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Is anyone familiar with a child of 3 being prescribed PREMARIN CREME for a labia fusion?

My godchild was precribed PREMARIN CREME for a labia fusion....the skin is connected. Her mother was told that the Premarin Creme will break down the labia tissue, thus opening the fusion? I am not comfortable with a 3 yr. old child using HORMONES? Has anyone else ever heard of this treatment?

Yes I have heard of using this. Labial fusion is most commonly noted between 3 months and 4 years of age. It is considered to be an acquired condition secondary to hypoestrogenism and vulvovaginitis.Treatment is recommended since stagnation of urine behind the fused labia might lead to asymptomatic bacteriuria and urinary tract infection.

I understand not wanting to use hormones but here the parents have the childs best interest at heart.

Haven't taken Premarin for 3 months...miserable...If I start again, how long before relief?

I ran out of my Premarin prescription in Feb and decided to see what it would be like without it. At first, no difference, but now night sweats are awful, getting hot flashes during day, and have NO NO NO energy. I want my Premarin back! A doctor (not my regular) at the clinic told me that it takes about 2 months to get it out of your system and for you to begin feeling the menopausal question now is if I get a new prescription, how long before the symptoms go away? (Please tell me immediately!!:) I don't like this AT ALL!

Please do not take Premarin. I am not a member of PETA or anything like that, but morally, I don't think another creature should suffer. It actually is made from the urine of pregnant mares (horses.) They are kept in tiny boxes that do not allow them to move, they are never let out to pasture and are hooked up to a divice that collects their urine. This divice often results in painful chaifing and irritation for the mare. She is kept in this box for her entire pregnancy (approximately 11 months) and is never allowed to see her foal once she does give birth. The foals are usually "disposed of" and she is quickly made pregnant again so they cycle can continue. Once she is past her prime, she is also "disposed of" usually going off to slaughter. Very ironic that the only time she is allowed out of her box is to walk to the truck that will take her to the slaughter house.

Try going to your local heath food store and seeing what they have. There is going to be an abundance of estrogen creams that you can rub on your skin, herbs and whatnot. There are many good herbs for menopause and hot flashes such as soy isoflavones, red clover, dong quai, chaste tree berry (vitex), and black cohosh! There are many formulas that will have these ingredients already in them and they work just as well! Please give these a try!

I'm a crossdresser and want to make my nipples large. Rubbing Premarin cream 3 times a day. Will that help?

You know what would help you.... quit being a f*cking f@g.

When does Premarin take effect in your system?

I just started HRT and taking Premarin 1.25mg daily for menopause 3 days ago. Since then I haven't had any effects from it yet. When will the medicine kicks in my system? Any suggestions?

Please don't use premarin, it is made from the urine of pregnant horses, it is obtained in a very cruel way, there is an alternative, please ask your Doctor.

Is there any good reason for a 68 year old woman to have taken Premarin for over 20 years?

She was originally subscribed it after an ovary was removed in her 40's. Why would someone need to take it after normal menopause would have taken place? She now has stage 3 ovarian cancer.

That is how it used to work. They put you on Premarin and you stayed on it forever. My mom is still on it after 40 years. These days, they try to limit the amt of time you take it.

Can premarin cause protein in the urine?

i took premarin for 3 months am now off the med i now have protein in the urine, heart papulations, sweeling in hands, sore shins and feet, diarheia, losing weight,are these symtoms from the premarin, will they go away??? its been 8 wks since been off the med

I've been on Premarin for years and I've never had protien in my urine. Must be another reason. What did the Dr say?

Has anyone tried Premarin before? What do I need to look out for?

I'm 24 years old and have had my period off and on for the past 3 weeks and finally had a chance to see my doctor, he basically told told I may be having a very bad hormonal imbalance so he is asking me to go on Premarin to help me out with the regulations and such. He knows also me and my husband have been wanting to try to have a baby but its hard to do when you wont stop bleeding! heh.. anyhoo I was just wondering of any of you out there have used this product and know what I should expect when taking it or any good advice for what I should ask the doctor about when he calls me back Monday with lab results. Also he said there is a chance I might have PCOS(I'm hoping I don't though but we'll see). Thanks you guys!

