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When does Premarin take effect in your system?

I just started HRT and taking Premarin 1.25mg daily for menopause 3 days ago. Since then I haven't had any effects from it yet. When will the medicine kicks in my system? Any suggestions?

Please don't use premarin, it is made from the urine of pregnant horses, it is obtained in a very cruel way, there is an alternative, please ask your Doctor.

Im 24 and had a hysterectomy 1 year ago.?

The Dr prescribed me 1.25mg Premarin. I have heard good and bad things about taking these hormones. Any advice would help. I would love to find an all natural hormone-supplement or anything that doesn't have all the harmful side effects. Also...The Dr left my cervix in, but took everything else. What is the difference in having the cervix and not having it? Should I have it removed also?

It sounds as if you had sub-total or partial hysterectomy
involves the removal of Fallopian tubes and the upper two-thirds of the uterus only, preserving the cervix.

The doc should have explained the whole process to you, then talked about the options you had. Please speak to your doctor and ask why they left the cervix and what other options you have in regards to medications, especially natural stuff.

I can't imagine how you felt being told you need a hysterectomy at 23, but it had to be for a very good reason. Did they suggest doing a endometrial-ablation, not as radical as a hysto, but just as effective, however this may have not been an option depending on the reason you had to have a hysto.

Black cohosh Black cohosh & St John's Wort are supposed to really good in assisting the symptoms of menopause, but make sure that if you take it, that your doctor knows and they check that they wont interact with any other medication you take regularly.

You should be having regular pap test, since you still have a cervix, were you told that?

How to calculate drug dosages?

Its been a while since i had this type of math i can remember some of it though but im getting hung up on the formula....example:
Available strenght = available amount
Ordered strenght = amount to give

order = Premarin 1.25mg pd qd
supply = Premarin 0.625mg caplets

0.625 = 0.625
1.25 = x

cross multiply

0.625x = 0.78125


but my question do you divide the 0.625x by 0.78125 which is x=0.8
0.78125 by 0.625x which is x=1.25

which one is correct ????

Neither is correct.

(0.625mg / 1 cap) = (1.25mg / x cap)

Cross multiply
0.625mg * x cap = 1 cap * 1.25mg

Solve for x
x cap = (1 cap * 1.25mg) / 0.625mg
x = 2 caps

Your setup should have been:
0.625mg = 1 cap
1.25mg = x cap

When doing calculations, ALWAYS include the units. After canceling where appropriate, if the units left over are what's required in your answer, then your setup is probably correct.

What are some symptoms of side effects from not taking premarin?

I had cut back to a half every other day of 1.25mg but have stoped for about 2 weeks now and besides the hot flashes and night sweats im having headaches and feeling weak and tired, i don't know if this is related or something different, any advise would help, thanks in advance.: )

Sounds like menopausal symptoms to me

Help on drug calculation!!!@#$%$#!$%?

Ok i need help with details and ifno where the numbers come from and stuff exampl:

Order: Premarin 1.25mg po qp

Supply: Premarin 0.625mg caplets


now do the math please and help me i will give 10 points!

Well assuming your prescribed dosage is 1.25 mg of Premarin. 0.625mg doubled is 1.25mg so it would make sense to me to take 2 caplets. You should ask your pharmacist though if you are in doubt at all.

What can I do to change my girlfriend's co-dependency on prescription drugs?

My girlfriend is or should I say has been mixing various prescribed medication and smoking weed which has shown definite increase in memory loss, up late night and sleeping all day as well as explosive mood swings. She says it's to help her sleep but in the last 5 weeks she has been driving me crazy with this repeatitve behavior
Here are the medications she is taking. : levothyroxin 1 tablet/daily (150mg); lyrica 1tablet/twice daily 75 mg; premarin 2 tablets/daily 1.25mg; budeprion 1 tablet/twice daily 150mg; pantoprazole 1 tablet/daily 40mg; effexor 1 tablet/daily 75mg; soma 4 tablets/daily 5mg; valium 4 tablets/daily 5mg. What can be done to change this irratic behavior/

