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My doctor wrote me a prescription for Vicodin, how do I know how much Tylenol(acetaminophen) is in it?

The prescription just says "Vicodin 30 t pos". Im not allergic to tylenol, I just like to keep the doses down bc of the strain it puts on the liver.

It can be 325/500/660. The most common is 500mg.

How can I get vicodin/Norco from the doctor? He does not believe Im in pain.?

I've been going to my doctor complaining about lower back pain from a injury at work, but he does not want to give me anymore painkillers. What do I do in order to get more? I have an appointment from a physician who gives medical marijuana cards, he said he can write a prescription to vicodin. Im currently taking cannabis also, for pain.

Injury at work? What type of injury, have you x-rays, MRI that shows the injury, if so then he has to prescribe. However if the back injury is not backed up by test results, then you are in no mans land. Best of Luck

Pharmacy refused to fill my Vicodin prescription for root canal?

I had a rough root canal today. I tried a new dentist who did a good job (it's not his fault my dying nerve did not cooperate). When I left the dentist gave me one prescription for an antibiotic and one presciption for 20 Vicodin.

I went to the closest pharmacy to get the prescriptions filled, telling them I have no health insurance and will be paying cash.

The pharmacist filled the antibiotic and refused to fill the Vicodin. She wrote on the prescription too soon to refill and gave me the script back.

I asked her how it could be too soon to refill since I just had the root canal and the script was written that day by a dentist I had never seen before and I am paying cash? She replied she made a call and that was what she was told. She just kept repeating Vicodin is a controlled substance and she refused to elaborate nor did she offer a consult for the one script they filled.

I have the script with her handwriting on it and want to go another pharmacy and get it filled, but I want to know--will the next pharmacist fill it or will the handwriting make them suspicious? I would like to be in less pain, but I don't need any legal trouble either.

So, if you work in a pharmacy, would you fill this legitimate prescription or would you call the police?

Please help! 10 points to best answer!

Thank you!!

have you had vicodin filled elsewhere recently?

vicodin is a controlled substance (because it can become very addictive) and therefore all the scripts are shared in a computer system between pharmacies.

i used to work for a dentist and weekly we would get faxes from pharmacies that would have lists of peoples names and all the rx they were getting filled from us and some other drs. you would be surprised how many people have 5-6 drs prescribing them vicodin at once (for teeth, back pain, foot pain, headaches, ect.)

Not saying this is what is happening to you but you can call your dentist and ask then to contact the pharmacy...maybe they can get out of them why they wont fill it. I highly doubt another pharmacy will fill something that has "too soon to refill" written on it.

you can also ask your dentist if there are non-controlled meds that you can take that will have a good effect on the pain if you cant find a pharmacy to fill it.

Hope your feeling better, i know how much root canals hurt :P

Can anyone tell me how to write a prescription for Hydrocodone 7.5 500 90 tablets?

It would be for Vicodin Hydrocondone is generic

Put your dad's prescription pad away and stop thinking about committing a felony

Do doctors drug test before prescribing narcotic pain medication?

I recently injured my back and was prescribed Tramadol by my physician. I took one pill and spent the next six or seven hours absolutely ill. I took the pill with food and followed directions, so there's no way that I want to try taking it again. Also, it didn't help my pain at all.

I called the doctor's office and left a message with the nurse, explaining what had happened and asking if they could write me a prescription for something stronger that would be less likely to make me sick. The nurse called back later and told me that the only stronger pain medications are narcotics, and that they couldn't write a prescription for them over the phone; I'd have to make an appointment and come in.

Fast forward to a few days later. A friend of mine had some Vicodin left over after having it prescribed when she had an abscessed tooth. Seeing how much pain I was in, she gave me her last three pills to hold me over until I got a different prescription.

I had never taken Vicodin before and after taking it, I found that it helped my pain tremendously.

I took the last Vicodin pill today. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow morning. I plan to ask her if she could prescribe Vicodin for me. My question physicians perform drug tests before writing prescriptions for opiates? Because if so, I think I'm screwed. I normally would never take someone's prescribed pills, but I was in so much pain, that I was absolutely desperate.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

No, they won't drug-test you (unless they suspect you of drug-seeking behavior, but they wouldn't unless you've had a documented history of begging for narcotics!)

The reason you have to make an appointment and come in to the doctor's office before you can get a prescription for a narcotic is because opiates (and many other drugs) are habit-forming controlled substances. The doctor cannot legally prescribe them over the phone.

Just tell the doctor that you've taken Vicodin in the past (no need to say how recently!) and have tolerated it well.

I need to know if I really need Vicodin?

