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How much melatonin should I take?

So I have a TERRIBLE time getting to sleep. My average bed time is around 3-5 am in the morning because I'm just not tired. No late night computer, no daily coffee, soda, nothing. I didn't want to take ambien or any sleep aid that's gonna screw me up so I read about melatonin and bought it.

I took it last night for the first time and it was GREAT in keeping me asleep however it took a little longer than I would have liked it to for me to go to sleep. The pills are in 3mg and I hear some people taking 2 pills (9mg) should I do that and is it SAFE to do that?

Or should I just stick with the 3 mg and let my body get a little more used to it and hope I fall asleep faster.

take what is recommended. having more melatonin in your system will just mess with your internal chemistry. for the amount of melatonin to actually significantly matter, you'd have to take the bottle. then you'd go to sleep faster, but you'd probably overload. i can't remember the details, but melatonin only *helps( the neurotransmitters for sleep. it doesn't put you to sleep, it just makes it easier to fall asleep. keep taking the *recommended dose* nightly and your melatonin levels will eventually regulate and making falling asleep easier.

Melatonin & Sleep -- any relevant advice on this? Serious & thoughtful answers appreciated. No wise'en'heimers?

Hello All!

I have an old prescription for Ambien CR (I think that's what it's called) and it works pretty well. I keep really odd hours because I work in international trade. It's difficult for me to get to the doctor regularly and I am running low on the Ambien. I dont take it every day -- but I do take it when I think that I will somehow have a sleepless or restless night. My work is much like shift work in that my hours are not a typical 8 to 5 working rhythm.

So, I bought a bottle of Melatonin. I planned to use the melatonin as to not go through all the Ambien I have. I used the Melatonin one night and although I felt somewhat sleepy enough to sleep -- I woke up several times during the night -- groggy...but awake for very short periods of time.

Those of you who use Melatonin may be able to answer this question more effectively than some who dont (obviously...)

Should I take the Melatonin an hour or so before bedtime to allow it to *kick* in --- and then snuggle in to bed?

The type of Melatonin I purchased does not dissolve under the tongue like a previous purchase I bought a good 10 years ago or so. So, I broke up the melatonin with my teeth..ha ha...and swallowed it with hopes that it would dissolve and disburse more effectively and allow my body to break it down for its proper use.

I've done a google search on Melatonin and see that its benefits are good and in some few or rare cases not so good.

I have a 3mg dose and the research I did said that 3mg may actually be too much or that 0.5mg may be just as effective.

What are your thoughts on all of this. One of the nurse practitioners that I visit said to drink a cup of warm milk with it because milk, like turkey, contains tryptophan ... the enzyme (or whatever) that makes us sleepy after eating turkey or drinking milk. Humph....didnt know that. I'm not a huge fan of warm milk.....ummmm yuk....but if it will help with my on and off sleep issues -- I suppose I should try it.

I just took a Melatonin tablet (3mg) a few minutes ago....when should it kick in? Will I have a hang over like I might with a narcotic or other sleep aid? Realizing that everyone's constitution and tolerance varies....I was hoping some of you that have experience with this type of sleep pattern(s) (Shift work type of sleep) could shed some light.

Also, I am inclined to be a night owl. That's just the way I am.... I dont typically coexist with a typical 8 to 5 type of lifestyle. In the next few months, however, my hours are going to be from 6:30 am till about 4:00pm. That's going to be ruff for me because it's just not natural for ME to be operational, productive and coherent during those work hours.


Take Care...
....Be well !!!

A Melatonin tablet (3 mg) is very effective, and also unlike Ambien is not addictive. I prefer it also for the price, too. As Ambien requires a perscription, and Melatonin can be purchased very inexpensively over the counter. Each individual is different, but I've had great results using the Melatonin. Hope you will as well. It's gentle on your system also in that you will not suffer any hang over symptoms. Shift work is awful, and I understand. That is why; I highly recommend the Melatonin. Good night, sweet dreams, and feel great when you wake up !

Who has experience with long term use of sleep aids such as Ambien or Lunesta?

