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Is it legal to order Ultram online in Missouri?

Do the places really send the medication?

It is not legal to receive prescription medication without a prescription in the US. Some online pharmacies will fill these, but you have to dig to find them. This wiki article talks about online pharmacies and their practices. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_phar… As far as them sending the meds, you know as well as I do that when you order online from a company that you don't trust or have a track record that you can easily research, you take a chance that the product will not be delivered, so that's just luck of the draw.

Has anyone in the US ever been prosecuted for buying Ultram Online?

I am on Ultram and I lost some pills. I am considering buying some from one of those non-US pharmacies with a questionaire. I admittedly am hooked on Ultram and if I were to quit suddenly, would be really unhappy. I want to know if I can do this and the worst thing that would happen is my pills wouldnt show up or I may have to cancel the credit card or will I end up in a maximum security PMITA (see Office Space) prison with a large African American man in a pink tutu as a cell mate

It is illegal to buy prescription drugs from foreign countries. However, the federal government does not enforce it if you have less than a three month supply. Prescription drug importation, according to a year 2000 law, is only legal if the secretary of Health and Human Services gives approval. No Secretary has exercised this option. More than likely because of the risk of counterfeit drugs.
If you get it without a prescription, the drug is illegal. You'll have a controlled substance without a prescription. Prescription only drugs are only legal with a prescription. Again, the government does not actively seek those kinds of infraction. They are looking more at heroin, meth, etc.
You need to talk with someone about your drug dependence issue.

Do I need a persciption to buy ultram online?

depends on the country and the site you buy from. we us a site in england called The-Med-Store.com and they do not require any paperwork. some Mexican sites do and some don't and all legit sites in Canada do as well

How can i get ultram online without a prescription?

I really would not recommend to start using any medicine on your own without professional medical attention. The result may even be death for some people..
If your doc has verified that this med is really safe for you
you can save some money if you order meds online, just check the pharmacies very careful before you buy anything.
Here are some tips from my experience with online drugstores.
One thing I know for sure - do not buy anything from a pharmacy that sends spam emails, I know a few guys who been ripped that way, including myself. Also avoid pharmacies that have got well known SCAM products on their product lists (like penis/breast enlargement pills, viagra for women and other questionable "products") It is a very big chance that their prescription meds are also fake.
When you have found something that looks like a good and trusted pharmacy, check if the pharmacy has got a live support chat or a support phone number. If you have any doubts I suggest to contact the support staff before placing any orders, because if your shipping will be delayed or if there will be any other problems, it is better you have already tested the quality of support they can provide. Also ask the support what are their shipping and refund policies.
http://www.half-price-pharmacy.net probably is one of the cheapest sites online. Have ordered a couple times, the meds work ok, just as the ones I can get at Wal Mart. It is from the UK and I feel much better ordering from a British pharmacy than a pharmacy from India or Mexico.
Of course If I were taking a life saving chemical (heart medication, as example) I would want the branded product from my local pharmacy. If it is not life saving get the generic and save 50% or more.

Best online pharmacy to purchase Ultram for pain?

I'm looking for a pharmacy that is trustworthy enough to purchase from. Also one with good prices.
AND, I see that I can buy this tramadol without a prescription on some of these sites, I live in Pa, I guess it's legal then right?

you can buy it at the same site I buy my prescriptions called THE-DRUG--STORE.COM

Legality of non-prescription Ultram online/questionnaire checkups and associated dangers.?

To all those in the medical community:

Since the age of 14 I have experienced extreme stabbing pains originating in my lower back descending down both or either leg. Furthermore, the pain often causes considerable nausea. Concerning this problem, I have visited doctors regularly for 8 years now. I was diagnosed with (what I worry is a bogus etiology) Degenerative Disk Disease. I regularly engage in core muscle exercises and stretching therapy - which although helps some; does not suffice to adequately reduce pain. I swing from strong aches to immobility. On a good day, I walk with a slight limp. On a bad day, I walk with a cane; if I walk at all. I have spent various degrees of time over the past 8 years taking medicines which include; celebrex, nuerontin, robaxin, and hydrocodone; as well as having received a spinal epidural. Currently, I am taking ultram and exercising regularly. This has kept my mind clear, as well as has not encouraged respiratory problems such as hydrocodone did. Although this regiment helps more than any previous treatment, it does not always suffice to adequately reduce pain.

Recently, as I finished school; I was taking 100-150mg Ultram, 1800mg Ibuprofen, and exercising regularly. This kept me quite mobile and pain free. Upon graduation, crashed economy, not finding a job, etc – I have had to return, again, to manual labor. Again, my entire body aches/hurts constantly. Now, I exercise, take 2400 mg Ibuprofen, and up to; but no more than, 300 mg Ultram daily (still less than the FDA’s maximum daily dose of 400mg). I have had swings like this before; and am well aware that once I can return to less physical work I will be able to greatly reduce my intake.

My most recent MRI states:
…decreased signal intensity of the intervertebral discs at L4-5 and L5-S1, consistent with disk degeneration and decreased water content…. bulging of L4-S1 disc…. Area of altered signal involving disc – central and extends adjacent to the S1 nerve root. Most likely etiology is disc herniation with some adjacent granulation tissue or fibrosis.