I've been having very bad headaches for about 5 year and they have been getting worse & worse over the past year.
I have tried everything over the counter & nothing touches the pain except aspirin but it only touches the pain.
I went to my doctor & he wrote me all of these great prescriptions for me.
Now I'm on Topamax that's a migraine pill that is suppossed to prevent migraine headaches if I have them.
I'm on Ativan for aggitation & stress throughout the day.
I also take Paxel for depression.
I take Ambien for sleep.
He also wrote me a prescription for 7.5 Lorcets 25 Tabs for severe headaches but the problem is that is the only thing out of the dozens of medicines i'v tried that just totally erases my headache alltogether.
My Parents have to keep the Lorcet for me because they think I will take too much!
This is my prescription I know how to use it.
I would just take 2 a day for a while.
I also have bad depression & social anxiety disorder & Vicodin helps with depression

Vicodin is a painkiller... I hope you don't think it's an anti-depressant. Be careful with those, and don't take any tylenol if you're taking vicodin... you might OD.

What you have is chronic headaches, and what you need is medication that you will be able to use for a long time and not get addicted to. Vicodin is probably not the best choice.

Legal Question: I was arrested for something I did not do...plz help me with my next steps in this situation..?

I went to the hospital. They done a small surgery on my ear. They released me same day with 3 prescriptions. One of them a narcotic. The RN that released me with the prescriptions said in front of me that the docs. handwriting was hard to read. But still let me walk out of the hospital with it. I went to the pharmacy the pharmacist I gave my prescriptions to gave me the correct price for the correct amount of all the prescriptions. when I walked out of the store I got swarmed with police and arrested for forging a prescription in front of my 3 sons, husband and the rest of the world standing outside the CVS. That is long story short.
I took 3 lie detector test and passed them all and the charges against me were dropped. I ended up spending $11,000 for something I didn't do...not to mention myself as well as my kids were deeply tramatized.
I am coming back with a civil suit against all 3 places (hospital, pharmacy, and police station). My question is like a 3 part question...
1. How do I put a price on what they done to me?
2. Do I sue them individually or together?
3. Do you think I am wrong for wanting to sue for my money back and also for the trauma caused?
Here are some key factors...
-I didn't change the prescription
-the RN let me leave the hospital with the messed up prescription (the handwriting was so messy that she couldn't even read it)
-the first pharmacist that I gave them to gave me the price for 20 vicodin (which was the correct amount of the prescription) but the pharmacy was trying to say that I changed it to 200 (if they thought I really changed it then they should have gave me the price for 200)
-when the police arrived and was putting handcuffs on me I was bending down in my car to tell my boys everything was going to be fine and they yanked me out causing me to rupture the spot on my ear I had just had surgery on (then didn't clean it up once I got to the jail)
-while me and my husband were hand cuffed they left the doors to my car open it freezing whether without it on while my 3 kids all under 4 yrs old were screaming in the back seat
-while I was handcuffed and pleading with the police officers to please call the doctor bc I didn't do anything one of the officers told me to "shut up and stop acting doctor would write a prescription for 200 vicodin"
-while I was at the jail I was treated extra horribly bc I couldn't control my crying...meaning they wouldn't answer my question wouldn't let me make phone calls and put me on suicide risk (I was crying and upset bc I was worried to death about my 3 sons that watched it all happen and also I didn't do it to begin with so I never should have been there)

Please if you could help me and have ANY SERIOUS advice....please do. Please.

You will need an Attorney.
You may not have a great case against the Police Department but you can definitely sue the crap out of the Pharmacy and the Doctor. A simple phone call could have sorted all this out without any Police interference.
You will need to track down the Nurse who told you the MD's handwriting was bad and you will need the original prescription.
The Police are not Judges and they are bound by law to do their job. They don't have a choice.
Suing the Doctor could cause you problems if you need to seek medical treatment in the future so sue the Hospital, not the Doctor.
Did the Pharmacist actually fill the prescription? If so then he is negligent also.
I would sue for the $11,000 it cost you, the $5,000 for Attorney's fees and another $10,000 for punitive damages.
Good Luck!

Can I get a prescription for vicodin online?

I do not have a prescription for this med. I have tried to get one from my doctor but he will not give me one. He thinks I am one of those kids just trying to get high legally but I am not. When I was 17 I blew out my knee ripping two of the major ligaments and now that I am 21 I am paying for it. It really hurts in the winter. It is sometimes almost unbearable that I can not even sleep. But anyway, I am trying to switch doctors but my insurance sucks so he is the only doctor around that accepts my insurance.
So I was wondering if there is a way to write a letter or fill out something that could get me a prescription over the internet. I do not want to just get pills over the internet but I need a script to do this legally. So anywhere that I can get a prescription online legally?
And also I know about vicodin and its effects and how to use it properly and how addictive so please don't say I am an idiot for wanting to take these.

no not on line its all a gimmick if you have problems with a knee get it fixed and then take all the vikes you want that is all persons want to know is about vicodin i say if your dr say,s no it is for a reason either find a new dr feel good or stop taking them you are gonna hit rock bottom one day it is a good time to stop before you do they don,t work for pain after so long they mask all the realseriouse problems you are causingyou selff and all you want is the euphoriaa all the time get off them get the surgery and get off stop making excuses and destroying your body because this is what you are doing.

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