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Adderall: Weight Loss as a Side Effect?

I about to begin taking Adderall again for ADHD. The previous time I took it, I was a healthy weight- but still lost about 10-15 pounds. I have gained a good deal of weight since then...about 50 pounds. Just asking for personal stories on weight loss from the drug.

I am prescribed the drug. I am NOT taking it specifically for weight loss. Please do not lecture me on the dangers of Adderall, or on the ease of exercising rather than relying on a drug.

I am not relying on the drug for weight loss, just looking forward to the benefit of it's weight loss side effect.

Any personal experiences are welcome!

I am 5'2, 190 pounds. When I previously took the drug I was about 150, and got down to 140 within a few months.

How much did you lose? What was the time frame? Most importantly, Did you ever regain your normal appetite?

I lost about 16 lbs in the first 2 weeks. Then it went back up again by about 5 lbs.

My prescription is such that I spend most of the weekends without it. I mainly use it on work days. So, the weight loss slowed down to about 1-2lbs per week. Because I still eat like an idiot on the weekends. Its kind of tricky. I like to be myself so I know that the meds are still working. But I like the weight loss part too.

My overall appetite has gone down. The main benefit is that I don't do any more random snacking. I used to forget what I was doing and grab a cookie or something while I was trying to remember. I also plan my meals when I'm lucid and just try to stick to the plan when I'm not on the meds. It works pretty well.

I've noticed that since I started the meds, any kind of fries, burger buns, bread, cake or brownies / cookies just taste nasty. Ice cream is OK, but the rest of it is disgusting. I think its a texture thing. They say that if you have any OCD tendencies, the pills can make them worse. I used to be the same way about the same kinds of foods when I was a kid. So, that might be a little OCD kicking in.

I think my weight loss will improve more when I get my workout schedule back on track. My weights and workout machine were buried under a bunch of junk in the garage. The meds help me with reducing my clutter. So now that my stuff is available again, I'm working out a little but I still need to plan better.

Good luck.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, two weeks before I started the meds, I had purchased new clothes (bigger of course.) They fit OK at the store. After about 2 weeks on the meds, I was teaching my 4 year old to jump rope. I started jumping and my brand new shorts fell off. I'm standing there in my boxers, my daughter is pointing and laughing at me. She cracked up. I was surprised. So, I hopped on the scale and noticed about 16 lbs had vanished. That was kind of exciting.

Adderall as weight loss?

I'm currently 16, and I've gotten a bit overweight lately due to stress. As you all probably know, stress weight is some of the hardest weight to get off, and I've been working my rear end off at the gym for practically minimal results. Controlling what I eat has gotten better, but it's not on a normal level yet and I really can't help it. I have too many habits of overeating when I stress or study, which is a good 98% of my time.

I heard that Adderall makes you lose weight, and it also has the benefit of making you focus...which I could greatly use in school for finals. Now I don't want any of your lectures about how to eat right and exercise, IT'S NOT WORKING. I'll keep up with it like I have for the past couple of months, but I think I need an extra boost, it's extremely depressing to look in the mirror, KNOW you're trying, and still look bad.

Anyone who has ever taken Adderall for weight many mg/day, and what were your results?

I don't recommend taking adderall for the sole purpose of weight loss, and doubt that a doctor would prescribe it for just that. I can, however, testify to this side effect. I take 10/20mg once per day for tiredness, and I stay an average of 10 pounds below my natural weight. Now I started out at about 130lbs, and for a guy the weight loss has not been welcome. I have to force myself to eat in order to stay somewhat healthy.
The adderall doesn't make you 'lose weight' really, or burn off weight while you sleep. It takes away the mental effect of an appetite. I still get very hungry, yet find literally no food appealing...and get sick thinking of food on occasion. I wouldn't recommend it for you if you plan on taking the meds and then eating crap when you get hungry. This will probably help you if you eat healthy, and make sure your meals stay balanced. It will probably burn you a few calories as well, since you'll have more energy.
A word of warning though: the tolerance to this drug is HIGH. I felt significantly diminished effects after 2-3 weeks of use. DO NOT start taking more and more to achieve the same effect. It is essentially amphetamines, and a speed addiction is not what you want. Make sure you get sleep, eat right, and the tolerance should be something you can deal with.

Sorry if this was longer than you expected, bottom line:
I'm 18, naturally 130lbs.
I've taken adderall for a few months, 10 or 20mg once a day
I've dropped 10 pounds since starting, and stayed there.
Just be smart with this stuff.

Taking adderall and wondering how long will it take till i see weight loss ?

my doctor gave me ADDERALL XR TO stay focus in school , and i hear that you can also loose a lot of weight on this. i have been taking it for about two weeks now and haven't even lost a pound . I do stay very Focus but they aren't helping me loose weight . does it take time? i don't hardly eat anything but maybe a meal a day if that. Is there something i can do to speed up the process? my WEIGHT is 175 and im 5 7 not really over weight but can loose a bit of weight . please help me .

well, you're not gonna lose a lot of weight in two weeks. be patient.
if you comtinue eating less, you're going to eventually lose weight. no matter what type of weight loss plan you're on, two weeks is NOTHING.
try exercising to speed up the process. also try eating smaller, healthier meals more often rather than just eating once a day.

How much adderall xr milligrams did you take before you noticed weight loss??

