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Where can i order REAL 100% vicodin or hydrocodone online with no prescription?

would just like to know of a place online that i can order my pain medication. ive been on it now for a year and a half from my doc, and now he wants me to get off but its hard, and i would like to have more. so if you can help me find a place online that i can order some vicodin or hydrocodone, the real 100% stuff with no prescription, please help.

you gotta google it but it's way expensive. maybe you should explain to your doctor that you're hooked on it and to find alternative ways to get you off the stuff!
Good luck!

How can I order hydrocodone online for a discount LEGALLY with a prescription?

I've been having a lot of chronic migraines since being in a car accident a few months ago, and the local pharmacy prices are really just not comparable to the prices I see online. But every singe one seems so sketchy that I'm nervous about getting ripped off. Does anyone have any advice on how to actually go about ordering this medication legally, and how to do it as quickly as possible?

The only online pharmacy I am familiar with and that I have had my patients use is I just checked with them and for my most commonly prescribed pain medication (Lorcet 10/650) which is available generically as (hydrocodone 10mg/APAP 650) you can get #90 tablets for $29.97. I cannot comment on how quickly they ship, however.

Now, might I suggest that you check out some of the national chain pharmacies in your area? Walgreens, CVS, & Rite Aid have ALWAYS given my patients without insurance a deal. Tell them you have no insurance (or maybe you do, I'm just assuming, and you know what they say about doing that!) and that you want their best CASH price. If you need help deciphering your prescription, please feel free to message me.

Where can I buy hydrocodone online with a site that offers doctor's prescription/consultation?

I had 4 operations, and I was taking hydrocodone as needed from my old family doctor with no side effects. I moved to another state and nobody wants to prescribe it for me because they're afraid of being investigated (if they had this pain they'd prescribe it for themselves in 5 secs). There are pharmacies online that work with online physicians who review your medical records and issue a prescription AND medication. I did this (from WA) for a total cost of $300. Anyone know of a site that might be cheaper but offers same service? I don't have an addictive personality. I bet somebody I could stop using sugar for 2 years, and I won. 15 years ago I bet somebody I could quite smoking in 5 minutes and I won that bet too. I tried Ultram but it doesn't work as well. Lyrica & cymbalta made me sick. (I'm talking carpal tunnel surgery, ulnar nerve surgery, forearm tumor removal surgery, and hernia surgery all in one day kind of pain.) P.S. before this I never was sick in my life.

Why not just use the same service you've been using? It's not going to get any cheaper when dealing with a Records Only Pharmacy. That's actually a pretty good price, from what I understand. These types of services cost a lot because you're kind of making an end run around the system. If you don't want to pay that much, get a referral to pain management. If you have your records for the ROP, then you can take them to a pain doctor and they will review them and prescribe accordingly.

Is there a way to buy Vicodin,Hydrocodone or Percocet online without a prescription or phone consultant ?

i am looking all over for some good trust worthy sites to buy myself some pain relievers to help me live with my joints and my self loathing depression.I have previously been buying it on the street since I'm to poor to afford health insurance and lately it ha been getting harder and more dangerous to find anything on the streets at all accept for hard and dirty drugs like crack or weed.

i have talked to friends who have tried to help but haven't been able to give me any information on how to get what i need for a little money as possible and so i bare this upon you Yahoo answers

along with these sites this is all i could find and the best thing i came across was hiring a consultant to get the drugs for me without a prescription only i don't have the minimum of $200 per consultant that i would need to get these pain relievers....if theirs anyone out there who can help then please respond to this with a helpful answer

thank you.

Medical Discount Plan
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Are any online pharmacies reliable for prescription drugs(Vicodin-Hydrocodone)?

I have a condition that causes severe pain from time to time. Doctors that I have seen prescribe "weak" pain killers, and are simply not understanding the degree of pain I am experiencing. I want to know if online pharmacies are going to send me crap or the real thing???

The DEA is cracking down on those is not worth the risk.

