How long does valium take to get out of your system

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How long does it take valium to clear out of your system?

I am hopeful that I will be getting a job for which I am going interview. I anticipate that a drug test will be required. I take valium (as needed). I do have a prescription, but I don't necessarily want my potential employer to know that I take it. I also take antidepressants. Will they test for this as well?

I really feel like this is an invasion of my privacy.

They don't test for Valium and antidepressants. They only test for illegal drugs. The half life of Valium is 50 hrs.

How long does it take to get klonipin/xanex/valium to get out of your system?

how long does it take to get klonipin/xanex/valium to get out of your system?

It all depends on dosage, number of times you take them per day, and how long you've been taking them. These things all affect the stability of their concentration in your blood. Xanax should be completely removed within 24 hrs while Valium can take upwards of 200 hrs, and Klonopin in between those two.

How long does it take for valium to get out of your system for a drug screen?

My friend needs to pass her drug screen and she had 4 valiums about 3 days ago and has a drug screen on monday

7 days is enough to pass the drug screen . it take upto one month to completely vanish ..

How long does it take valium & xanax to get out of your system?

up to 2 weeks

How long would it take 1 valium to get out of your system?

Lets say I just take one .5 mg valium a day, if i drink a lot of water how many days do you think until it would be out of my system if i stopped taking them now

Valium is a rather "slow" benzodiazepine. Every 24 hours, half of it is eliminated.
5 mg today, you still have 2.5 tomorrow, and 1.25 the day after tomorrow etc ....
Dont take it for too long, it get's addictive.

How long does it take valium and crystalmeth to get out of your system?

I smoked one hit of crystal meth and snorted a line of crystal meth september 13th 2009.I also took one 5mg valium pill september 19th 2009.I also bought some protox proclenzer advanced 10 day body detoxification pills(dietary supplement)to help with the process.I just started taking the pills today sept 25th 2009.I weight is around 175lbs and im 5''11 and have a fast metabolism,Will my system be clean by september 28th-29th 2009.To all those who glamorize cmeth get help before you die(I felt like I was) its not worth it!Cheers to being sober!

Both are probably out of your system right now. They both usually clear out in one week max, more like 3-5 days. Benzo's (valium) aren't even tested for in standard drug tests.

By the way, meth is so white trash.

How long does it take for Soma, Loratab, and valium to get out of your system to pass drug test/or how to pass

How to pass drug test for prescription medication..

If it is prescription then wouldn't you just tell them your prescriptions before you take the test? I think you are an addict.

Valium how long does it stay in your system?

my husband has been very upset latley due to the death of his father... he was givin diazapam, a few by a friend, to take to calm him down.. He knew it was wrong but he took them b/c he wasn't thinking right..Now they did a random drug test at his job, and the ones that don't pass will be fired!!!!! it was 2 days b/f the test he took one he vowed never to do this again, how long does it take to get out of your system, it was the 5 mg kind thank you!!!!

It usually stays longer than 2 days, but depending on his relationship with his employer, he might be able to say "that can't be- it's wrong" and then offer to take another test right then and there- even offer to pay for it. Chances are that by the time they have the results, enough time (3-4days) will have passed and he will test negative.
The other option is to go to his physican and either tell the whole situation, or ask for a script for a few valium (extremely difficult). Usually if it is prescription drug that comes up positive, there is more leniency than if an illicit drug such as thc or cocaine that comes up.
If a physicians nots w/rx is provided "_____is under my care and has been prescribed a short course of valium. _____understands the safety risks of this medication and is aware that it is not to be taken...during the day.. or whatever."

take care and good luck!

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