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How do I make my workaholic husband move out?

Not a bad guy, just a terrible husband and father.
I really want my husband out of my life so that I can get a fresh start and give my daughters a better idea of what being in a relationship is all about. Married 17 yrs, 2 early teenaged kids, no cheating (at least I think not!), 13 years w/o ANY physical contact. Think I'm pissed off and ready to move bet!

He leaves at 6am & comes home after 10pm after a 80 min commute. Years ago, I thought this was a phase - hard work to advance on the corporate ladder. Things got better but since moving to NY he's become a total workaholic. He manages a sm. dept. Manage is the wrong word, because usually he is the only one there and work manages him. He's had addiction issues in the past (smoking, adderall-my daughters, cocaine-years ago). In front of other's he DENY's that he works those hours. He GETS ANGRY if I EXPOSE him. He BREAKS COMMITMENTS, he calls to say he's leaving shortly & doesn't. ADDICT. How do I get him out??

Do you want to divorce him?? Or just have him move out? Anyhow I am a workaholic wife and am not surprised that your husband has had prior addictions. Work is a "drug". For me my marraige is not good, so I use work as an escape. It sounds like your husband is not happy at home either. If you have not had any physical contract in 13 years I would bet your husband has had a relationship or two.

Talk to your husband. YOu have too and do it without your kids around. Try to respark your marraige if you want to save it. Buy some Victoria's Secret and spoil him in the bedroom. You may be pleasantly surprised . He may race home sooner to greet you.

If the marriage is totally not salvageable then divorce. He may not cooperate. Before you make the jump, read books on divorce and get advice. I have seen many women jump fast into divorce and they didn't "plan" ahead.

If you don't have a marketable skill in the workplace, than go back to school while you are still married, save up a nest egg he doesn't know about.

Lastly take care of yourself. Make yourself healthy inside and out. A woman with self esteem is very attractive to the opposite sex. Buy some new clothes, diet if you need too, exercise is important too---it is a stress reliever and makes for a tighter body.

Good Luck.......I hope you and your husband can work it out. If not I hope you find a wonderful new guy to share your life with. 13 years is too long not to love and be loved !!

Breaking the Adderall dependence.?

I notice when I'm on Adderall, while I am more awake, how do I describe it ... I get obsessed with negative thoughts. I get irritated easily, to the point where I lose my sense of humor. It's like life is one huge melodrama. I have an incessant urge to argue, make fun of people, etc., basically become an ******. But not always ... when I'm happy, I get a huge rush. It's like my emotions are out of control when I'm on Adderall. And I have an incessant urge to smoke!

What Adderall does help me with is getting out of bed in the morning. I've always had trouble with it -- sometimes I'd skip school and work because I just didn't feel like getting up. Also, without Adderall, I have a hard time doing things like working out, especially cardio. I get bored after 10 minutes. I also have a tendency to fidget a lot more, etc. ADHD, I know.

When I have nothing in particular planned, I'll just sit around and do nothing for hours, or maybe play video games or watch TV. When I'm not on Adderall, I'm much better at thinking of new things to do, though follow-through is an issue.

Bottom line ... when I'm not on Adderall, I like that I am more spontaneous and creative, but I don't like the fact that I have such a hard time with following through on things that aren't fun, like my damn PhD research. And when I'm on Adderall, I like that I can handle the drudgery, but hate that I'm so uptight and dramatic.

Should I quit? Hm, I guess the question is not so much should I quit, but how can I stop thinking of Adderall as a crutch and instead motor ahead on my own power?

I can relate to this pretty closely. Adderall will make me so happy and productive to a point where i almost look forward to going to the class, and when im there im the most frienly person and ask tons of good questions.

On the contrary, there are times where i get irritable to an extreme like you mentioned.Lets say im in the middle of my work and someone starts frustrating me or tings dont go my way no matter how hard i try, then i get on the bad side of adderal.

My suggestion, first you gotta plan out your times on it. I started doing this thing where, i would get all the work in class for the whole week, pick a random day like tuesday, pop one, and then work like a machine to get it all done and even step ahead. this way the rest of the week had no worries. (minus exams which made exceptions). You should try and limit how much you take it, reliance on this drug is its WORST side effects.