Drugs from other countries are not regulated the same way that the US could get something harmful.

if your doctor is not listening get a new doctor...

What are the dangers of buying drugs over the internet?

for example. buying hydrocodone online, no prescription. what could happen? my friend says the feds will come right to your house. Just wondering if that is true of over exaggeration.

Not interested in actually doing it just curious on if this is true.

While you are breaking the law and could indeed get in trouble with law enforcement, most likely what will happen is that you will lose your money, or receive a fake and/or dangerous product. The vast majority of these things are scams, as it is impossible to operate a legitimate business that dispenses controlled substances without a prescription.

Where can i buy hydrocodone pills without prescription?

I had a prescription for Hydrocodone 7.5 750 (Vicodin) for shoulder problems for a few months now. Well, me and my roommate thru a house party the other night and someone stole them- I don't know if it was my roommate or his friends but they're gone and I am in PAIN. I went to the doctors and told him what happened but he was no help at all- he told me I would have to wait until that prescription was up and woulnd'nt refill the meds (I don't know if he thought I was lying or what) but I'm in real pain and felling fuzzy from stopping so suddenly and it's awful) So, I have two Questions: 1. Where can I get these Hydrocodone pills- online or mexico?? And 2. where can I find Hydrocodone FAKE-PLACIBO-SUGUR pills to keep in place of them so my roommate/friends won't take the real stuff... just to be safe. Please help me out here! I'm in a lot of pain and need good advise. Please spare me lame advice about my roommate or the dangers of Vicodin addiction, I am well aware of all that and am not an idiot. I just need help here- I have to work next week and will have to miss work if I can't find a way to get these meds. PLEASE HELP! Thanks so much!

Try You'll need current medical records to schedule a consultation.

How serious is prescription drug abuse?

I was at a friends house this weekend and she had her online prescription account open on her computer and I was able to see her most recent orders. Why she had this up, I don't know, but I could tell she was on something. I have known for a while that most likely she was abusing drugs, but never had real solid proof. Within the last 7 days she received prescriptions for Xanax, some sort of seizure medication, adderrall, 2 diff orders of hydrocodone, Somas, weight lose pills (she is not fat by any means) and sleeping pills. Now in my mind, I really don't see one doctor prescribing all of these to one person. She picked up all of these from 4 different pharmacies. Can't she end up killing herself from this?!?!?!? She is currently in the process of a divorce with 2 children. If her ex finds out, he could take them away from her right? I have never really been around drugs or anyone that takes them and I am shocked at her need for all of this, especially with 2 little kids. I don't even know where all this started from or who would have got her involved in all of this. Is there anything I can do for her? I know they say people can only help themselves, but is there anything that I can do? I overheard some other friends mention something about her possibly being on crack. She is spiraling downhill so fast and I don't even know where to start to help fix this all. Thanks so much.

Prescription drug abuse is just as bad as any other drug or alcohol abuse. Sometimes people rationalize it. They think because a doctor has prescribed it, they need it. You should sit down with your friend and have a serious discussion. Let her be aware of your concerns, but do not attack her or be condescending.

You can't fix other people's problems, but she may seek help if she finds out that other people are aware of what is going on.

Good luck!

Legality of non-prescription Ultram online/questionnaire checkups and associated dangers.?

To all those in the medical community:

Since the age of 14 I have experienced extreme stabbing pains originating in my lower back descending down both or either leg. Furthermore, the pain often causes considerable nausea. Concerning this problem, I have visited doctors regularly for 8 years now. I was diagnosed with (what I worry is a bogus etiology) Degenerative Disk Disease. I regularly engage in core muscle exercises and stretching therapy - which although helps some; does not suffice to adequately reduce pain. I swing from strong aches to immobility. On a good day, I walk with a slight limp. On a bad day, I walk with a cane; if I walk at all. I have spent various degrees of time over the past 8 years taking medicines which include; celebrex, nuerontin, robaxin, and hydrocodone; as well as having received a spinal epidural. Currently, I am taking ultram and exercising regularly. This has kept my mind clear, as well as has not encouraged respiratory problems such as hydrocodone did. Although this regiment helps more than any previous treatment, it does not always suffice to adequately reduce pain.