However, I have yet to meet a doctor who would recommend surgery or anything invasive on an individual my age. I am essentially left in limbo to do nothing but hurt – while at the same time bombarded with individuals in and out of the medical field shouting the dangers of prescription medicine use. I have recently graduated school – and am ineligible to visit my prior doctor at the University Clinic, and am again without insurance. Therefore I am unable to refill my Ultram. So now I am faced with the blissful prospect of paying $150-300 (which I don’t have) simply to speak to YET another new doctor – explain my situation – and look like a junkie because I have no prior history with this new doctor; OR purchase this medicine online and avoid the whole aggravating mess.

I have put myself through college, twice, while on pain-killers. I have yet to miss a day of work or class, receive anything less than excellent grades, or damage any personal relationship due this prescription – my family is well aware of my prescription. Quite frankly in my experience with tramadol, I am unaware of any side-effect which would encourage abuse. So please do not:

1) Say; “go visit with your doctor”.
I have seen thousands of individuals on this site explain they have no insurance; only to be answered with; “Pills are bad – you should go speak to your doctor”. That is both a fruitless answer; as well as ill-contemplated. If they could easily afford to speak to a doctor – they would.

2) Narrate a story of your loved ones pill habit or how addicted you are/were.
I am an extremely productive member of society and it is only my distaste for excruciating pain that stands in the way of my immediate quitting. And regardless, in a week when my prescription does run out – I will be quitting; pain or no pain. At which point, I will become useless to all those around me again.

My Questions:
1) I am looking for any/all recommendations for this situation.
2) What daily mg quantities indicates addiction (Approximation obviously)?
3) What would you recommend in place of exercise and Ultram?
4) Is there new research (outside of what is obviously posted on the internet) on the application of Ultram on Depression.

Half the individuals on here claim it helps immensely, the other half say it only encourages their depression. All I am aware of is that since I have begun Ultram; my mood swings have diminished. Essentially every male in my family has been diagnosed with Bipolar I. Even my brother has recently been diagnosed with Cyclothymia. I appear (since 2007) to be the only male in my family who maintains a stable mood. I am not manic, sluggish, unreliable, bouncy, stoner-like, or any other adjective associated with opium use. I simply find this curious – and am enjoying my new lack of depressive lows and anxiety attacks.


Hi, I can't really help just empathize.

I took it for a while for fibromyaglia, but it exacerbated my depression to the point of suicidal consideration. I am glad it seems to work for yours.

I know what it feels like to see new drs and look like a pill head. I get it too. I'm in the process of looking for new drug. The only thing that lets me be a productive part of society and relatively pain free is lortab 10's. How do you ask for that without looking like a seeker? But it hard to get across from them, that youre not a seeker or an addict, you don't get high from it, you just are able to function.

Good Luck

Safe place to buy ultram(tramadol) online?

I do not have a prescription. I have a family member who has a prescription and I enjoy it for my back pains. I do not a prescription for it, but I do believe you can order it online without one? Anyone done this or have recomindations? Thanks!

I don't order tramadol, but I do order my birth control from a licensed online pharmacy that also sells tramadol. I did my research ahead of time and found them to be legal and safe. The website is called GetAFreePrescription.com. I filled out an online questionnaire to make sure there is no potentially dangerous interactions and one of their doctors gave me a free prescription and then it was shipped overnight. Couldn't have been easier.

Here is what their website says about ordering online:
"Q: How does the online consultation work?
A: Online consultations are an innovation in health care that utilizes the Internet to improve patient access to the physician. Under this system, the patient no longer needs to receive a traditional physical exam by the physician, rather the patient completes an online questionnaire, and this questionnaire is then submitted to the physician using our secure order system. In must be said that online consultations can never take the place of traditional medicine, they do provide a valid means for patients to receive treatment for a number of conditions that, in many circumstances, do not actually require a physical exam.

Our company is committed to meeting and exceeding all government regulations covering this new form of health care provision. Getafreeprescription.com will only refer your order to certified physicians that are fully licensed. We employ the services of highly trained and qualified pharmacists to provide you with the high standards of pharmaceutical care that you have come to expect. All medicines provided are obtained from legitimate pharmaceutical wholesalers, or in some cases directly from the manufacturer, in this way you can be sure that you receive at all times the same quality medication that you would receive from your neighborhood drugstore."

Can suboxone/subutex be bought online? and is it better than ultram for fighting opioid dependence?

can suboxone be bought online?

Cannot be bought on line and it is debatable as to whether better than ultram.

I had asked about the ultram online without a perscription...i may have to fix that.?

i am 1 month new to this state and had an EMERGENCY hip replacement before i moved here from florida. i DID call an ortho doctor here and cannot get in until november 28. i have no insurance to go to an emergency room. so, HELEN R, i do need it. normally, i am not a drug user and after november 28, i do not need answer to that question. sorry to alert anyone.

ultram is a non narcotic analgesic, it is very effective for people in your situation,, i would suggest talking to the doctors office where you plan to go nov28 and having them fill you a script to carry you over, this should pose little problem

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