And if ya gotta smoke when your on it, do it, its puts you to sleep atleast and give you an appetite, which i lose completely on adderall

What's the difference between adderall and wellbutrin, and can I still smoke??

I don't smoke much, only 3 or 4 cigs a day. Unless I'm out for a big night of drinking, then I might smoke half a pack or more. I just got a prescription for wellbutrin for ADD and I'm wondering if I can keep smoking or will it make me sick? I don't want to stop smoking yet.

I was on adderall a while ago but stopped taking it because I didn't have health insurance and it was costing me a fortune. I recently moved, got insurance and went to a new doc, but he didn't want to prescribe me adderall because i just showed up asking for a prescription (which is understandable if this is something people try to sell) But I'm wondering what the differences are and how it will feel versus what I was on before?


Wellbutrin is an antidepressant medication where as Adderall is a stimulant medication. It's not going to make you sick to smoke on either one of these medications. Sometimes Wellbutrin is used to help people stop smoking, not because there is anything about Wellbutrin that makes a cigarette unappealing to those that smoke, but because as an antidepressant, it may or may not help with some of the mood swings and anxiety associated with nicotine withdrawal.

Because Wellbutrin is a non-stimulant medication it has a different way of working, if it works at all in treating ADHD. It also has different, new side effects. You're also supposed to avoid alcohol while taking antidepressants. Talk to your pharmacist.

I want to quit adderall, but when I don't take it I feel!?

I've been taking adderall for about 2 years now pretty much everyday. Some days I take more milligrams than others and about once or twice a month I won't take it at all. I never go above 30 mgs a day though. Whenever I don't take adderall I will just lie in bed all day and watch t.v. and eat a lot....I'll take a nap and then go to bed really early...and I haven't even done anything to be tired for! I want to quit b/c I want to quit smoking and the adderall makes me crave cigs like crazy! When I don't take my adderall I feel no desire whatsoever to smoke. It grosses me out to even think of it. I am still in college which is why I take it, but I just want to quit b/c I want to take on a natural and healthy lifestyle. Is the exhaustion I experience while not taking adderall because my body is so used to it? Is this the crash period? How long will I have to go without it before I feel normal?? I honestly can't even remember what it feels like to be the way I was before I was on adderall...which is so sad to me! I haven't gone more than 2 days without it because once Saturday and Sunday pass...Monday is back to school and back to work. Any insight or experiences with quitting adderall?

i take adderall too and it drives me crazy to have to take it everyday. I'm like u, when i don't take i feel lazy, and hungry, moody and no energy. i have only been on it for 4months and i can tell my body is dependent on it. I like to take a break from adderall because when i am on, all i want to do is smoke and drink coffee, but the days i don't take it, i don't do either. I want to change my meds but i like the benefits of adderall. I have taken strattera<----awful, and i would like to try Ritalin. If you come off of adderall u will have to gradually increase your dosage in order to not feel the full effects of withdrawal.

Guys..I'm definitely an ADD/ADHD patient...In order for me to function correctly, I need adderall & Vicodine.?

I am definitely a new breed to the ADD chain...I have NEVER gotten straight A's in school even when I was just prescribed to just Adderall and smoking cigarettes on the side.

Just recently, I just started sniffing about a quarter to a half a pill of Oxycodine everyday. Ever since then, with the mixture of Adderall, about 10 cigarettes a day, plenty of water, plenty of working out, and energy drinks on the side, I have FINALLY been able to deal with people on a much better confidence level with a lot of organization especially in my own speech skills.

I don't know what to say cause I have been on Adderall for 5 years now, and I do 100% better when I'm on Adderall than when I'm off of it and I do 100% better than that when I'm on that half a pill of Oxycodine than when I'm not on it...I honestly don't know what to say except that I am extremely impressed in my own performance in school and in my social life.

This is a miraculous discovery that I have made on myself but unfortenetly, I don't want to tell my psychiatrist about this because I don't want him to think that I am some sort of feening addict when I'm not. Even if the psychiatrist did any type of research on me, I garantee that he would notice significant improvement in myself with how my brain works when I am not on any of these drugs, or if I'm on the Adderall or the Oxycodine, or if he would notice the great increase of my ability to think and comprehend things better when I am on both.....this brings up another weird thing...