Premarin: It's drug class is a sex hormone.
It's uses: Used for female hormone replacment in menopause.
Precautions: Not to be used in pregnancy(B1), breast feeding or children. Accidental usage in these situations unlikely to be harmful. Not for use in males. Use with caution in epilepsy, migraine, heart failure, high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, porphyria, endometriosis or uterine disease. Do Not Take If: Suffering from liver disaese, breast or genital cancer, blood clots, undiagnosed vaginal bleeding.
Side affects:Common-Abnormal uterine bleeding, vaginal thrush, nausea, fluid retention, weight gain, breast tenderness. Unusual-Rash, blurred vision, vomiting, bloating, intestinal cramps, pigmentation of skin on face. Severe but rare-(stop medication, consult doctor):Blood clots, calf or chest pain, yellow skin.
Interactions:Other drugs:Other sex hormones, rifampicin. Herbs:Saw palmetto, alfalfa, dong quai, ginseng, liquorice, red clover. Other substances:Smoking increases risk of serious side affects.
Overdose:Vomiting & abnormal vaginal bleeding only likely affects.
Does not cause addiction or dependence. Very useful in managing the effects of menopause, & reduces the risk of osteoporosis & heart disease after the menopause.
If your trying to get pregnant, I don't think you should be taking this, Seek another doctors advice please.

Help feeling Dizzy and light headed for the last 3 days.?

I on estrogen to bring up my levels after taking Lupron for a IVF cycle. I wanted to know if the Premarin could be causing my light headedness & dizziness?

There isn't anything on the Premarin website saying that it causes dizziness/lightheadedness as a side effect - you should call your doctor and let them know what side effects you are having.

Can Premarin cause anxiety?

I have been taking Premarin for approx 3 months. Much of this time I have been feeling very very anxious and even have physical symptoms....

What are the possible side effects of Premarin?
Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. Stop taking this medication and call your doctor at once if you have any of these serious side effects:
chest pain or heavy feeling, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, sweating, general ill feeling;

sudden numbness or weakness, especially on one side of the body;

sudden headache, confusion, problems with vision, speech, or balance;

pain or swelling in your lower leg;

abnormal vaginal bleeding;

migraine headache;

pain, swelling, or tenderness in your stomach;

confusion, problems with memory or concentration;

jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes);

swelling in your hands, ankles, or feet; or

a breast lump.

Continue taking Premarin and talk to your doctor if you have any of these less serious side effects:

mild nausea, vomiting, bloating, stomach cramps;

breast pain, tenderness, or swelling;

freckles or darkening of facial skin;

increased hair growth, loss of scalp hair;

changes in weight or appetite;

problems with contact lenses;

vaginal itching or discharge;

changes in your menstrual periods, decreased sex drive; or

headache, nervousness, dizziness, tired feeling.

Here's what I found, and anxiety is not one of the symptoms, but it sounds like you need to talk this over with your doctor. You have to tell him about the physical symptoms you are having.
Good luck.

What is the risk of having sex while taking premarin?

Hi i am 15 years old and I am taking premarin (estrogen) because my utarus is extremely thin. i have been taking premarin for about 3 1/2 to 4 months, about 2 weeks ago i had sex with my boyfriend for the first time but i wouldnt let him get it all the way in because it hurt too bad, we tryed about 7 times but it still hurt to bad. i would like to know how easy it could be for me to get pregnant, so if anyone knows any information that could help me or if you know i good web site that could help me i would greatly apprecaite it.

thanks in advance :)

If you read the information on the above link you'll find that one of the side effects of taking Premarin can be painful intercourse, so that may answer that question for you.

As far as getting pregnant, I would think that the risks are just as high as before you were taking the estrogen. Either way, please be careful and take extra precautions. You don't want the added complication of a pregnancy if your uterus is very thin. Get that taken care of before you take the chance of getting pregnant. Use other methods of sex to enjoy yourself!

And good luck!

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