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What was your cycle like after stopping clomid?

Just wondering what other's cycles were like after stopping clomid. Last month was my 4th round and they have all been 31 days. My last period was on the 22nd of dec (no clomid taken) so it should have started yesterday, but I don't know what to expect without the clomid.
Can any one help? Any advice?

that is a good question as i am currently taking that as well. i am not sure but for me i would think that i wouldn't ovulate since i didn't before. so i probably wouldn't get a period on my own.

Has anyone ever got pregnant after stopping clomid?

This is my second cycle of clomid. I got pregnant after the 1st month on cycle one but miscarried at 10 weeks. 2 months later started again. The first month was 50 mg, second 100mg. I had bad migraines and dizziness with the 100mg. I was thinking of stopping the clomid. Any advice or experiences would help. TTC for 2 years.

I took 3 cycles of it and conceived my first month off of it although it ended in an early m/c in December. I am taking a break from that Clomid in hopes that I will conceive on my own. Best wishes!!!!

How long after stopping clomid do the side effects last????

I am on cycle day 23 after taking clomid Cycle Days 5-9 (my 1st course) and am experiencing abdominal cramping something similar to a period cramp. Could this be a side effect of the clomid?

I experienced the same thing. Because there is so much more than normal going on in there things will feel different. Clomid creates more progesterone in your body, and the progesterone is responsible for making the lining of your uterus thicker. My specialist advised that my period would be heavier after taking clomid (that is of course if it doesnt end in conception)!

Did anyone have to start clomid after stopping birth control?

I got off the pill and took ovulation pee strip tests and for 3 months it says I am not ovulating, so I want to get on clomid, has this happened to you before?

The ovulation kits dont work for everyone and are you sure you were even taking them at the correct time? Don't use these test as an absolute sign that you are not ovulating.

It takes time for the hormones of the pill to work its way out of your system.

Start charting your fertility by taking your basal body temperature, and cervical mucus. This will be more accurate than the ovulation tests. This will help you get more familiar with your cycle and fertile times. It will also help you find out when the best time is to take the ovulation tests. Dont waste your money on them until you know exactly when you should take them.

Give it some time and you will start seeing signs of ovulation.

Clomid should be an absolute last resort. It has nasty side effects, can result in multiples, etc. If you can do it naturally, that is the way to go. I dont think any doctor would prescribe Clomid that soon anyway.

Good luck!

Anyone get pregnant after stopping clomid?

last month i began clomid 50 mgs, and succeeded in ovulation, but did not get pregnant. This month i decided to take the month off and relax. and i still ovulated! Yesterday which was my birthday. im am just shocked that i ovulated on my own because that's what i went on clomid for, i was not ovulating on my own.
anyways hubby and I BD'ed which was the first time in 4 days.
just wondering if anyone out their got pregnant after stopping clomid?
thanks in advance =]

I took Clomid for 1 month in September last year but then stopped as the hot flushes where unbearable I did not get pregnant that month but had ovulated on my own for months after.

Ovulation after stopping clomid?

Have any of you ovulated on your own after finishing clomid? Or does it work for only 1 cycle and then you return to anovulation?

Fortunately Clomid worked for me and I fell pregnant on the 4th cycle.

But I have heard of alot of women who stopped taking clomid and it must have kickstarted their ovaries becasue they fell pregnant after they stopped it.

It depends why you are not ovulating and if clomid made you ovulate.

If it is just a lazy ovary then chances are that if you ovulate on clomid then you will continue to afterwards. If you have PCOS for example then you might not.

Delayed Ovulation after stopping Clomid?

I was on clomid 50mg for 3 months and my ovulation used to occur 13 to 14th day.But I was not able to conceive,my doc stopped clomid after 3 cycles and I have been refered a RE.What I noticed is that this cycle my ovulation hasnt shown up till the 14th day which is today?Did stopping the drug stop my ovulation.I used to ovulate regularly before on drug but I was unable to get preggo,so my gyn prescribed this drug without any test.So did my body get addicted to the drug that it would ovulate only if I have the drug.Did my doc screw up my regular cycle just becos I didnt get preggo...
Anybody in this situation anytime...
Thanks all.

It takes time for your body to revert back to it's original state you should be too worried.

Also since your having problems concieving (this is normal) because of the side effects:

Because Clomid works to block estrogen receptors, it not only blocks the receptors in the hypothalamus, but it also blocks the receptors in the cervix. Estrogen helps encourages the production of fertile cervical mucous. With the receptor cells being blocked your body may produce dry or hostile cervical mucous which is not the best environment for transporting sperm into the uterus. Your doctor may prescribe a low dose of estrogen to help with this. Other side effects of Clomid are hot flashes, mood swings, headaches, visual disturbances, and hyperstimulation syndrome. Tylenol may help to relieve some of these symptoms. There is also a ten percent chance of having twins while taking Clomid.
this will also take a while before your body adjusts.

Stopping clomid pills?

I stop taking my clomid day two into it, but it was only 25mgs. and because I don't have a fertility problem I don't want to take them anymore. I have three children and had no help in conceiving them. I thought by taking the clomid it would up my chances because my husband has a low count. Anyway will this interfere with my ovulating any or at all since I stopped. I should be ovulating right about now, but I'm always wet down there and can't really tell for sure if I am or not. They say 14 days after menses, but my period comes every 21-24 days so I'm suppose to days 7 thru 11. Even though his sperm is low the doctor told him what he needed to do and he's starting do it so I don't want to take them if I really don't have to. I know ya'll aren't experts or anything but I didn't want to tell my doc about this any answers?

It could possibly push ovulation back by a few days this cycle

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