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How can I make Adderall XR have the same effect as normal Adderall?

It doesnt have the same effect on me as an amphetimine salt pill does.

But I heard if i open the capsule and chew on the little balls inside. Its supposed to taste awful, but it will give me the same effect as a normal adderall.

the capsule coatings are supposed to break down with time due to stomach pH conditions, hence the extended release. take of the coating and it hits faster. the salts are supposed to take off the edge, if they are in separate compartments, try not taking the salts and see what happens.

be careful with adderall, its not a great drug. I hope you are taking it for a medical condition and not to study for a biochem exam.

How to make adderall work better?

I heard that things like food,sleep,juice,vitamin,water,ect. can effect the way adderall works,but how? If they do, do they make it work better or worse? Im prescribed 15mg of adderall and i take one everyday. Thank you in advance

i don't know how long you have been on this but 15mg is low and if your body gets used it , it is time to up your level of med. when i did use to take it , i was on 120mg. everyday, but it made me like a meth head so i quit.theres a fine line to this drug. beware.

How to make adderall wear off faster?

I really need to sleep so I can function tomarrow and I was wondering if anyone knew how to make the adderall xr I took wear off faster so I can sleep.

unfortunately, it will just need to run through your system- the medication cannot have its effects aborted any faster. In the future, I suggest you take it in the morning with breakfast and no later.
If you happen to have some anti-anxiety medication like lorazepam that will help counteract the effects and relax you. Otherwise you need to engage in relaxing activities, yoga, reading, etc.
Certain herbs like valerian are effective sleep aids, but with adderall in your system its hard to tell which one will win the battle over your body.

Ride it out for the night. If this is a consistent problem then you should get off of XR and switch to the regular 6 hour stuff.

How to make adderall wear off fast?

I'm stupid.
Took adderall.
I don't have ADHD...
It's annoying.
How can I make the affects of it wear off quickly?

Your best bet is to just ride it out. It won't last more than a couple of hours.

If you have to do something, you can try to drink some milk or eat turkey. They both contain tryptophan (a natural sedative). But my guess is that you won't be able to bring yourself to eat or drink anything heavy.

It's good you don't like the effects of Adderal. It's the drug you would get if you bought speed off a guy on the street and it's a quick way to get addicted to amphetamines.

Is it possible to make adderall at home?

how would a person go about doing that and plz no one say adderall is addictive or stuff like that cuz ive never even tryd it i want to know were i could get some cuz my shrink wont give me any cuz i dont have add or adhd so can someone plz plz for the love of god help me

Please re-read what you wrote:
you've never tried it
you dont need it
your doc won't give it to you...
I think you need to see a doc for sure, but, not for the reason you think...
I don't think you have done your research and you really shouldnt be messing around with it.

How Can I make Adderall work better?

Are there any ways to temporarily or immediately increase the efficacy of Adderall? I have a perscription, and want to see if my doctor will increase my dose, but I don't want to take extra if I can help it, but it isn't working as well as it used to or should. Anyone have any ideas?

Right now I take 20mg. I am supposed to take it twice a day, but I generally only take it when I have to do something that requires me to focus.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Take it twice a day as prescribed.

How should Adderall make you feel?

I just got diagnosed with ADD (but I think I've had it for years) and prescribed methylphenidate (5mg 2xday), but since that didn't make me feel very different, after a week I switched to dextroamphetamine/Adderall at 5mg twice a day. How should it make me feel? And what is the average dose that people take? (I think mine may be too low)

High, because it is a stimulant. See for a video by Dr. Mary Ann Block with alternatives to pills for ADHD/ADD. Also see for the truth about psychiatrists fascination with Big Pharm.
Good luck!

How does coming off adderall make you gain weight?

is there any way to avoid this?

Adderall has been known to suppress appetite, so coming off Adderall can lead to weight gain because your normal appetite returns and you eat more.

Just control what you eat, and you won't gain weight.

How fast does adderall make you lose weight?

i was prescribed adderall im about to start taking it and was wondering how fast does it cause weight loss and do you lose muscle mass ...

Adderall doesn't make you loose weight. All it does is suppress your appetite. You will forget about lunch but probably be hungry for dinner.

You are still subject to the laws of calorie in vs. calorie burnt.

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