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What kind of drugs would a criminal try to kill someone with?

I'm writing this story (jeeze, how many of *those* are on Yahoo Answers?) and the main character is caught by a criminal, of whom the main character figured out said criminals crime, and the criminal drugs him. What kind of drug (something fancy, OUTSIDE of the normal boring stuff like morphine and vicodin and blah) could this criminal use? Something that can be injected via liquid, and send him into a state of overdose. Bonus points for finding two drugs that counteract and make the situtation worse!

Brake fluid and chlorine make a spectacular explosion when mixed.

Weird experience with Vicodin and Vyvanse!?

Now before you read this let me say, I do not need comments simply stating how bad drugs are or how I should not do them or telling me your story of addiction, it isn't what I am after.

So, now for my question.
I have a prescription for Vyvanse, 30mg, once per day. I feel it everyday but it normally wears off around 1pm, when I take it at 6:30am. I have never taken 2 before, but I have taken it to stay awake at night.
So I recently got a hold of 6 500/5 Vicodin pills (for those of you that don't know, 500mg of acetaminophen, and 5mg of hydrocodone). I have never ever taken any opiate before, never has it been prescribed to me nor have I taken it recreationally.
I have done plenty of research on both and I decided taking all 6 at once wouldn't kill me but would be a pretty intense experience since most people take 2-4 their first time.
I have also read much about speedballing, this is taking uppers and downers at the same time. The most intense version of this is injecting heroin and meth IV. Since I had an upper and a downer I decided I would speedball to a less intense extent. By taking vyvanse and the vicodin.
What I heard was good was to grind up the vicodin and mix it into water. I smashed them all into powder and put it into about 15 oz of water. Since it tasted so horrible I added quite a **** ton of Tang to it. About 10 scoops :P
I mixed up the water and vicodin first to make sure the vicodin wasnt in chunks. Then I added the Tang and shook it all up. I put it in the fridge.

I decided to take the vyvanse first because for me it normally takes an hour and a half to kick and and I heard vicodin is shorter.
I took two pills of the vyvanse at about 11 pm, this is 60 mg of the vyvanse.
At about 11:15, about an hour after I made the Tang-Vicodin concoction, I took out the water bottle and went to King Soopers (the local supermarket) with my friends. As we were talking I worked on drinking the bottle and it actually didn't taste bad after the first few sips. It took me about 15 minutes to finish the bottle. I started feeling the Vyvanse around that time, but I am not sure the exact time.

At around midnight the Vyvanse was certainly kicking it for sure! I was hyper and motivated! But at the same time I thought at the same time I was starting to feel the Vicodin. I felt like I would kind of be out of it, and that everything looked very very slightly different, as in my vision felt a bit smaller.

At around 1 AM I was mainly just feeling the Vyvanse, just assuming the Vicodin was taking a bit to kick in. At this point I was very disappointed that I wasn't feeling the Vicodin. I had dry mouth and such, the side effects from the Vyvanse. But I had no effects or side effects from the Vicodin.
Actually the Vyvanse seemed like I had just taken a normal dose, I wasn't any more hyper than normal.
We got in the car and were driven around town just talking, but absolutely NO Vicodin feeling.
And now, at 5am I don't feel either pill anymore.
Basically the entire night was just the Vyvanse as if I had just taken the normal 30mg instead of the 60mg Vyvanse + 30mg Hydrocodone that I did take.

So I have a few questions!

Why did I not feel the Vicodin? Was it because of the way I took it? Did I use too much water, does Tang have some magical ingredient that cancels it out?

Is what I felt at the beginning most likely a placebo or just the Vicodin starting to take effect?

Is the reason that the Vyvanse didn't feel stronger at all because of the Vicodin?

Also, my parents caught me doing drugs 2 weeks ago and they are now giving me random UAs.
I heard most at home drug tests don't test for Hydrocodone, just Morphine and Codeine, etc...

