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How did the drug Premarin come about ?

I am doing a research assignment on Premarin and am struggling to find any information on how it came about .

I have found that scientists first discovered that they could extract estrogens from the urine of pregnant women back in the 1920's (for therapeutics). They then found that women and horse (mare) urine was very similar so started to extract estrogens from mare urine instead .

Does anybody have any more information about the origins of this drug or any hormone replacement therapy relating to Premarin ?


Yes, the word Premarin comes from "Pregnant mares urine".
now it is synthetically made.

Is Premarin used as a recreational drug?

I know what Premarin is and should be used for but does anyone know if it's used as a recreational drug? Thanks!

If anyone takes Premarin for recreation they aren't wrapped too tight; it has terrible side effects one of which is an increased risk of cancer and it is made from the urine of pregnant mares, hence the name. Pregnant mare urine.

Should PMU farms be banned and should the drug called Premarin?

I am doing this for my college English class, I am doing a research question. All I want is a yes or no answer.

i did a research paper on estrogen last year in my english class.
basically the same thing except different drug.
its a horrible thing and should be banned.

What are the condition when you go off the drug Premarin?

Possible hot flashes if you are taking it for menopause symptoms, vaginal dryness.

Is it possible to have a positive result for cocaine on a drug screen if you take Premarin 1.25 every day?

Someone told me that the mares used for the collection of their urine were injected with cocaine, and that this could cause false positives for cocaine on a drug screen of the urine of women who regularly take this medication. I was randomly tested yesterday at work and I want to know if this could affect my results!! And what could I do legally to prove that this is the cause?

If you ever test positive for a drug test given to you by your employer, all you have to do is give them a copy of the prescription for the medication that caused you to test positive.

As long as they match (you can't give them a prescription for Darvocet if you tested positive for maurjana) then there should not be a problem.

Premarin drug users - will you still use this product after you've found out the truth?

Every year, doctors prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT)—also referred to as menopausal hormone therapy—to hundreds of thousands of women experiencing menopausal symptoms.

There are about 100 ranches in remote areas of North Dakota and Canada that house thousands of pregnant mares who produce urine for Premarin and Prempro.(1,2) For most of their 11-month pregnancies, these horses are confined to stalls so small that they cannot turn around or take more than one step in any direction. The animals must wear rubber urine-collection bags at all times, which causes chafing and lesions, and their drinking water is limited so that their urine will yield more concentrated estrogen.

The fate of the thousands of foals born on PMU farms each year is equally disturbing. Some are used to replace their exhausted mothers. Some foals end up getting adopted while the rest (considered by-products) are sold and slaughtered at less than a year of age.

drugs are bad.

animal cruelty is bullshit.

i love animals to death!!!!

i support the a.a.c.

so all the drug users are just plain gay

How long do you need to be off of a sun sensitve prescription drug before you stop burning?

I recently quit using a prescription drug called premarin, it is an estrogen drug to help with my hot flashes. I am 39 and had a total hysterectomy last year. I only need to be in the sun for a few minutes, even with sunscreen and I burn very badly ( with blisters)... I miss my tan!

i looked through several sites regarding premarin and have not been able to find any documentation regarding sunburns/blistering. have you changed anything else?

i'm glad to hear you were able to get off the premarin.

make sure to get enough calcium and vitamin d for your bones now that your estrogen is lower

good luck.

Should they ban PMU Farms and cut off the production of Premarin?

Should they ban PMU Farms and cut off the production of Premarin?
I am doing a paper on the menopause drug called Premarin and it is from a pregnant mares urine. The mare can't hardly move and she has to stand for a long time during the last six months of her pregnancy. She stays in the stall until she gives birth and the foal will be shipped off to auction and normally go to the slaughter house.

Yes, they absolutely should be closed. The horse hell horror of these places has been going on about 60 years too long!

Gave my doctor an ear full the day he suggested HRT. He now has a lot of specifics that he didn't before. Also, the only form of HRT I even considered is Estroven and it works just fine. (all natural, plant derived)

Super-Goofy, what an appropriate handle. Please don't feel the need to live up to that monicker with your answers...

It was a 15 y/o PMU, barely halter-broke, bred, foaled, terrorized and put on the pee lines by age 3 mare that broke both my legs a year and a half ago. After 2 1/2 years of constant, loving handling she still will not allow a stranger near her. Sound like a well fed, sheltered, pampered figment of your imagination?
This isn't an isolated incident. Nearly all the mare adoptions I've talked to have stories of psychotic behaviour with these mares.

Looking for an attorney that handles the class-action suit against drug "premarin" in CTthat causes cancer.

There is a class-action suit going on against several drugs that people were taking for hormone replacement therapy. They found many cases that these people taking these drugs came down with certain kinds of cancer - mainly "breast cancer". I went on the internet and found an attorney but he is from New York and suggested I find one in CT. He reviewed the answers to the questions that they ask to see if you would have a suit and said that there is definitely an action suit to be taken. How do I find one in either- New London, Middlesex or Hartford County in Connecticut?

The reason it costs so much and takes so long to get medical care in this country is doctors have to order every test in the book and spend all their time on paperwork to protect themselves from morons with a sense of entitlement looking for a check. Pharmaceutical companies spend billions getting peckers up, but their executive boards won't allow work toward curing tuberculosis because it might give some lawsuit-happy Connecticut housemarm heartburn.

If you got breast cancer that sucks, but not every bad thing that happens to us in life is somebody else's fault. Unfortunately, there are plenty of sleazebag back-of-the-phonebook, bottom-of-their-class attorneys willing to sign you up for the suit and take their 40% cut, and you'll eventually find one. I just hope that when you bend down to sign that contract for services you at least realize you've become part of the problem and have the decency to be ashamed of yourself.

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