I looked up the meds you mentioned & only 3 have a good chance of being abused. The thing is she seems to be having
some serious physical problems, so when you read thru my response keep in mind that her reaction may be from the combination of both the drugs & her phys. problems-or just the drugs. I see a few M.D.s of different diciplines and I always have to remind them of what the others give me-even when nothing has changed. (I recently saw a doctor who has me on the most powerful member of the Valium family & he asked if I needed a refill. I had to tell him that he refilled it by phone 3 days earlier. These people cannot possibly remember everything they do every day, so it is up to the patient to stay on top of it.) Please read the rest. Even though it looks long, it could save her life.
I speak from Hard-won experience & reality when I say that you can't do anything for her if she does not want to change.
However, you can help her by doing a few things. (The goal is to open the lines of honest communication.)
She says she needs these meds for sleep but it doesn't seem to be providing her with regular/healthy sleep patterns. If you can talk to her when she is not in a really bad space then try asking her if she would agree to cut the Soma & Valium in half for a few days, of course let the doctor know in case that is to rapid of a drop. 20mgs of Valium a day is a really high dose. As well as her dose of Soma. She probably sees more than 1 M.D. but do they all know of everything she is taking as well as her reactions to this combination? If they don't know both things I just mentioned then she could take everything as prescribed & still die of an overdose.
If she won't agree to reduce the dosage & still says she needs it-then she may be on her way to being a drug addict. If that is true try to get her to open up about whatever emotions are behind her need for help sleeping. That was the first thing I had to do in order to start recovering from my addiction, as I realized, with help from others, that I wanted to numb myself emotionally. Introduce her to the 12 Step programs-A.A. or N.A. & go with her to what they call open meetings, which accept people who are not themselves addicts/alcoholics.
You might want to go to a support group for the significant others/family members of the above.
If you want to e-mail me about more details you are welcome to. I really hope this works out for both of you. One time I had to leave a girlfriend of mine because she started drinking heavily & even after I told her on several occasions that I could not stand & watch her kill herself that I would leave if she didn't start making positive progress. That's what is so sad about addiction-when I was in it's grasp I had myself believing that I needed it to deal with life, & I wasn't hurting anyone. What I really was doing was choosing chemicals over people because they never let me down (as long as I could get them).
I hope this is only a bad reaction caused by miscommunications between the doctors & your girlfriend.

Aldactone (12.5mg) and Premarin (0.075mg) for males?

I am a drag queen who has been performing for over 10 years now approx 5 nights a week. I recently went to the doctor to ask him about getting some form of low dosage female hormone therapy to soften my features and feminize my looks. The doctor prescribed me to take half a tablet of 25mg Aldactone (12.5mg) and 1/4 of a tablet of 0.3mg Premarin (0.075) both daily. I am just wondering whether people think that this will be enough to feminize my looks and enable my breast tissue to slightly increase so I am able to give the illusion of cleavage with silicone inserts. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks.

no idea about this but im sure u will look great

Medication Question (Mental Health)?

My grandmother is on ALOT of medication. 30 years ago (at age 47) she had several nervous breakdowns and was diagnosed as Manic Depressive, Paranoid Schizophrenic. She has been on several medications since, that do allow her to live a normal life. She has recently taken a serious nose-dive (hallucinating, very confused, violent outbursts, little bladder/bowel control, making no sense when speaking, etc) she was acting completely normal until this began about 1 week ago.
I think she is on too many meds but the family is resisting making changes to her regimen. Here is her list of meds:
Mellaril 25mg 1x day
Lithium Carbonate 300mg 2x day
Welbutrin 100mg 4x day
Benzapril HCL 10mg 1x day
Prilosec 20mg 1x day
Zytrec 10mg 1x day (for itching from meds)
Theragran Vitamin 1x day
Osteo Bi-Flex 1x day
Synthroid - 100mcg - 1 x day
Premarin - .625mg - 1 x day
Ibuprofen 200mg every 2-4 hrs for neck pain
Albuterol (breathing treatment) 4x day
Baclofen 10mg 2x day
Davracet 100-650 MGTEV every 4-6 hrs for neck pain

Obviously Yahoo Answers is not an authority...I know this. I just need some advice from anyone who knows the implications of all of these medications. I am just desperate to help her and find some answers.

There are newer medications your Grandmother could take instead of the
Mellaril and Lithium. See if you can go to her next appointment and discuss with her doctor(s) your concerns and her recent decline. It's nice to see you are thinking about your Grandmother's well being. Good Luck.

How to calculate drug dosages?

Its been a while since i had this type of math i can remember some of it though but im getting hung up on the formula....example:
Available strenght = available amount
Ordered strenght = amount to give

order = Premarin 1.25mg pd qd
supply = Premarin 0.625mg caplets

0.625 = 0.625
1.25 = x

cross multiply

0.625x = 0.78125


but my question do you divide the 0.625x by 0.78125 which is x=0.8
0.78125 by 0.625x which is x=1.25

which one is correct ????

Yikes what? Premarin 1.25 is exactly 2 times the strength of Premarin .625. If a patient is to take 1.25mg by mouth once daily, they would take 2 tablets of Premarin .625.

If a patient needed to take Premarin .625 by mouth once daily they would take 1 half of the Premarin 1.25 tablet.

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