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Will dipping ciggarettes in liquid valium and smoking it give me the effects of valium takin oraly?

i have intensol liquid valium solution perscribed to me for panic attacks, and the taste can be unpleasant no matter what i put it in (water, applesauce, ect). i am a smoker, so i was wondering if i could still get the sedative effects from smoking a ciggarrette dipped in liquid valium? the ciggarette would be dried after it was dipped.

Heating it to such a high temp could change the chemical structure of the liquid. In other words, don't do it.

How can I make a liquid solution of diazepam (valium) for oral use as its insoluble in water ?

Hello i was wondering how i would go about making a liquid solution of diazepam (valium) for oral use from 10mg generic tablets to more accurately measure dose, I know that it is insoluble in water but soluble in alcohol but i know that alcohol and benzos are a no go, i know they make a inject able liquid ampules, so how would i go about making a liquid oral solution where it will not separate.


valium is best absorbed the oral route and is pretty must wasted when given as an injection iv or im.
there is no way to make a 100% homogenous (?) mixture where you can measure it down to the milligram without having a lab with all the supplies.
break it into 2 or 4 sections, crush, arm put it on erm...your patients tongue or in pudding. a crushed pill will have a quicker onset and almost complete bioavailability unlike an injection

Why would a person need to take liquid valium insteas of tablet valium?

I take 10mg Valium tablets for my Crohn's and rectal pain. I herd that there was liquid Valium ........ so i thought, could i dissolve my 10mg tablets in water and inject it the same way you do with the actual liquid Valium. Reason i ask this because my pain is quite bad and just taking it with water orally takes quite a while for it to kick in and help me ( sometimes i just eat them) . This is why ask if it can be injected so i can releive my pain at a more rapid pace. Would this be harmfull
( And yes i fully know Valium is highly addictive I've been over it with my doctor already) and also it would be appreciated if you would list your sources , and if this turns out to be done were would i inject myself ??? stomach, muscle???

Also i mentioned in my ? that i have chewed them up once or twice ( plain no water ) is this bad ..... Also technically i don't take them for pain , i take them because my pain is so bad im always in a rude and cranky


Yes you can get it in liquid form FOR INJECTIONS ONLY. And only performed by trained medical people because it is IV and depresses the breathinbg rapidily.
It also BURNS THE VEINS causing EXTREME PAIN while injected.

You can also get it in rectal suppostories.

If you really need to get the Valium to work quicker, but not as fast as IV, then crush them and put them in a teaspoon of strawberry jam (jelly).
They still have to be ingested and go through the blood stream by the gut.

If these muscle relaxants are not working for you you need to go to the Doctor or Gastroenterologist and discuss a more adequate medication for you.
There are other way more potent, but still safe, medications out there.

Is it uncommon to have your wisdom teeth out by a dentist and not an oral surgeon?

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out friday by my dentist...he's giving me liquid valium. I just wanted some that a common drug? Do people usually have their wisdom teeth out by an oral surgeon?

they are trained to do this....some do,while others elect not to..matter of skill and trust ......

Is 5ml to much for my 4year old daughter?

My daughter has a dentist appointment and her dentist presctibed her this much of diazepam ( a liquid valium) is this to much for her? She is only 4 years old.

the dentist probably knows what he is talking about but i understand your concerns, i would probably freak out too. To put your mind at ease, call your pediatrician in the morning and and ask them, they will know a lot better than us, and lets face it, you will probably still rack your brain over it even if all of us said "ya, that's a good dosage", i know i would ;)

What drug do they usually give you when having your wisdom teeth taken out?

Okay I'm having my wisdom teeth taken out by my dentist on friday...not an oral surgeon, is that like uncommon? Because everyone i've talked to has had theirs taken out by an oral surgeon.
And secondly, since he's a dentist he's not allowed to give me an IV, he's giving me liquid valium...whatever that is. Someone please give me some information! I'm 14 btw.

IT is not that uncommon to get them removed by a dentist, but many people have issues which requires an oral surgeon (or demand it to get the IV sedation). I had mine done at the oral surgeons and they gave me 1. Penicillin to help fight infection. 2. An anti-inflamitory and 3. Morphine!!!

Liquid valium will make you calm, but won't put you to sleep. It is an anti-anxiety drug. I was given conscious sedtion at the oral surgeon's and fell asleep. The people l know that get their wisdoms out at the dentists usually don't get anything but laughing gas and freezing.

What to say to an employee you think may have a drug problem?

I have a woman who has worked for me for about a year. Often she looks "doped up," her speech is sometimes slurred and her mouth is sometimes twisted. She appears lethargic nearly all of the time. She told me that she takes sleeping pills almost nightly and regularly takes Valiums and some kind of Valium-like liquid that's cheaper than the pills. I wasn't at work to see it but the other day she was sent home by HR in a cab because the night before she had taken 3 Benadryls and when she got to work she could barely function. She's a very sweet, cooperative person and I know she has a lot of problems at home single parenting a loser 19 y.o. son who causes her a lot of grief. She's also single and I don't think she dates or anything. What can I do, if anything? I'm really worried about her.

Well, first off let me tell you that I think you are a wonderful boss for putting this much care and effort into one of your employees. Companies with people like you are a dying breed and you should be commended if for nothing else... for being you. If I were you, I would plan an intervention. Try to contact family or friends and have a sit down with her. Tell her that she needs to clean up before she makes her self sicker and something happens. Its obvious that you dont wish to fire her, just get her help. It may be rough on your company, but you can tell her that her position will still be there for her when she gets back. Just get a temp for the time being. I do not have too much experiance with interventions (the one that I went to was not one that I planned) so I dont know all of the proper steps to take and the way to phrase the words that you use with her. However, if you were to call your local hospitals they will give you a list of all the NA (narcotics annamous) facilities in your area and you can contact someone there about how to set this up. Most of the NA officers have been through one drug problem or another and have a better understanding of her situation. Most of them are also not in paid positions. Again, I really give you credit for being a good person and a careing boss. Good luck, and I hope that you can really help this woman who is hurting right now.

Valium 2 (diazepam) question.?

I have the Valium 2 in liquid drop form.

According the the prescription I got a while ago it says that I need to take 10 drops or 25 depending on the severity of the anxiety/sleeping disorder.

BUT. It doesn't say how to take it. Do I ingest it? Drink it?

put it in orange juice.

Is 5 ml to much for my 4 year old?

My daughter has a dentist appointment and her dentist presctibed her this much of diazepam ( a liquid valium) is this to much for her? She is only 4 years old

This is a typical dosage for a child. I am a dental hygienist and we prescribe the same medication for children. It will just make her feel a little sleepy and relaxed.
Here is a little info I copied and pasted for you about the dosage of diazepam....
Recommended dosage
The typical dose of diazepam used to treat anxiety or seizures in healthy adults ranges from a total of 6 milligrams (mg) to 40 mg per day given in three or four doses. Elderly people (over age 60) are usually given lower doses in the range of 4–10 mg per day to treat anxiety or nervous tension. For acute treatment of seizures, a higher dose of diazepam is given intravenously (directly into the vein) only in a controlled medical setting such as a hospital or emergency room. For alcohol withdrawal, the typical dose is a total of 30–40 mg per day given in three or four doses.

The typical dose for a child over age six months with anxiety or seizures is a total of 3–10 mg per divided into several doses. In general, children receive lower doses of diazepam even when they have a body weight equivalent to a small adult. Diazepam is usually taken as a pill, but an injectable form is sometimes used when a serious seizure is in progress or when muscle spasms are severe. There is also a liquid oral form of the drug available.

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