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Pharmacy refused to fill my Vicodin prescription for root canal?

I had a rough root canal today. I tried a new dentist who did a good job (it's not his fault my dying nerve did not cooperate). When I left the dentist gave me one prescription for an antibiotic and one presciption for 20 Vicodin.

I went to the closest pharmacy to get the prescriptions filled, telling them I have no health insurance and will be paying cash.

The pharmacist filled the antibiotic and refused to fill the Vicodin. She wrote on the prescription too soon to refill and gave me the script back.

I asked her how it could be too soon to refill since I just had the root canal and the script was written that day by a dentist I had never seen before and I am paying cash? She replied she made a call and that was what she was told. She just kept repeating Vicodin is a controlled substance and she refused to elaborate nor did she offer a consult for the one script they filled.

I have the script with her handwriting on it and want to go another pharmacy and get it filled, but I want to know--will the next pharmacist fill it or will the handwriting make them suspicious? I would like to be in less pain, but I don't need any legal trouble either.

So, if you work in a pharmacy, would you fill this legitimate prescription or would you call the police?

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have you had vicodin filled elsewhere recently?

vicodin is a controlled substance (because it can become very addictive) and therefore all the scripts are shared in a computer system between pharmacies.

i used to work for a dentist and weekly we would get faxes from pharmacies that would have lists of peoples names and all the rx they were getting filled from us and some other drs. you would be surprised how many people have 5-6 drs prescribing them vicodin at once (for teeth, back pain, foot pain, headaches, ect.)

Not saying this is what is happening to you but you can call your dentist and ask then to contact the pharmacy...maybe they can get out of them why they wont fill it. I highly doubt another pharmacy will fill something that has "too soon to refill" written on it.

you can also ask your dentist if there are non-controlled meds that you can take that will have a good effect on the pain if you cant find a pharmacy to fill it.

Hope your feeling better, i know how much root canals hurt :P

Is it illegal to carry a perscription bottle (my own, perscribed by a doctor) in my purse while I am driving?

It is a Vicodin prescription and someone told me it was illegal to drive with it. Geeeez, how are you supposed to get it home from the pharmacy? Does anyone know if this is true at all?

It's not illegal to drive with a bottle of Vicodin or any other prescription as long as it's your own and identifies you on the label. You can get in trouble for carrying pills that aren't prescribed to you - technically the 'day a week' cases are illegal.

However, it is illegal to drive while you are impaired. I believe Vicodin states that you can't drive or operate machinery. If the cop were to pull you over and observe that you were impaired then he could give you a ticket for impaired driving. It doesn't matter what your impairment is - if you are impaired because of lack of sleep, or you are hyper because you drank too many Red Bulls he can still issue the ticket and it's up to you to fight it.

An officer observing that you were DWI / under the influence of narcotics then searching you and finding Vicodin would probably have a strong case. If you only have the Vicodin and it's a valid prescription, the cop should never have a reason to see it in your purse.

When is it to late to refill my prescription pain medication?

i broke my leg last year and got prescription vicodin, is it still possible to get that prescription refilled even if my leg isnt broken? if so, how? if not how can i get some because the pain came back like a bullet

You go back to your doctor.

How much vicodin will be too much for my friend....?

He weighs about 420 lbs. He is taking the regular 5 mg tablets, and the research I've done shows that it's 5 mg hydrocodone and 500 acetaminophen each tablet. Taking the prescribed one tablet doesn't work for him, so he's been taking two. They seem to wear off after only an hour. He's worried that he will take too much, but wonders how much is too much. I know that 1g of acetaminophen should be the max in one dosage, and no more than 3g in a day... but will it cause serious damage if he takes the 2 tablet every 3-4 hours until Thursday?

PS/ He is absolutely not 'abusing' in that he is not using them to get high, he really is in bad pain. He sees a doctor in a couple of days , and they gave him the vicodin prescription to keep him from screaming in pain.

