How soon after taking clomid will you ovulate

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How soon after taking clomid do you ovulate?

I took 3 clomid tablets on 24th June, how soon will I begin to ovulate?

Your Dr. should have told you. When I was on chlomid my Dr. told me on what days to have sex because I would be ovulating.

Why did my RE have me start Clmoid on day TWO?

I have read it's much ore common to start day 3 or 5. Why would mine start me on cycle day two?

Also, how soon after taking Clomid will you usually ovulate?

you can start it from days 1-7 it just depends on your doctor.. it normally takes about 8 days to ovulate but everybodys different.. if you have sex every other day you should be more than covered.. i hope everything works out..


this is my 2cd round of clomid. last month i had 50mg and didnt ovulate so i am on 100mg this month, and taking it on days 3-7. today os day 5. my doctor wants me to come in sat (day 11) to do an ultra sound to see if my eggsare mature. if they are then she will give me a trigger shot. so after the shot when will i ovulate?

aslo i have heard that you are suppose to go in for an ultrasound on day 14 so if i go in on day 11 will that be too soon? will they still see mature eggs. if they dont will that mean it was too early and i will still ovulate or does it mean i will not ovulate?

A positive story :)

I had the same thing going on. Had first Clomid over two months ago 50 mg days 5-7 nothing in either ovary when ultrasound was done so I had to wait 2 weeks before I could start Provera.

Then In jan took Clomid 100 mg days 3-7 went in CD day 14 she saw 2 egg that almost fully matured in left ovary only. I had the trigger shot that day and 2 days later had the worst pains in my left side. They were so bad I thought something was wrong called the doctor and she said it was just a cyst popping and that my egg would still be released. 10 DPO after that pain I got my first real positive (not from the trigger shot) and the lines kept kept darker each day I took a new test.

It sounds very promising to me you have really good chances. 11 days is a little early but the doctor most likely will still see some eggs in your ovaries and like the answer before me have you come back in 3 days to have the shot. Or you might be able to have the shot that day too, it all depends on what is seen on the ultrasound, Either way I think your chances of conceiving will be really high!!

lots of baby dust to you!!!
Keep us posted on how it goes :)

Put yourself in my shoes.How would you feel?

I am 20 years old. I have been on birth control for 6 years, because I have cysts on my ovaries. If I don't take it, I will stop ovulating, and having periods. I have used every kind of pill, shot, ring, patch, etc. They all make me feel like crap, or make me bleed, or make me mean, or I have some sort of allergy to them...I get so fed up with using them, that I sometimes just HAVE TO take a break....this time, I went to the doctor after stopping a pill, and now I have to take provera, because my periods have stopped. Having kids is so important to me, so I realize that I need to take care of myself, and do what the doc says, but I can hardly stand too much more of it.
So, here's the thing...if I go off to conceive, I COULD get pregnant right away...if I don't get pregnant soon after trying for a while...I will be put on clomid. This worries me, because it seems like I may have some trouble. I have been with my husband equivalent for about 5 years now, and we are about to purchase our first home...and I am working on a bachelor's degree. I would like to try for a baby now, so that he/she will be home with me the first few years, before I start working and the child starts school. I feel like it would be much easier on me, and better for my children if I had all that time to stay home and get used to being a mother. Also, I feel that it would ease my mind, and even possibly help me out healthwise. Hoping to gain weight during pregnancy, and keep some of it afterwards. My small size may contribute to my ovary issues, says my doc.
So what would you do? Would you want to do it now too, if you were me? I know that I am young, but besides earning my degree, I have everything that I want in life, aside from children...there is nothing left for me to do...I had all my fun when I was really young, and I am now settled in, and have planned my life around having a family.

Go for it hun! Get off the pill and try. That's what I would do. I cannot imagine my life without my son and am SO excited to have my daughter in Aug. You cant plan life out to the tee, so go with your gut and do what you know will make you happy, and if that is kids then do it! I am a cyst sufferer my self and my doc asked me if I wanted to be put on bc and I said no. It makes my life miserable and is not worth it to me. It took me and my husband a year to get pregnant with my son who is now 15 months old and my daughter who is due in August was a surprise. Do what makes you happy hun, that all that matters.

How soon would Clomid work for me?

I haven't had a period for a year now. ( Dr. thinks I may have PCOS) My doctor gave me Metformin to start my menstrual cycle and after 2 months on it, no luck. She said when I'm ready to start conceiving (Which will be now) we will look into Clomid. My question is, can I take Clomid even though I am not having any periods? Considering I haven't had a period in a year, how long will it be before it starts to work and I ovulate? My husband and I really want a baby and I just want to know what to expect. Thank you!

Usually, when you don't have periods they'll give you a medication like provera to induce a period before they give you the clomid. There's no telling on how long it will take to work, or even if it will, some women just have more luck with it than others. Good luck TTC!

Clomiphene / clomid / serophene?

I have been taking day 2-6.
I have heard you will then ovulate 5-9 days after last pill.
How soon has anyone taking this found out if they were pregnant.
Any other success stories etc very welcome!

I took it and got prego. Now i have a perfect little girl! Best of luck to you!

I did ovulate?

Hi!! I had another high temp todays so FF put my o date back on as day 20 so I am now 9 dpo and very hopeful. For those that didn't read last question, fertility friend's website put that I ovulated day 20 but after having a drop in temp at 6 dpo it took my o date off as if I didn't ovulate but after 6dpo everyday my temp has been rising. So I am hoping it was an implantation dip.ā€¦
How many days after possible implantation can you test? My doctor told me after last month (my period was 10 days late but probably caused because of the Clomid I take) to test at 18 dpo but she figured that with implantation at 10dpo. If I implanted on 6dpo could I test 4 days sooner or does it work that way? I am so scared after having to have 2 bloodtests last cycle that came back BFN to even test this time. My cycles before clomid were 28 days and last month cycle was 39 days.
Please any advice or encouraging words will be helpful!!!!

Things are looking good!! The dip in temperature could very well have been an implantation dip. I would test at 14 DPO and see what happens. Good luck and definately keep us updated!

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