Recently, as I finished school; I was taking 100-150mg Ultram, 1800mg Ibuprofen, and exercising regularly. This kept me quite mobile and pain free. Upon graduation, crashed economy, not finding a job, etc – I have had to return, again, to manual labor. Again, my entire body aches/hurts constantly. Now, I exercise, take 2400 mg Ibuprofen, and up to; but no more than, 300 mg Ultram daily (still less than the FDA’s maximum daily dose of 400mg). I have had swings like this before; and am well aware that once I can return to less physical work I will be able to greatly reduce my intake.

My most recent MRI states:
…decreased signal intensity of the intervertebral discs at L4-5 and L5-S1, consistent with disk degeneration and decreased water content…. bulging of L4-S1 disc…. Area of altered signal involving disc – central and extends adjacent to the S1 nerve root. Most likely etiology is disc herniation with some adjacent granulation tissue or fibrosis.

However, I have yet to meet a doctor who would recommend surgery or anything invasive on an individual my age. I am essentially left in limbo to do nothing but hurt – while at the same time bombarded with individuals in and out of the medical field shouting the dangers of prescription medicine use. I have recently graduated school – and am ineligible to visit my prior doctor at the University Clinic, and am again without insurance. Therefore I am unable to refill my Ultram. So now I am faced with the blissful prospect of paying $150-300 (which I don’t have) simply to speak to YET another new doctor – explain my situation – and look like a junkie because I have no prior history with this new doctor; OR purchase this medicine online and avoid the whole aggravating mess.

I have put myself through college, twice, while on pain-killers. I have yet to miss a day of work or class, receive anything less than excellent grades, or damage any personal relationship due this prescription – my family is well aware of my prescription. Quite frankly in my experience with tramadol, I am unaware of any side-effect which would encourage abuse. So please do not:

1) Say; “go visit with your doctor”.
I have seen thousands of individuals on this site explain they have no insurance; only to be answered with; “Pills are bad – you should go speak to your doctor”. That is both a fruitless answer; as well as ill-contemplated. If they could easily afford to speak to a doctor – they would.

2) Narrate a story of your loved ones pill habit or how addicted you are/were.
I am an extremely productive member of society and it is only my distaste for excruciating pain that stands in the way of my immediate quitting. And regardless, in a week when my prescription does run out – I will be quitting; pain or no pain. At which point, I will become useless to all those around me again.

My Questions:
1) I am looking for any/all recommendations for this situation.
2) What daily mg quantities indicates addiction (Approximation obviously)?
3) What would you recommend in place of exercise and Ultram?
4) Is there new research (outside of what is obviously posted on the internet) on the application of Ultram on Depression.

Half the individuals on here claim it helps immensely, the other half say it only encourages their depression. All I am aware of is that since I have begun Ultram; my mood swings have diminished. Essentially every male in my family has been diagnosed with Bipolar I. Even my brother has recently been diagnosed with Cyclothymia. I appear (since 2007) to be the only male in my family who maintains a stable mood. I am not manic, sluggish, unreliable, bouncy, stoner-like, or any other adjective associated with opium use. I simply find this curious – and am enjoying my new lack of depressive lows and anxiety attacks.


Hi, I can't really help just empathize.

I took it for a while for fibromyaglia, but it exacerbated my depression to the point of suicidal consideration. I am glad it seems to work for yours.

I know what it feels like to see new drs and look like a pill head. I get it too. I'm in the process of looking for new drug. The only thing that lets me be a productive part of society and relatively pain free is lortab 10's. How do you ask for that without looking like a seeker? But it hard to get across from them, that youre not a seeker or an addict, you don't get high from it, you just are able to function.

Good Luck

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