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How many mg hydrocodone (lortab) is in each 1 ounce of hydrocodone cough syrup?

i have either a 6 or 8 oz bottle of the prescription hydrocodone caugh syrup, and i just needa know the equal oz syrup - mg pills.

like is 1mg of the hydrocodone syrup = to like a lortab 10 or what? thanks need asap

call the pharmacy

Little cousin took hydrocodone cough syrup he is only two?

My little cousin is 2, and they had to call the ambulance to come and pick him up. We dont know alot of details except that he got into hydrocodone cough syrup. I dont know how much or how long before they noticed in general what could be the complications or effects from this

He could fall a sleep and his heart rate will slow down. The hospital will pump his stomach he will be okay.

Will a bottle of hydrocodone cough syrup show up on a drug test a week later?

Please answer as soon as possible! Thanks!

you should be safe.

Does anyone else get a headache from taking Hydrocodone cough syrup?

It's very common. Hydrocodone is a narcotic opiate that affects the central nervous system. When the opiate starts to wear off it's almost like having a mini withdrawal, hence the headache. You could try a half dose and build it up slowly over a few days, that might help. Short of that, take some tylenol a couple of hours after taking the syrup.

Hydrocodone cough syrup and urine test?

My son took a teaspoon of hydrocone cough syrup last night; tomorrow he has to give a urine test; will it show in the test; and what to do??!

You will show the bottle of cough syrup to the urine testing place and show that this is a valid rx for your son and they cannot do a thing.

Will the Hydrocodone in Tussonex Cough Syrup Show up in a drug test?

My fiance took a half a dose of tussonex cough syrup Fri night cuz he couldn't stop coughing. Now he finds out he needs to have a drug test done this week for his new job. Will that small amount of hydrocodone show up on his drug test?
The prescription was mine, so its not actually prescribed to him! I KNOW your not suppose to share drugs!! LOL

Yes, it will appear in the urinalysis (UA) for up to 3 days.

Does Hydrocodone cough syrup expire?

I have a bottle of Hydrocodone cough syrup which says "Discard After: 5/25/05." My sister tried a little bit and said it was just fine.

Take it. I am not a doctor / or pharmacist but am an ex opiate adddict. Lortab (Hydrocodone), OxyContin, Fentanyl Patches, Percocet, DemaMorph, etc. Went to a methadone clinic and got off of all of it. The only realson we never tried herion is cause our town's pop is 1215 and we could never find any but bunk. Anyway, off topic.

If it HAS went bad, it wont make u sick it will just not work. IF you call the pharmacy, he will def tell u to throw it away tho.


PS If you need it cause u r sick, hope you feel better soon.

Would percocet pain pills and hydrocodone cough syrup show up the same on a urine drug test?

In a quote from the Movie "From Hell." Most definitely.

What Pain Med is stronger? Oxycontin 20mg, or Tylenol#3 or hydrocodone cough syrup or the650/100 darvocet?

Bronchitis chest pain - bad - these are the options dr gave

Oxy is the strongest.. I recommend hydro cough syrup or if you tolerate narcotics well, then take the oxycontin

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