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How long does the drug, lasix last on a dog?

My dog got snake-bit, and his face got really big and swelled. We took him to the vet and they gave him the drug Lasix to make him pee (To get the fluid out of his face). How long does this last, because he is using the bathroom almost every 5 minutes.

Well, did he give it to him in a pill form? an IV form? or shot form?
The IV form acts the quickest and generally wears off the quickest.
The shot that goes in the muscle takes about 10-30 minutes to go into effect and lasts about 4-8 hours
The pill form takes anywhere from 30 mins to an hour to go into effect and lasts up to 6-8 hours

Now, it also depends on the dosage he gave. A larger dosage would make your pet obviously go to the restroom more. In humans, 20-40 mg by mouth is pretty common but I've seen much higher given if needed.

Also, did he give you more to give him or just that one time dose? Because besides dehydration, you would need to be weary of low potassium. Since Lasix can wipe out your potassium. Usually not with just one or 2 by mouth doses, again this is on a human, just watch him.

He might also go to the bathroom in his sleep, don't get onto him for this, he doesn't realize the urge is coming as it usually doesn't hit him during the middle of the night etc.

Hope that helped

Lasix for dog same as human lasix?

My dog has congestive heart failure and is on Lasix(salix actually, the generic form of lasix)and I am curious if this is the exact same pill that doctors prescribe humans with congestive heart failure(or any other illness that humans have that would require lasix)..or is my dog taking the 'canine version'?

i'm NOT going to hand them out to my friends..i'm just a nerd and am curious and would find that interesting :)
thanks in advance!

Yes! It's the same thing. Used for both humans and animals with Congestive Heart Failure or CHF.
Good thing you're not giving them to your would make them pee alot!

can or do dogs get any better once they have chf. I have her on a heart pill and lasix for 2 days

what should I expect, She stays at my grandmas all her life but they dont have air conditioning so I brought her home with me just untill she gets better but she wants to be outside am I wrong for bringing her to my house to try and recover she is a outside dog but at my grandma's she hides and they couldnt give her meds so my heart is breaking in am I doing the right thing by her

My parent's Rat Terrier has CHF, he was diagnosed about 6 years ago and is still active, happy, and no real problems as long as they keep him on the medication. If medicated properly, she may well return to 'normal' for her or at least nearly normal and go on to live for several more years. I think you're definitely doing the right thing for her.

Is there any new medications for dogs with congestive heart failure?

7 yr old, fox terrier was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and is on lasix and enalapril. He fills up with fluid and is very uncomfortable! Is there any new meds out there!?

Your vet is doing all he/she can. I had a yorki diagnosed with CHF and with those meds lived for 1 more year.

how many days should it take my dog to improve with lasix she is taking 50mg2wice a day

she is on 2 50mg pills a day, she seems a little more alert today but is still getting out of breath and not wanting to walk much, the swelling in her belly and chest have gone down some but she hasnt used #2 in a day or so but she is not eating much any ideals

Lasix should improve the breathing within the day,I'd take her back to the vets.If you are treating chf talk to your vet about ace inhibitors if she is not already on it.The belly swelling will not go down much with lasix.My 20 lb dog is on 50 mgs of lasix twice a day,it's hitting maxium dose for him but it keeps his lungs clear.There is a yahoo group called canine chf,well worth joining just to go thru the info in the files.

can a dog taking lasix hold her urine if so how can i get her to go

she is a outside dog but I have her inside so it will be cool on her, she dosent want to walk much and I am afraid she is holding her urine, what to do she has fluid build up but it seems it is going down a little, I dont want to put her outside becasue it is so hot

she is probably not used to being walked on a leash to potty, or being watched. You can try putting her outside in her area for 10-15 mins and let her do her buisiness then bring her back inside.

If she is still not urinating.. call the vet. Even if she's not on lasix she needs to pee!

Suggestions for dealing with excessive urination in a dog on lasix (diuretic)?

My 12 y.o. Japanese Chin was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure and put on lasix to prevent fluid build up in the lungs. She went from being able to hold it all night, or all day while we're at work, to peeing all the time. She used to sleep with us, but urinated in the bed while we were sleeping, and every time I turn around there is another puddle. I know she can't help it, and try to take her out as much as possible when I am there, but it is still frustrating. The vet says she should adjust some (so far, it is not improving) and I have tried puting down wee wee pads, but since she was not trained to use these before, she doens't seem to get it. I had another dog with CHF and on the same meds @ even higher doses, and she never got this bad.

I am not sure what else to try but open to suggestions.

You can try training to pee pads when you cannot be around. Enclose in a puppy excercise pen or tile area with pad, maybe even put a paper towel you have used to clean up accident on it. Eventually they get the hint. Only problem is if urgent need and away from pad will go anywhere. Must confine to close to pad area.

Good luck. I also think the panties/diapers might work but would need to be checked/changed frequently.

Should normalize with time, the high volume of pee is necessary to reduce fluid build up in system. Also, take up water 1 hour before bed and make one last trip out before bed.

how long should it take for my dog to improve on lasix and a heart pill

she has been on it since wed.

My dog is on the same medication, and she began to show signs of improvement within the first weeks. Each dog will be different, though, and it may take some time to get their medicine at a point where it's being effective. If you don't see an improvement soon talk to your vet about adjusting her medicine.

Make sure you look up the side effects for the medicine, just to be aware. My dog lost her appetite due to her meds and we had to switch her food. Good luck!

what is the proper dosage of lasix for a 30 pound dog

Are you effin kidding me!?!?!?!? That will leach essential potassium and water out of your dogs body, and your gonna rely on some random idiot for dosing instructions??? Your a MORON and your gonna send your dog into kidney failure!!

If you have a problem with the dosage, take it up with your vet. Lasix can be a very dangerous drug and I'd be concerned too.

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