Ever since I got on the Oxycodine, my memory levels have skyrocketed and I've been more responsible than before...I don't know of any doctor that would listen to this, understand me and prescribe me to this medication....I'm a little worried because everything that I am building up right now will soon go away if I don't get another prescription...

The only reason why I have the prescription in the first place is because I got my wisdom teeth removed just a little while ago and I couldn't stand being on the pills during the long hours that I was under pain and I didn't take any Adderall during that time...mainly cause the doctor told me to get plenty of sleep and wait for the gum's to heal.

I'm not looking for an excuse to get more vicodine/oxycodine...I do have a legitament reason to be on it....I just don't want to screw up my body and deal with all the pain and suffering of watching my mind diminish compared to how it is functioning right now as we speak...

If anybody has any word of advice, please do feel free to respond...I need to figure this situation out.

Hmmm. Have you just been reading the book "Flowers for Algernon"?

The only thing I can suggest is that you speak to your psychiatrist and let him know what has been going on. If you have been seeing him for 5 years then he already has a rather long-term relationship with you and he isn't going to think of you as some sort of addict for discussing this with him. He can use this information to better help you with your problems.

Adding wellbutrin to celexa, adderall, and xanax.?

Want to preface this by saying I have no liver problems, seizure history, or manic episodes(1).

Have read that the effects from all 3 drugs I am on currently, have some advisory warnings related to seizure threshold when combined with wellbutrin(XL 150mg once per day) to be exact. Psychiatrist gave it to me to for 2 reasons 1: quit smoking as the adderall turned me into the marlboro man, so to speak. 2: Adderall seems to have decreased my sex drive(only blatant variable). I can't give up Adderall, because I am doing amazing on it ADHD wise and depression wise, as I am now jacked in, absorbing whatever I have to, instead of getting off track every 30 seconds. My Psychiatrist is obviously aware of everything I am on because she prescribed them to me. My question is: To what certainty can I ascertain that I won't develop seizures? I could do a percentile increase with each variable and see exactly where I would be. So my underlying question would be: Would you take the chance considering the pros and cons?
Pros: All pro's are dependent on "if" the drug actually works for me. 1 quit smoking. 2: More intense-frequent orgasms. 3. Trying to get off Benzodiazepines(Xanax) for anxiety and panic attacks. 4. An overall, constant sense of well-being.
Cons: Again, how I react to the drug 1. Seizures. 2. Serotonin Syndrome when in combination with an SSRI(Celexa). 3. Death from allergic reaction( not really a concern as I am not allergic to anything I have came across). 4. Any other complications, of which I am not aware.
I am not worried about any other side effect (excluding allergic reaction/death) which comes with the territory[hell, nuts can kill somebody,("that's what she said")], because I am accustomed to suicidal thoughts, anxiety, etc.

(1) Previously was diagnosed as bipolar, which was incorrect,because of comorbid personality defects associated with untreated ADHD, thus leading to my depression and anxiety, which stemmed from where I was at in my life conflicted with the image I have of myself. I went to the psychiatric hospital after a sudden cessation of my opiate abuse, hydrocodone, to be exact, which can lead to a plethora of acute mood swings, anger, etc. Have learned my lesson with opiates, to be sure.

One common problem that happens is this. I have been there and done that. You have to figure out what it is first that is destroying your sex drive. If your on medication like birth control or anti-depressants that is something to think about and do research on. Other then that it could just be stress, maybe the kids, really anything that makes your life stressful can do this and lower the libido.

One thing I tried that seemed to work while I was doing it was exercising. I just felt sexier doing it which kind of boosted my libido. However it wasn't the best solution for me. My friend told me about these herbal enhancers that are made from natural herbs and don't cause any side effects besides having wild sex. She said it's the female version of viagra. I had to find out.

I would always have a weak orgasm too (if I had one at all), which after trying this sex enhancer, it boosted them tremendously. I don't get multiple orgasms but I've had plenty since being on these herbs. It's seriously like the best vibrator ride you've ever experienced. These things make me horny all the time, some days I don't even take them because the urge is just too strong.

