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How long does it take Vikodin (hydrocodone) to get out of your system for drug testing purposes?

72 hours unless you have been taking alot regularly then it might take 2 more days..

*re: drug test... How long does hydrocodone stay in your system for a urine test?

hydrocodone is a prescribed medication. If you've been taking it under a doctor's care, just tell the testers and show them the bottle with the label on it.
If you have been taking it illegally, shame on you. Traces can be found in the urine for up to 30 days after the last dose.

How long does Hydrocodone stay in your system?

My husband has a really bad toothache and wants to take 1 hydrocodone. But will have to take a drug test for work next week
How long do they stay in your system.

If he normally does not take ANY Hydrocodone and he takes one tablet tonight (as long as it aaround10/350) He should be okay by Monday, but no earily. If he takes more than one or if its Oxycontin no promises.You do realize going to the ER he could get pain pills aantibioticsics. Which would be LEGAL. Taking someo Else's pills is illegal. Jobs are hard to come by and he's risking a lot. Good Luck Reggie

How long does Hydrocodone apap 5/500 stay in your system?

I had one pill after surgery, but i have to take a drug test soon. How long does it take for the Hydrocodone apap 5/500 to get out of your system? Keep in mind, I had only 1 a while back ago.

Bring a note from your doctor that you had the drug legally given to you , to your drug test, so when they find it, they don't fail you like some lying junkie.

How long does hydrocodone/cigarettes stay in my system?

i need to pass a drug test in 8 days ... i've taken hydrocodone for a couple of weeks... how long for a piss test.... it may be a mouth swob... if thats the case i'm not worried about it, but i dont kno how long pills stay in my system.... also cigarettes, but i dont think they can tell the difference between first and secondhand smoke

nicotine only shows up in a blood test unless you get swabbed right after you smoke pills stay in your urine for 3 days the swab is 24 hours so youre okay

How long does hydrocodone stay in your system, for a piss test?

I spranged my ancle so I took one of my sisters hydro, now Im scared that if I might fail a piss test..

about 8 hours.

How long does it take Hydrocodone to clear you system?

Need to take a drug test. Need to know how long it takes for Hydrocodone to be out of my system.

1-7 days for the average person.

How long does hydrocodone stay in your system and will it show on state drug test?

has anyone used omni pills its a cleanser do they work to get rid of weed and how long should i quit smoking before i c my po how any dayz before should i stopp smoking and whast good to clean system what type of drinks?

yes it shows for 4 weeks give er take. if you have a perscription show it, you'll be fine, if you don't you better find a doc and get a script. easier than you would think to do.

How long does Hydrocodone stay in your system for an intense drug test.?

I took two pills 10 days ago for a tooth pain and i did not have the prescription it was just stuff i had left over. Should i be worried about it. I am a heavier set guy i don't know if that matters. Thanks

you should be fine. esp. if this was the only time you took this medication. i don't mean like at any other time in your life but within the last few weeks/months. what do you mean by an intense drug test? do you mean they will be checking for everything? or do you mean a blood test vs. a urine test? blood test will show up more trace amounts than a urine. even so, i'm certain you'll be fine. if by some slim chance and i mean slim chance something does show up. tell 'em you eat poppy seed muffins every morning for breakfast. they really can show up positive for opiates. or you can say you went to the emergancy room a few weeks ago and they gave you hydro's for tooth pain. ER records aren't kept as well as people think. gd lk

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