I was wondering how much adderall XR did you start taking before you noticed it suppressed your appetite and lost weight? I am taking it for ADD so no worries there but I'm 5"5 163lbs and can stand to lose some weight. How much milligrams are you taking and noticed the weight coming off? I'm taking 20mg right now so wondering if that's enough or do I need a higher dose. My psychiatrist is increasing my dose by 10mg every month. I do feel that I do need more 'cause I'm still finding that I can't concentrate, sit still, and having a hard time studying. The adderall xr seems to wear off before I even start doing my homework should I ask for the regular adderall also so it helps me when the adderall xr wears off? What I'm more concern about is the milligrams you are taking when you noticed the weight loss and when you started to lose your appetite? Your answers are greatly appreciated and Thank You in advance :)

please get help for ur eating disorder

Adderall for weight loss?

First of all: DO NOT PREACH TO ME ABOUT HOW BAD IT IS. i know what im doing. please stick to the question i am asking.

so. i am in the U.S Air force and i am leaving for basic training april 28, 2009. i need to get fit by then and let me tell you. i am not fit at all. im not fat but i would like to loose at least 10 pounds by then. i have been going to the gym allot but i just need a little extra help. i have been taking Adderall for about 3 weeks now and noticed a small difference in my weight.. probably like 5 pounds. my question is how fast will i loose the weight if i continue taking adderall? and what makes you loose the weight besides loss of appetite?

Honestly, what you're asking is quite difficult to answer without other details.
Adderall xr (time release) and adderall are two different drugs, even though they're the same.
Primarily, the reason why people lose weight on adderall is because of the apetite loss and also... well... they probably reorganize their lives too :]
Anyway, depending on how much you weigh, what you do to work out, what foods you eat when you do, which adderall you are on and what the dosage is will affect how rapidly you lose weight.
IE: if you're 160 lbs on 15mg, regular adderall, and work out 15 minutes a day, and eat average fatty foods (not like mcdonalds, but like... stir fry or anything you add oil to), id say you'd lose 3 pounds a week.

Basically, what I'm trying to say... is the foods you choose to eat when you're hungry (because adderall causes you to binge if you don't eat small things throughout the day and your dose wears off) and how vigorous you exercise will affect the rapidity of the weight loss.

I hope that helps.

How can I get an Adderall prescription for weight loss?

I know that Adderall is used for ADHD but it is some times used for weight loss. I would like to talk to my doctor about it, however, I dont know how.

Can anyone give me some sort of help as to getting it prescribed without having to take any other drug first?

i.e. ritalin for ADD or what not.

It's better and way easier to get Phentermine. You can get it from a weight loss doctor or sometimes maybe even a general physician. It's very helpful. Phentermine and Adderall affect appetite the same way, at least for me. However, be warned that either one of these can only be taken for about 2-3 months at a time, with about an 8 week break between, because your body builds a tolerance. Once a tolerance is built, the weight loss will plateau, and you need to give it a rest for the medicine to leave your system, not to mention it's not good for your blood pressure. Some weight loss doctors provide shots (B6, B12, & Lipo combined is the best) which can be received once a week even when off Phentermine, so that's helpful.

Adderall and weight loss?

My doctor has recently diagnosed me with ADD.
Im looking for people who have taken adderall or any
other type of medication for it and had a significant amount of weight
loss. please tell me how much you weighed, how much time it was that you lost X amount of weight and what kind of meds you were on. Im not asking people this because i WANT to lose weight, im just curious so please dont come at me saying oh dont abuse it! okay well thank you :)

Well, it lessens your appetite causing you to eat less, lowering your calorie intake, causing you to lose some weight. It all depends on the person.

Adderall and weight loss please read and answer 10 pnts to best answer thanks =]?

hi im 16 5'5 and about 170 lbs . i know im over weight. im wanting to try to loose weight and nothing really works . lately ive just been eating like one meal a day then have like a snack at night. i would love to weigh around 140-145 i know i wont loose that much weight in a short time . ive decided that im going to start taking adderall. im starting out with half a pill. and plan on upping my dosages.could i take adderall everyday for a month and only eat in the morning then take the pill.then at night have a slimfast shake and also take prenatal vitamins everyday? with minimal excersise. i know this is not a healthy diet and im only doing it for a month i know the consequesnces but if i do that diet how long will it take me to loose 25 lbs following that diet plan for a month . please and thank you only serious answers please and no lectures thanks =] 10 pnts to best answers =] thanks byeeeeee =]

I think by changing your diet to something healthy you could lose a hell of a lot more weight than using Adderall... plus no risks of side effects and bla bla.

Really, one meal and one snack a day will not help you lose weight. That is not providing your body with enough nutrients and will send you into starvation mode, slowing your metabolism and could, in the long run, cause you to gain weight.

Just eat around your recommended caloric intake, with healthy calories and you will lose weight for sure, without having to deal with Adderall.

Also, just thought I would mention, but if you really are having that much problems losing weight, there could be an underlying medical condition (most commonly would be diabetes or insulin resistance). Check those out online and see if they could apply to you.

Adderall for weight loss?

I been off anti-depressants for 2 months now.I stopped because I still didn't feel difference and still have hard time focusing in school and keeping everything I learn locked in my brain. Very forgetful.friend of mine during lunch talked about how he been taking adderall for add for past 3 weeks and said it really keeps him focus and energy.

Would this be good idea for me to talk to my psychiatrist?I also hear it helps with weight loss?it would be great to lose 30lbs with diet & exercise.I'm 182 standing @ 5'5.I've already lost 32 lbs. Past 6 months,but I'm going college in august,and I tend to fail when I'm too frustrated and can't focus for long

I have been on adderall for the past three years.You may lose a little weight in the beginning, but that effect wears off and you gain the weight right back.I lost 10 lbs during the first month.
It does cause extreme dry mouth if you can bare that.I have to give myself vacations from the medication due to this.If you have a history of high blood pressure, it is not recommended. Good luck.

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