There is a good chance they will drug test me relatively soon (next 1-3 days) because I am going to a concert and they want to see if I do anything there. Now the last drug test they gave me was a Pharmatech At Home Drugs test, on the front of the box it listed about 10-12 drugs that it tested for. I am not sure if this is the 5 or 10 panel drug test.
Based on my description of the cover (I know it is vague) do you know if that test tests for Hydrocodone?
And if it doesn't than good :)
But if my parents decide to get another drug test that they can simply get at a supermarket of some sort, how many drug tests are out there that DO test for hydrocodone? As in what normal priced drug tests do, should I worry?
And if I should worry what are some good ways to pass the drug test? I definitely will be drinking a LOT of water over the next few days, since it is just my parents giving me a drug test they probably won't notice the clear color of my piss, nor the off pH level.

So basically I would love it if someone could answer some of the questions I have and maybe add some more info you think would be useful for me!


Should have felt something.
Especially with the 3000 mg of Tylenol. No Tang counteraction and I don't know about the crushing.
At the beginning the feeling would be the double dose of Vyvanse. Not noticed probably because it was not the first time. If the UA tests for opiates that includes codeine and should not be detected 4 days after use. Have to do an Internet search on the product name for a full description. A 5 panel test does test for opiates and certainly a 10 would. There are too many products on the market to say and hard to say based on price. My advice is that taking illegal or 'not your' drugs means doing your own research on drugs and drug tests.

Does Tramadol give a similar "high" as Vicodin?

Now I know what you're all thinking, and I know there are people out there just looking to get high off drugs, but in my case, i actually have a bad Ulcer (diagnosed - after endoscopy findings) and a frequent migraine which means I'm basically in moderate to severe pain 5/7 days a week.
January 2008 the ER doctors starting giving me Vicodin as 'take-home' meds after IV Dilaudid, this routine basically occured like every month for the last year (until last week), and in different hospitals around a 20 mile radious. I believe there's over 40-50 maybe ever 100 of them if you go a bit beyond a 40 mile radius, which I never did because with Dilaudid invariably the nurses are very strict about getting a ride home and not driving yourself, which in my case, i was so immune to the effects, they actually injected me with 2mg Dilaudid like 3 or 4 times before the pain was really gone. The Doctor said that any other patient with that amount of Dilaudid would need oxygen. anyways. yada yada yada it's been a year and I stopped taking narcotics, and I'm seeing a pain management specialist.
This pain management dr is supplying me with a ton of Tramadol and wants me to take those often when I feel the withdrawal effects of being without the narcotics. I tell ya it's brutal, no matter what meds you get to counter narcs it's no help.
I talk a lot, but my real question is how much Tramadol does it take to get the same effects of one 5mg/500 Vicodin? And is Tramadol addictive like Vicodin? Please be serious with your answers guys, i'm going through a crisis here, and actually doing something good about it. Tramadol is a narcotic-like pain reliever.but it is not classified as such in the controlled substance act-some people can get addicted to it because it is a narcotic
Tramadol is used to treat moderate to severe pain. Tramadol extended-release is used to treat moderate to severe chronic pain when treatment is needed around the are not going to get the same results as vicodin it's a different chemical question is why is your pain management provider is supplying you tramadol for narcotic with drawls if you haven't used in 1 year????? are you sure???- the withdrawl should be long gone -no tramadol is not quite as addictive as vicodin but that doesn't mean it doesn't work-try it for a l while give it a chance to work if not ask your provider for something else some people swear by it

Am I really a drug addict?

I probably know the answer to this question but possibly need a reality check because I'm holding on to the little hope I have left to see if there is someone or actually a lot of people who think that this is just a stage in everyone's life regardlless of age. I'm in my early 30's.

I just want to know what anyone thinks: If I'm a real drug addict or just messed up a bit. When I was 17 I was given Percocet for wisdom tooth pain. From that day that was my basic cure of all my problems.

From about 17-32 I'd do some pretty strange stuff to get them but wouldn't go crazy if I couldn't. I wasn't physically addicted just mentally so I'd make frequent stops to the ER and dentist to get them.

I'd smoke pot on and off and took long breaks in between. So I'd smoke pot every day when I was 18 then a few years I wouldn't touch it and then go back.

Then when I injured myself I was given a script for Oxycodone pills plus Vicodin. I'd get over 200 per month. So, I was in a lot of pain and even when I wasn't in pain I took them.

Then I would have to buy Oxycontins/Perocets off the streets because I ran out of them before the next script was ready.

