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Hydrocodone cold water extraction and evaporation?

I know how to do a cold water extraction to get the good stuff from the bad stuff. What i'm wondering is can you then evaporate the water that has the codone in it to leave just the codone? or will the codone somehow go with the water?

you sure can, but don't microwave it because that will destroy the hydro, and don't boil it, just let it sit or heat it slightly and wait. hydro is a solid at room temperature so it will be left behind while the water, a liquid, evaporates. you'll be left with crystals at the bottom which you scrape out, they're good to eat, put in capsules, or even snort since there's no apap left, but try much lower doses when snorting

Is it safe to take a 650mg acetaminaphin/10mg hydrocodone 24 hrs after a tooth extraction?

I just had a lower molar removed about 24hrs ago, and my jaw really hurts. I've got some pain killers left from a previous injury. I want to take one, but I'm worried it might thin my blood and slow the healing of the extraction site.

Hi my name is Jeffery m Salerno DDS

Yes, you can take the acetaminophen (Tylenol) and hydrocodone after the tooth has been extracted. Tylenol is not a blood thinner, and by now the clot has formed in the socket so you should be fine.

Do not take the acetaminophen and hydrocodone with any other narcotic medications and avoid alcohol and driving while on this strong of a narcotic medication.

What dosage of hydrocodone should you drink after a cold water extraction?

should you just drink the same amount that you would normally take orally? or should it be more/less?
i was also wondering, does a CWE make the aceteminophen more dangerous to drink? or just the same as when you take it orally?

anywehre between 10-35mg shoukd be okay for someone with no tolerance.

35mg-40mg will F*CK YOU UP.

Hydrocodone cold-water extraction questions... :)?

I just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out and was prescibed 48 hydrocodone/apap (5/500) pills. They aren't doing much for the pain so I am planning on a cold water extraction of the hydrocodone so I can take a higher dosage without having to put the liver-damaging apap crap in my body. I have organic chem II lab experience, but I have a few ?'s:

1) What temperature of water is the best to dissolve the pills initially? I am thinking as hot as possible without the heat being damaging to the hydrocodone.

2) What temperature should the solution be cooled to for optimum precipitation of the acetaminophen? I was thinking slightly above freezing.

3) Assuming the apap is rinsed and filtered a few more times in the same manner, what is the appoximate yield with the cold water extraction? I have heard that the yield is fairly poor but I can't find an approximate number.

4) What would be the best way to recrystallize the hydrocodone from the aqueous solution?

Thanks! :)

I had success with http://www.geocities.com/sowildaboutharr… when my wrist was shattered and I spent a few days on Vicodin ES instead of Percocet.

Ok i just did a Cold Water Extraction on Hydrocodone, but im totally confused at this point :P?

I just did all that extraction steps, and i know i did it right, i did it to
2 Lortab Pills
10-500 MG containg Acetiminophen...or watever it was
and Hydrocodone
so i was filtering it, and wat do i want, The Pink Liquid that came out of it (The Powder was Pink)
or did i want the Sugary looking thing
the reason i said "Did" was because i threw away the Sugary looking thing at the bottom of the cold bowl, did i make the mistake by throwing that away, or did i do good by keeping the liquid
What was it that i kept? do i have Hydrocone in Water, i tasted it and it tastes Bitter, or did i want the Sugar looking powder thing ???

WTF are you talking about?

Hydrocodone + tooth extraction = vomiting?

I had a tooth pulled out. Doctor gave me Hydrocodone. Everytime I take it I throw up. I only had 2 with 16 hrs in between. Stopped taking it and now I feel okay. had breathing problems too. Is that normal?

And it's been more than 24 hrs since I had it pulled out still kinda bleeding though?

hydrocodone has codeine in it. One of the side affects of codeine is vomiting. You may be allergic to codeine. Ask for Ibuprofine 800 it works just as good as codeine and it is not a narcodic.

How to further refine hydrocodone after a cold water extraction?

i'm now proficient at the cold water extraction but i would like to be able to produce a very pure hydrocodone powder for use in capsules or snorting. And any information on making opiates more potent would be helpful

Don't swap one drug for another ie kratom.
Otherwise sorry, I know nothing about refining codeine.


Questions about cold water extraction of hydrocodone?

A few questions please, ok, my husband has 40, 5/500 hydrocodones, he has a bad liver..& 2 stupid dr's who don't talk with each other, i'm familiar with coldwater extraction, ok he normally takes two 10/325's but this new dr gave him the 5/500's only because she isnt his normal dr, anyways.....i'm trying to cwe 4 pills, that's 20mg...but when i do it, he says it doesnt feel the same as taking two 10/325's...am i messing up?? Is this normal? Should i add a couple more pills to the mixture when i cwe or no.

I have never heard of this extraction. Maybe I am too simple but I take plain Oxycodone. There is no tylenol in it at all, just pure pain med, and a lot cheaper. Tell the doctor that the NSAIDs upset his stomach and ask if you can just get the pain med itself.pp

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