Has anyone here taken Ambien, Restoril, Desyrel, Lunesta, or Sonata for any long period of time? Any feedback on experiences? Dependencies developed? Please only respond if you have constructive experience. I know they all have the risk of dependency, should be taken as and when prescribed... As for melatonin, and Diphenhydramine HCl (in Tylenol PM), I can eat them like candy with little effect. But I don't. :-)

I became very dependent on Ambian it took me about 4 weeks to get back to where I could sleep on my own again. When I first took it it made me hallucinate also I could barely make it to bed after 15 minutes.
nasty stuff... I wouldnt recommend it to anyone

I don't sleep at night in my apartment, but sleep fine when I go home...?

Well, I've been living in my apartment for about 4 and a half months now, and at first I didn't have too much trouble sleeping...but for the past month or two I have had the hardest time sleeping at night. It just seems like it is getting progressively worse too. It used to only be on weeknights, so I could sort of "recharge" on weekends, but now I barely even sleep on weekends. Most nights I usually just role around in bed for hours at a time, and when I finally do go to sleep, I only stay asleep for an hour or two and wake back up again.

Here's the kicker though, when I go home to visit (I'm a sophomore in college)...I sleep perfectly fine. Not the slightest bit of trouble.

I just don't get it. It's driving me literally insane, because the lack of sleep is really playing with my head. Does anyone have any suggestions? And please, don't say that I should take Melatonin supplements (I've already taken this before) or Ambien...I'd prefer to not take medicine.

I second what was said above about being homesick.

In the past sixteen years I've had thirty two residences as I've moved around the world (some residences were very short, only a few weeks to a couple months and others several years). I noticed it takes me a while to settle into a place so I feel comfortable sleeping and that can take a while.

I've noticed doing some activity in the home that makes it feel like I live there really helps - from decorating it the way I want it to be, to having a get-together at my place, to cooking, to putting on a favorite tv show or movie really helps me feel more like it's home and it was very difficult to fall asleep in those places until it felt like home and that could take a while - but these things sped it up.

I hope that helps, I hope things get better for you with school. There are non-prescription sleeping aids you can try such as chamomile tea or even rubbing the bottom of your feet with Vick's Vapo Rub, to having a routine before you go to bed, such as making dinner, cooking, taking a shower, and watching a movie and then going to sleep. I found that a routine or enjoying a bath and a good book helped too as well as putting on some music that was familiar to me helped as well.

I'm on Wellbutrin... what should I do to help me sleep?

I've been on Wellbutrin for almost 2 months now. I was on Wellbutrin SR 100 mg for about 2 weeks, and had no trouble sleeping with that. But then I switched to Wellbutrin XL 150 mg, which worked much better for me, but now I have insomnia. Four days ago they upped my dosage to 300 mg, and I really need to think about some form of sleep aid. I took melatonin supplements after switching to XL but I've become more and more slowed down and drowsy over time, counteracting the energy-raising effects of Wellbutrin, so I don't want to keep taking it. I don't want to take Ambien. And I don't want to take anything with addictive potential. Any suggestions?

I suggest reading the sections "Non-medical treatment and behavioral therapy" and "Lifestyle and home remedies" in http://insomnia-sleeplessness.blogspot.c…

If possible, avoid taking sleeping-pills.

I think I'm addicted to Ambien.?

I took ambien for about a month and then went to a sleep doctor who gave me melatonin. tried that, but went back to ambien. been taking if for over a month everynight. when i dont take it, like during a nap i have really bad night mares.

what should i do? i dont shake or anything like that for it, but i make sure i have some always.

You're not addicted, your brain just needs a little help adjusting. Maybe talk to your doctor about putting you on pills that would decrease your need to take Ambien. This is rather interesting...

Will I be able to fall asleep easily?

Today I had wicked insomnia which kept me up and I slept in till the afternoon. I wanna get my sleep schedule back on track so that I can wake up around dawn.

My doctor prescribed me ambien and I have melatonin too as an over-the-counter supplement. Should I take both with some water and will that most likely help me fall asleep?

Just take the me...I have mixed sleeping pills too many times with hopes it would help my insomnia. If you take both you will probably sleep until the afternoon again tomorrow.

I am really gassy guys, please advise?

Normally, I do fart quite a bit, but most guys do, so no problem. Well, lately I've been taking melatonin to help me sleep. I have terrible insomnia, and my doc said use ambien and melatonin together, and it has helped a little bit, but since I added the melatonin I am extremely gassy. From the time I wake up until around 10 a.m., I fart constantly. Should I keep taking the pills? Has this happened to you? Do you fart a lot?

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