read Dihydrocodeine is 1.5times stronger than Codeine whereas, Hydrocodone is 6 time s stronger making it 4.5times stronger than Dihydrocodeine.

How can these drugs be the same? I know Dihydrocodeine is made from Codeine and Hydrocodone is made from a combination of Codeine and Thebaine.

Can anyone give me any other basic facts or good links please.

They indeed are different substances.

Hydrocodone is also known as dihydrocodeinone, which is probably why your doctor seems to think they are the same. Note the spelling: dihydrocodeinone is not the same as dihydrocodeine.

Hydrocodone/dihydrocodeinone is indeed more potent than dihydrocodeine.

What part of lortab/vicodin makes me sick?

Please don't lecture me how this is bad for my body, life, etc. I know what I do is really stupid and is something most other people should never do. But I recently started using this painkiller as a recreational drug, and the other day I think I may have taken too much. I had one 7.5/750 in the evening at around 7 then the next day I parachuted a 7.5/750 at around 7am and then took a 10/650 at 7:10am. I was feeling really bad the whole day like having hot flashes to the point I wanted to shed all my clothes, then would get so cold I would get goosebumps and need a sweatshirt. My vision was like all over the place, it felt like I was very drunk, but I could still walk fine. At about 1:15 pm I threw up everywhere. Since I'm only on my first week of this drug (still many weeks to come) should my dosage be lower? Was it the acetominephen or hydrocodone that made me sick? I am about to perform a cold water extraction so I can just have the opiates in a purer form and I wanna know how much to take for this.

Sounds like you wanna be spared the lecture so I'll hold back.

It's most likely the hydrocodone aspect. You've taken a lot for someone who isn't used to taking opiates. You do need to be very careful thought with the acetaminophen component, because in doses over 4000mg/day it can destroy your liver (very fast and fatal). Opiates, like hydrocodone, can cause drunk-like feeling and walking, dizziness, headaches, nausea and vomiting, and chills. Too much opiates can lead to passing out (and I'm sure you realize that it's dangerous to be barfing and pass out), respiratory depression, and death.

You should really start at a much lower dose. The normal dose is 1 pill (of 5 or 7.5mg hydrocodone) every 4-6 hours. This is enough to get most people loopy, so I'd start there...also it's much safer as far as the acetaminophen component.

What is the hydro in hydrocodone or the hydrocloride in methadone?

wat is the oxy in oxymorphone and why is it called oxymorphone instead of oxymorphine?
and what is herion exactly, i know it's synthetic but how do they make it synthetic
so herion is originally made from morphine right?

For the hydrocodone/oxycodone, etc, that is referring to what chemists have called modifications of phenanthrene (morphinan) base molecule. For instance a certain hydrogenated ketone of morphine would have a long descriptive name, and then a more common pharmaceutical generic designation.

Heroin is semi-synthetic, as it is a morphine molecule that has be acetylated (heroin is also called diacetylmorphine). These acetyl groups make the molecule more lipid soluble and therefore it more easily crosses the blood-brain barrier. Less is needed to achieve same effect (referred to as potency) and this also accounts for the increased rush.

As for hydrochlorides or other such attachments to drug names, this is not a modification of the drug itself per se, but done to make the drug more soluble in water. Methadone base (or as another example the morphine base, you normally see morphine as the sulfate salt) would still be effective, but not so much so as if it was easily brought into aqueous solution where it could be absorbed by the GI tract...Not to mention the IV/IM/SQ inj. formulations!

What is the highest dosage of darvocet made?

is the propoxy-n/apap100-650 the highest darvocet? how strong is it? how strong is it compared to hydrocodone?

it is 65/325 and that is darvocet. it is not used for same as hydrcodone so no way of telling.

Hydrocodone vicodin adiction need suggestions please?

I have been addicted to hydrocodone vicodin and i am trying to stop! i made it through yesterday without 1 pill. but i am struggling because i feel un-easy and the temptation is hard what can i do to make it through the withdrawal syptoms? walk? anyone else have this problem or know of anybody? and what did they do? and how did they do it??