I only did cocaine about 14 times. I basically did Klonipins, Adderall, and basically any pill I could get my hands on that would change the way I felt.

I did go to the pipe with crack but probably just did that maybe 10 times or so but never got addicted. This one makes me wonder as well: Heroin. Part of me says that I really didn't do Heroin because to honestly do it- you have to inject it.

But, I only did it through my nose two times so I really wonder if I really ever did Heroin because I oonly did it two times and honestly didn't feel anything probably because I was loaded on Oxy.

I went through treatment and it mostly worked with just some slip ups with weed, booze, and now I started taking 5 or 6 sudapheds at a time. But that was only two or three times and damn that stuff makes you fly.

I'm on a maintance program with Suboxone so I can't use opiates. But my main question is: Do I call myself a drug addict? Am I a real drug addict? Part of me says no because I remember the day that I didn't need the percocets to make it through the day and I could have stopped but became chemically dependant but not really addicted. I didn't steal from anyone. And I don't believe I did Heroin because when you think about it, I never shot it up and that's how you really do it.

Hope this makes sense!

You might want to consider rehab. Drugs be drugs, dude.

Police Officers, Law Enforcement....I need your help?

My husband has been addicted to vicodin from a back injury which is long gone by now. He has now moved on to oxycontin and I've recently found out that he's injecting it. He has deleted all of our funds, we are financially ruined because of this. I have tried to get him into rehab but he loves doing the drugs and has no intention on stopping. He also is driving without a drivers license, has a warrant out for unpaid court ordered child support and drives under the influence, obviously. I want to leave him but he always takes the vehicle and leaves me alone and I have no family here to help me. I want to get away but he'll never let me leave. If he were making a drug deal and I tipped off an officer where he was while buying drugs to arrest him I could have a chance to leave with him in jail. How long would he be in custody if nobody had the funds to bail him out? Is this wrong of me? I think it might be the only way to save his live..and maybe mine. I'm scared and need help.

I'm sorry you are in this situation. You definitely need to get out. Can someone from your family pick you up when he's not home. You need to have a plan - you can't just try to wing it. . Noone should have to live in fear - you deserve a better life. Start making a plan NOW, not later.
I'm serious when I say this - if you live in S. Florida - please let me know and I will definitely help you - I will come and pick you up and do whatever I can to help you

Anyone experience a D&C?

This Monday I have to go in for a D&C (the suction).
I found out i was having a miscarriage at 8 weeks 4 days. We tried a round of Cytotec but it didn't work, Yesterday the ultrasound showed the baby still measuring at 8 weeks so now we're doing a d&e (dilation & evacuation or d&c) im NOT going to be put to sleep. I do however have to take a bunch of pills. Im taking Ibuprofen, Vicodin, serex (tranquilizer) and a injection of Torodal for the cramps, and a local anesthetic injected into my cervix. I have to be there about a hour and twenty minutes early but the procedure only takes about 10 minutes...

Can anyone tell me your experience? Was it painful?
How was the healing process?
How long did you bleed?
& if you started trying to concieve right after how long did it take to get pregnant & was it successful?

I had a D&C last July. I was also around 8 weeks. I do not remember anything from the procedure, the meds they give make you very groggy. I slept for most of the day afterward and had heavy cramping and bleeding for that day and the next.

It was very difficult for me emotionally. I cried alot and before the procedure I remember asking my Dr are you 100% sure that there is no chance for this baby to make it. I felt very empty inside if that makes sense.

I wanted to try again right away. My Dr advised me to wait 2 or 3 cycles for my body to heal. I did not wait and I was pregnant in less than a month. I was so excited. Unfortunately, I started to bleed at about 6 weeks and had a second miscarriage. I felt responsible because I had not followed my Dr's advice and given that baby a chance by trying to soon.

With my second miscarriage. I had alot of cramping, bleeding and clots. I choose not to have another D&C because my body was able to cleanse itself without it.

I was scared to try again and decided to wait. Now that I am ready I have not been able to get pregnant again. My Dr has me starting Clomid next cycle to help me produce more mature eggs. When I do get pregnant again I will be using progesterone suppositories to help me keep my levels up and hopefully carry to term.

Sorry for the long story. Good luck to you. I know how difficult what you are going through is.

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