Don't try out single herbs because they don't do it like the blend of herbs these scientists and researchers pick out. I've tried a couple of them by itself and they did crap. The stuff that I'm on is called Hersolution, at the time I saved money on it at . Make sure you get the 3 month supply that way you fall under the guarantee/return policy if the herbs don't work for you, you can return them with no questions ask. I bet they will work though and you won't have any problems. Also if your on medication of any sort, check out the gel because if your like me, you wouldn't want to swallow any thing that might react with the medications your already on.

Well have a good day and hopefully you solved your problem.

I smoke like a chimney because of adderall?

I quite smoking on birthday which was in October and i didn't have one until about a month ago which was when I was prescribed adderall for my ADHA. Now whenever I take it I am craving for a smoke like crazy for the first few hours and then I am fine but during those few hours its insane. I try not to buy packs but today it got really bad. I didnt have any money on me but I wanted one so bad I drove to the gas station in my PJs and bought a pack with change. Does anyone have advice on how to kick this intense craving?

What happens when you (snort, smoke or just take) ritalin and adderall ?

Ok so its far more complicated than that !
I only want those of you who know for a fact or have tried it to answer !!!

So i have ADHD and used to take Ritalin but stopped cuz of the ups and downs, my doctor prescribed adderall to me but am just waiting till she gets it ( cuz we dont have it in our country so she gets it from somewhere else ) anywayyy thats not the point,
i wanna ask several questions so bare with me,,

So when i take ritalin i dont feel High ..cuz its kinda the dosage am supposed to take.
and i wanted to know if i snort the same amout that am supposed to take will it just function normally or will it give the same affects of speed ??
like do i have to overdose to feel high ?
and whats the feeling that you get ? will people kindaaaa notice difference in the behavior ? will i get all happy and hyper, or calm ?

And as for smokinnnnng ritalin, what does it taste like ??
and is it better to smoke ritalin or snort it?
and how muchhhhhhhh do you smoke ? like a 40g ?
um...........and if i was to smoke it, should i crush them first ?? cuz i have the capsules and not the tabletts !!

...... alright thats it for now ! i still have loadsss more butt well, i already wrote too much,
thanks in advance and pleaseeee replyyy, i really need to know !
Thanks xx

I have some 30mg XR adderall, I've heard snorting it increases the effects and hits you faster but I've never dared to, I don't recommend smoking it, who knows what the outcome would be?
Depending on your dosage you don't have to overdose to get high effects. 30mg is highest dose and 60mg is a safe dose.

I think the effects are exactly the same as caffeine, but with a buzz similar to.....? Alcohol. And well caffeine makes you happier because, you have more energy.

People probably will notice the difference in you, you usually seem allot happier, more talkative and funny, you crack jokes and stuff... people usually like me better when I take it but, you can become very annoying sometimes. If you take a large dose you can start to shake and look like a fiend. "crack head or whatever"

As for Ritalin I never tried it, but I'm guessing the effects would be similar. The stuff is addicting too so watch out, I got physically addicted for about 3 weeks, but I managed to quit, the reason I stopped is because, it's really hard on my heart and I didn't want to look like a crackhead at school..... And if it's in a capsule it's best to crush the beads up first because that gets rid of the extended release.

Overactive thyroid, and ADHD w/ adderall?

Hi, recently i was diagnosed with ADHD combined type. I also have noticed other non-adhd related problems, such as being more intolerant to heat, increased sweating, possible slight hair loss, irritable bowel syndrom. I cant afford a blood test to check my thyroid, but i feel one would be wise considering some of my symptoms could be related to overactive thyroid. Heat sensativity problem started 4'ish years ago. I also smoke cigarettes and marijuana. Adderall increases heart rate, so does cigs and pot, i exercise rarely, as does overactive thyroid. So i understand how the heart is at risk. Ive been counting my pulse to as a precaution at different times. w/o meds pulse is about 88-96 avg. 20-45 min after taking its around 104-112, then within an hour or so it drops back to normal. If i had overactive thyroid, would heart probably stay in the higher range throughout much of the day?

What other things could cause my non-adhd symptoms?

(symptoms) are probably caused from the Adderall. its an upper so it raises body temp,bp and heart rate which will make you sensitive to loss comes with age and irritable bowel is also adderalls fault. the pot is working against the adderall you cant do both without having some kind of side effect

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