PPS. Any silly or negative answers will be REPORTED so GO SOMEWHERE ELSE to screw around.

Yes there can be serious damage by overdosing, despite his size being larger his organs do not grow to the same ratio, they may not be able to handle as much. He may need to be switched to a different medication. Since he has visited a doctor all of them allow/responsible for taking calls after a visit with any firther questions. The best thing would be to call the office, if they are closed call the nearest ER and ask to talk to a nurse, they may be able to at least give some further advice. He may need to go in to the ER if the pain is NOT manageable at all, if it is wait make an appointment with a doctor.

Cousin in trouble with the law?

I just heard that my cousin changed the number of refills on a Vicodin prescription. She got caught trying to fill the prescription. How much trouble is she in? The medicine was for her mom. Will she go to jail?

If I'm correct, I think your cousin broke a federal offense. If she falsified the prescription and claimed it was for her, which is stealing, I think thats a felony automatically. I remember my mom saying that doing something like was like stealing someones mail.

How hard is it to get a prescription for vicodin, oxycotin or any other good painkiller?

i fractured my finger before, do you think if i go to the doctor theyll give me a prescription

A fractured finger induces pain both because the bone has been fractured, but also because the body is trying to heal itself and causes inflammation. This inflammation (or swelling) puts pressure on the surrounding tissue. I don't think any competent doctor is going to prescribe those medications for a fractured finger. My advice to you, go to the nearest drug store, buy a splint and some medical tape and some ibuprofen. Take 2-3 ibuprofen (400-600mg) every 6 hours. Make sure to take it with food because it can cause some stomach upset. Tape your finger in place (best option to another finger) so that you minimize movement in the finger to allow for proper healing.

How much for vicodin without a prescription?

and where to get it

I'm a nurse. Vicodin is a narcotic and you need a prescription from a doctor in order to get this. Not everyone is able to tolerate vicodin (like me). If you are suffering go to the ER, you can get a prescription from there if the doctor sees fit.

Please help. Im having drug issues?

It started with pot, then my step-mom got a vicodin prescription, I started stealing them and taking them, I take 4 a day. I snort coke sometimes and drop acid at school. I cant tell my family because Im ashamed of myself, no one knows except my boyfriend and he's in as deep as I am. I cant pay for my habit anymore so I started stealing money. I just need advice on how to stop, I want to tell somebody but cant

It's tough to stop on your own. Look in the yellow pages under alcohol/addiction treatment and call for an evaluation. Medicare helps pay if you don't have funds. If you want to see how nice sobriety is, go to an NA or AA meeting in your area and just sit and listen to folks. You can also use white pages to find times and places of these meetings. You don't need to suffer with this any longer, there is hope.

My Vicodin expires April 2010. Can I still take it?

Last year May 2009, I had a series of dental procedures done and got prescription Vicodin. Although I only needed them for 2 days, I had over half the bottle left over, so I used them throughout the year to ease pain during my menstrual cycle because i found i need only 1 pill for every like 6 Tylenols.
But now it's the month of its expiration and i was wondering if i could still use it this month, or maybe i should stop? There's only 5 pills left. The expiration date on the bottle says 4/2010, so i'm assuming it's right when April started.
I really don't know what i should do. Is it safe to take them?, and if it is, how long can I keep them for? If you don't know if it's safe or not, just tell me what you would do.

I had a similar question with a bottle I had of Provigil, a stimulant drug. I took the bottle to a drug store and the pharmacist said the drug had mostly likely lost its potency. It would not harm me to take the Provigil, but it would not do me any good.

I am not a pharmacist but my guess is that it would not harm you to take the Vicodon. On the other hand, it probably would not work anymore. Or if it did work, it would not be as effective as it was in the past.

I suggest bringing the bottle to the pharmacist and asking them if it is safe to take. As long as you have the the bottle and some ID, they would not think you were trying to take the drug illegally. I hope this helps.

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