How to separate acetaminophen from hydrocodone

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How do i seperate hydrocodone preparations contain analgesics such as acetaminophen?

Recently i was perscribed hydrocodone 7.5, acetaminophen 750 for a bad leg burn (white pill form). Since acetaminophen is horrible for the liver i want to know a fast and home effective way of extracting the acetaminophen from the hydrocodone so i could take the hydrocodone by itslef separating the two substances. I heard this might be done with salt or something similar. Help please.

You cannot separate the acetaminophen from the hydrocodone.
Hydrocodone is bad for the liver as well. this pure Hydrocodone, or does it contain somethin else?

I was perscribed to this cuz of my wisdome teeth being screwed out while skating (dont ask) and now im using this, but idk , does this have pure Hydrocodone, or does it contain acetaminophen too?? ,if so how would u seperate them, this other question my cuzin wants to know cuz hes curious:p...but i rather u answer if its Pure Hydrocodone or not, if u answer the other question on how to Separate acetaminophen from hydrocodone well i guess that be ok too...but yea, heres a pic of the bottle

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All hydrocodone has acetaminophen in it.

A extraction process really isn't worth the trouble and you'll probably end up losing some of the hydro.

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