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why can lasix only work on the eyes up to a certain % of vision loss with astigmatism?

Why can't they go near as they can get to 20/20 with one surgical procedure then, do it a second time to correct it completely?

because you have only so much cornea on the surface of your eye to work with. It heals, but it does not grow back, so, if you happen to have thin cornea to begin with, there isn't much more they can do.

Would Lasix cause my Detrol LA not work as effectively?

I take 40 mg a day of Lasix and the 4 mg of Detrol LA isn't working as effectively.

They don't have a direct interaction.

Lasix is a diuretic and only works on the kidneys (on a very specific site in the nephrons). It makes your kidneys dump out water and some salts.

Detrol LA is used for bladder dysfunction. There are two kinds of bladder dysfunction. Since you're using detrol, I am assuming that you have a small, failure-to-store bladder (overactive bladder). Meaning, that your bladder is constantly contracting so it's not able to store and hold urine. Detrol relaxes the bladder muscles so that it can hold more urine.

As you can see, the sites of action are quite different. And their metabolisms do not not effect each other (how the body chemically changes the drugs). However, since the lasix is making more urine- your bladder may/may not be able to hold it or its just full from it. If they are off-setting each other, that's probably where its happening.

Here are some suggestions:
1. take your lasix in the morning and your detrol at night
2. Detrol LA is only taken once a day- maybe ask your doctor to try regular detrol which is taken twice a day. You may get a higher concentration with the regular release (note: detrol has lots of side effects so either read your pamphlet that came with your prescription or ask your pharmacist)
3. Place all your prescriptions/supplements/herbals in a bag and take it to your pharmacist. Ask him to look for CYP450 2D6 and 3A4 and cholinergic interactions (he'll know what those mean). Those kinds of interactions will definitely off-set your Detrol.
4. Ask your doctor about possibly trying Ditropan (regular or XL) instead of Detrol

Does Lasix 3 times days work better than 2 times a day?

Can I ask why? You can email me if you don't want the whole world know.

Would it work better at diuresing the patient? Yes
Is it recommended? No

A TID dose would require the patient take a dose in the evening. This would mean they would be awake part of the night urinating. With BID dosing, the second dose can be given in the early afternoon.
Increasing the dose as opposed to the frequency is the best option for the patient.

Good luck in school!

I have minor stigmitism, but still need my glasses at work, driving, sports,etc So Should I get lasix surgery?

any suggestions??? i'm hesitant b/c we're talking about permanent change in eye structure...thanks!

Its astigmatism and that shouldnt make you want to or not. They can fix that with the surgery too but it will ad a little to the cost but if your vision is bad enough and dont want to wear glasses then it may be worth your while. In my time as an optometric assistant everyone who i knew had lasik had only one regret......that they waited so long to do it.

How long does the drug, lasix last on a dog?

My dog got snake-bit, and his face got really big and swelled. We took him to the vet and they gave him the drug Lasix to make him pee (To get the fluid out of his face). How long does this last, because he is using the bathroom almost every 5 minutes.

Well, did he give it to him in a pill form? an IV form? or shot form?
The IV form acts the quickest and generally wears off the quickest.
The shot that goes in the muscle takes about 10-30 minutes to go into effect and lasts about 4-8 hours
The pill form takes anywhere from 30 mins to an hour to go into effect and lasts up to 6-8 hours

Now, it also depends on the dosage he gave. A larger dosage would make your pet obviously go to the restroom more. In humans, 20-40 mg by mouth is pretty common but I've seen much higher given if needed.

Also, did he give you more to give him or just that one time dose? Because besides dehydration, you would need to be weary of low potassium. Since Lasix can wipe out your potassium. Usually not with just one or 2 by mouth doses, again this is on a human, just watch him.

He might also go to the bathroom in his sleep, don't get onto him for this, he doesn't realize the urge is coming as it usually doesn't hit him during the middle of the night etc.

Hope that helped

How big of a difference does Lasix make?

I always bet horses that have raced before and then end up on Lasix for the first time later in their career. I also like to play horses that have blinkers on when they didn't in their previous races.

Using Lasix in horses can definitely make a big difference. A lot of horses will always bleed, severely, during their races, and if severe enough, it can actually kill them as the bleeding generally comes from the lungs. I do believe a champion Australian race mare called Let's Elope successfully raced in the United States whilst on Lasix, something she could not have done had she still been racing in Australia.

Why can't I get lasix done to correct my eyes even just enough to wear contacts again?

I realize once the astigmatism reaches a certain curvature it is not lasix eligible. I am asking if it can be corrected as much as possible without removing the cornea itself, so I can wear much weaker, cheaper glasses and start wearing contacts again.

This is a super fantastic question. However, it is one only your doctor can answer becuase they know your specific situation, and we, do not. Laser surgery takes so much more into consideration, not just the Rx. So, the info you need would be better given to you by a doctor that has examined you. Good luck!

can u please tell me how can get rid off from the side effects of lasix?

My dad is taking lasix 40mg and urispas 2 times a day since 1 and a half month (He had 2nd time heart attack on 31st dec. 2007, he has high blood sugar and low blood pressure too). But from 1 week he is suffering from some sort of mental confusions... Is this occurred from the side effects or over doges of those medicines?

mental confusion in his case could be due to various reasons and one of them can be due to electrolyte disturbance due to lasix which causes loss of potassium leading to hypokalemia and hypernatremia which can cause mental confusion. his sugar levels may be low i.e. hypoglycemia or his kidney functions may be deranged even a low cardiac output may cause this. it is a matter that requires immediate medical evaluation by a doctor.

What is the purpose of albumin with lasix?

What is the exact purpose of giving albumin with lasix?

Combining intravenous albumin with lasix is often used to treat accumulation of fluid in the abdomen or tissues as is often seen in patients with cirrhosis of the liver or after major abdominal surgery (ascites and pedal edema). Albumin remains in the circulation for a while and increases the plasma osmotic pressure, helping to draw fluid back into the circulation from wherever it is accumulating. Lasix helps to get rid of the fluid in the urine.

WHat is a lasix? How do I lose a lot of water weight before I go to the beach tomorrow?

I want to lose a lot of water weight to get rid of some fat looking stuff around my waist. IS there anything I can do to lose water weight for tomorrow at the beach?

Lasix is a prescription Diuretic. There are some over the counter, usually in the weight loss section or sometimes vitamins. Ask at the pharmacy counter where to find the water pills. Are you sure it is water weight? That doesn't usually tend to be that noticable when looking at your waist, more your ankles. anyway, be careful and healthy!

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