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What kind of doctor do I see to be prescribed Adderall?

I think I may have ADD or ADHD and want to see a doctor. My coworker as ADHD and she takes Adderall. I am afraid to ask her who does she see because I don't want anyone at my job knowing that I may have this condition. What type of doctor would you see to get a prescription and how is ADHD or ADD diagnosed?

A psychiatrist.

How do i pass a test to get prescribed adderall?

i have tried adderall and it really helps me. I have a minor case of ADD and i want to know how to convince my doctor to prescribe me...?

LOL... isn't obvious. During the test turn your attention to something else - e.g. your favourite film, childhood memories, sex

But you should be honest - adderell is a mixture of amphetamine salts and the long term effects of taking this drug on a regular basis is not fully understood. There is a strong possibilty that with long term use you will be at risk of changing the physiology of your brain - e.g. depression, anxiety, etc

You may have ADD but it is more likely that your problem is pyschological rather than neurological and I would bet your bottom dollar that you should explore alternative options before trying to convince your GP into prescribing you adderell or ritalin.

How to be prescribed Adderall?

I don't have ADD/ADHD but when i took Adderall it seem to help me focus more even though I wasn't on much of a high. It help me lose some weight, but i still ate and was not starving myself. I think Adderall gives me more attention, but i don't show signs of ADD or ADHD? Right now i go to a family doctor, how can i bring up this topic and how can i/do i get prescribed adderall for just my extreme inattention?

Go see a psychiatrist and talk with the psychiatrist about the things you just mentioned. There may be other medications that are better suited for you. It is always dangerous for a non-medical person to try to obtain drugs when you don't know the side effects of the medication, nor if the medication is best for your needs.

How do I get my 4 year old son to take pills since his doctor has prescribed Adderall for him and it's a capsu?

capsule and I want it to work without having to break the capsule to put the crystals in his food which he might not get the effect of the drug itself and it will be hard to put the pill in his mouth and make him drink water because it might not work so does anybody have any suggestions?

I wouldnt break the capsule... its built the way it is so it can be absorbed that way... breaking it will affect the way the drug is absorbed... you can try to tell your son that after everytime he swallows the pill that he can get a treat of some sort that he likes...*preferably something inexpensive like his fav. candy or something* or go back to the dr. and tell them that the capsule isnt working because he cant swallow it... I know that the drug comes in different forms....

How can i get prescribed Adderall?

is it only for a certain condition? this site says it is to increase alertness and concentration..only say yes if it is safe.. how can i get prescribed it?

You only need to take it if you have ADHD (attention deficity hyperactivity disorder). So, in order to get would have to go to the doctor complaining of symptoms of ADHD. They may require you to take a test. Otherwise you'd be using it pretty much as a recreational drug. There are other ways to increase your alertness and concentration that doesn't involve using a drug.

I have just been prescribed adderall to take "as needed", how can i take it so i wont get addicted?

i really dnt want to get hooked, so is there like some type of limits i should have. maybe take it no more than twice a week? or something like that?? how soon can the addiction and negative side effects kick in if taken regularly??

If you have ADHD and no history of addiction then there's really little chance that you will become addicted. To be on the safe side and to prevent tolerance, I think that taking one day off a week, or a weekend off every other week is good. However talk to the prescribing doctor. However side effects can happen with any drug and Adderall gives pretty much everyone side effects. They are usually mild though, such as no appetite, weight loss, rapid heart beat, increases anxiety, headache and insomnia.

If you really want to be on the safe side, you should ask about talking a non-stimulant drug for you ADHD or other issue. For ADHD, there's Strattera, Tenex, and Wellbutrin.

I have just been prescribed adderall to take "as needed", how can i take it so i wont get addicted?

i really dnt want to get hooked, so is there like some type of limits i should have. maybe take it no more than twice a week? or something like that?? how soon can the addiction and negative side effects kick in if taken regularly??

It is not exactly illegal (depending on what state you're in) but it is a VERY bad idea for doctors to put 'as needed' on a prescription for controlled drug. If your doctor can't give you a good answer, ask a pharmacist what is normally prescribed. This is something they also should have gone over with you when you picked up the prescription. Adderall is not something you should mess with. Most of the time it is just taken once per day, but can vary.As long as you are careful and don't overdo it, you will be fine. If you are that concerned, don't take it at all.

How do you deal with cold extremities when you take Adderall?

I am prescribed Adderall, and whenever I take it, my hands and feet get cold and clammy. I hear this is a common problem. Is there anything you can take along with the Adderall to mitigate the problem? Is this something I should tell my doctor about?

Yes, there are things that could help, but you should talk to your doctor about it if the problem bothers you enough to want to take more substances to help. It's not something to worry about unless it really bothers you or your hands or feet begin turning cyanotic (blue/purple.)

It's really not an uncommon side effect; it's an effect of many stimulants.

How do I get my psychiatrist to up my dosage of adderall?

I'm prescribed adderall by my psychiatrist, and I take 20 mg every day. I can feel it just a little, but my mind still wanders and I'm still really unable to pay attention. I've taken 30 mg XR before, but not with my doctor's consent and it truly helped me exponentially. How do I ask my doctor to up my dosage without sounding like I'm trying to push for drugs.

Just tell him that you're still feeling unfocused. If you really don't think that will work, look online and see what the Adderall website says it's supposed to treat, and tell him exactly that. Like in Charlie Bartlett! :) Feel better ! xx

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