First off, do not do "weed". That isn't going to do anything but make you stoned. As a long time user/kicker I can tell you it's very very hard. The way opiates work on the brain make it a very addictive drug. The first thing you need to do is to make the decision that you WANT to stop; and I don't mean like you've done in the past, where you 95% want to stop, but don't really stop. I mean you truly WANT IT OUT OF YOUR LIFE! You are sick and tired of it controlling you, ruling you, spending your money and making you sick. You truly have decided that it is time to get the hell away from this demon. Then, you have to accept that you are going to go through withdrawl. Think of it as the price you pay for freedom. I think that different individuals can accomplish a kick with different methods, like for some a cold turkey approach is needed, while some can wean off with their few remaining pills. Just know that there are two types of withdrawls. The first one is very uncomfortable and usually lasts for 3 to 7 days. You will run to the bathroom lots, you will not sleep much, and you will feel achey. Then after that is over with, you will have a longer adjustment period inwhich your brain chemistry re-balances. By feeding your opiate receptors from without instead of from within, you quit making the chemical that naturally triggered your opiate receptors. You now must wait for your brain to pick back up and do that on it's own. During your wait, you will feel a bit depressed, unenthusiastic, and generally yucky. This can last for a few months, depending on how long you have been on hydrocodone. But it WILL pass. I promise it will. I'm not lying.

You can also try a 12-step program, such as NA. These meetings really work for some people, others not so much. It can be a place where you can get support from others who are going through the same things you are, and from others who have already gotten through it and can help you with their wisdom. I've been there and to AA. Right now I do not go, but that is just me.

Hang in there. If you truly want this, you can have it. You just have to be willing to go through the open door. It's always open, however we aren't always willing to walk through. That walk isn't easy, but it's oh so doable.


Oxycontin first prescription (last tried Fentanyl, way too strong made me sick)?

I posted a few questions about the Fentanyl patch over the past few days and got lots of helpful advice. Before that, I was taking 40-50mg of Hydrocodone [Norco] per day for a chronic pain condition. But, the Fentanyl made me REALLY, really sick. So I talked to my Dr. today and just picked up a new prescription for Oxycontin 20mg and wanted to see if anyone has advice.

My prescription is generic and says "Oxycodone 20mg SR". I assume that this is the same as Oxycontin (which is what the prescription was written for); I'm fine with generics since they save me so much money.

OK so I haven't taken it yet. But can anyone tell me how much stronger this stuff is than Hydrocodone? Is this another big jump - this new 20mg SR Oxycodone coming from 40-50mg hydrocodone/day? I'm worried about the sick part, I never want to experience that nausea again, though maybe this will be a stepping stone to help condition my body to more readily accept the Fentanyl patch in the future? anyone know?

oxycodone and hydrocodone are both indicated for moderate to severe pain
the SR just means that it is controlled release so you will have to take it less often because it will last longer
it might take a little while to get used to any new opioid not only the SE but the fact that everyone reacts to meds differently you need to let your doctor know how the 20mg works for you it might be too much (watch for respiratory depression or sedation) or it might be too little and it will not bring your pain to an acceptable level for you (the fentanyl patch is one of the strongest pain meds out there and if you do eventually go down that route again know that it might take a while for your body to get used to it...i.e. for the nausea to go away...i don't know how long you tried it???)

i would keep close communication with your health care provider and keep trying to find something that can help you achieve an acceptable level of pain with the fewest side effects

Addicted to hydrocodone?

hello, i hope you guys can help me. so, i've been on hydrocodone on and off for about a year now. i started taking them for post-operative pain after i had a small outpatient surgery. at first everything was fine, and i really didn't even LIKE the way they made me feel! then it got crazy because i had some major dental work done and was diagnosed with a chronic painful condition. the dentist rx's some vicodin ES which is stronger than regular vicodin and the dr i was seeing for the other condition started me on norcos. i told each doc about each other but they said they were prescribing for different problems so that it was ok. needless to say, i started taking more and more for the different pain i was experiencing. anyhow, eventually the doc put me on vicoprofen which is ibuprofen with hydrocodone for my condition. eventually he refused to give me anymore because i was calling in for refills too soon and too often. and now i don't even see a doctor because i have no insurance. i just go to planned parenthood, the ER, or clinics to get prescriptions! my question is this, since going cold turkey is supposedly really bad and horrible, WHAT DO I DO? how do i get a doctor to help me wean off these things? do i just call one and talk to them about it, will i get arrested? i just realized right now that i don't want to continue doing this anymore. i do have legitimate pain but i don't want to be taking this stuff anymore and going to the er and clinics spending money i don't really have to get these. PLEASE HELP! do you think i could just call any doctor in the phone book or do i try talking to the people at the er or the clinics? obviously in order to get weaned off they would have to give me more, i just don't see them wanting to do that?? PLEASE HELP!!!

Thank you

If you still have any, you should start cutting back. If you've been taking 2 every 6 you can manage with 2 a day. If you get up at 6 wait until 9 or 11 to take them and call it square for the day.

Do that for 3 days.... then take 1 at noon for 3 - 4 days, then half of one at around 3 for 3- 4 days. By then you should be okay to stop without much of a problem.

It couldn't hurt to try.

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