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How unsafe are acetaminophen and ibuprofen when taken very very early in pregnancy?

I suffer from chronic disabling headaches/migraines ( I am on disability from work due to the severity). I recently got a diagnosis after suffering for the past 5 yrs & will be treated w/o drugs(thank God!!) but in the mean time I have no other means of getting through the day w/o pain but by either taking the OTC's and/or Valium.

I am trying to stop taking these drugs not only because they are dangerous to take for long periods of time but also because like an idiot I deciced to stop taking by B/C pills after reading an article in Women's Health Mag about getting your sex drive back by dumping your B/C.

Now there is a chance that I may be pregnant, my expected ovulation date was 8/04 & my hubby & know & then fell asleep on 8/02.

Could I have ovulated normally so soon after stoping the pill? I counted 14 days after the start of my last period. I don't want to harm the baby even if it hasn't even implanted into the uterine wall yet!!!
I'm sooo confused.....

Yes you could be pregnant and ovulate that soon.. I got pregnant ON birth control! lol

I understand the situation, whereas it seems most people do not.

I also suffer from pretty horrible daily migraines and headaches. I suspect and so does my doctor that it's some sort of defect or irregularity in the blood vessel structure in my head.

A bit of ibuprofen and valium that early in pregnancy isn't going to cause a problem, but if you ARE indeed pregnant you should stop taking both of those medicines now.

I currently take a rather low dose of propanolol -- a blood pressure medication -- it prevents most of my migraines and headaches.

The doctor offered me a low dose of pain killer but I refused the medication because the propanolol is pretty effective at preventing the more painful headaches and migraines..

I still find myself daily popping tylenol because my head always seems to have a dull ache and it can get pretty bad toward night... but I also found that a Benadryl at night calms down my head for some reason. The doctor said that this was fine.

There is never a med where there is NO risk to the baby, but the risks of propanolol vs. severe debilitating pain are better.. propanolol usually only causes the baby to gain less weight in utero.

Some folks with migraines find pregnancy helps.. but I found that it just made my migraines much worse.

I've tried a lot of natural methods. Cold packs, massages, chiropractic care, acupuncture, dancing to improve my posture, yoga..but none of it has helped. Maybe you could try some of these out and see if they help you at all?

The risks of ibuprofen in pregnancy is heart defects -- and valium can cause brain damage in higher doses.. so those meds are totally out.

IF you are pregnant, ask your doctor about another alternative. You could try certain antidepressants which prevent migraines, you could try a low dose of a pain killer (the risks are really not very high at all), or you could try something like propanolol.

Honestly, debilitating pain should be taken very seriously and if your doctor ignores you or says "just take tylenol", you will need to find a different doctor.

My doc has been very good to me about my situation. He understands that the kindof pain someone like us is in can't just be ignored or skirted -- the stress, the highered blood pressure from the pain, the lowered immune system from the pain can all have much more devastating effects -- especially on an early pregnancy.

I wish you the best of luck! I also hope that if you are pregnant you find a solution to your pain that you are comfortable with :)

Valium at night?

i went to a headache doc for my migraines and got prescribed valium to take at night.. i do have a bit of anxiety when im out in some places (school, large places mostly) it says to take one at night, its only 5mg but is this direction to take at night just to help me to sleep or will it last through the next day?

also, would it be better to take it in the morning or would it make me tired during the day?

It's definitely better to take it at night before bed because 5 mg of valium only lasts noticeably for about 3-4 hours, followed by another 1-2 hours of "not quite being there". I don't know if you have ever taken valium before you've had to do some work, it's not very pleasant. It makes time go by faster but it can cause some moderate problems recalling memories for a few hours after taking it. Anyhow it's just to help you sleep, if it was supposed to last through the next day he would have prescribed 10-15 mg before bed.

Why I suffer daily headaches?

I have suffered chronic headaches for 17 years but they have become daily as of this year, now 33 yrs old. Have done 3 CT scans and all are clear. So I decided to try acupuncture, osteopathy & chiropractic. I even went extreme and went through sinus surgery but all proved to be a waste of time. I also suffer migraines at least once a month and understand this is hormonal but it's the daily headaches that's a mystery. My personality has even started changing. I'm feeling a little depressed especially when my life resolves around codeine and ibuprofen. The doctor has even prescribed valium which I have not yet taken. I also get light headed/dizzy and recently my right eye has started twitching. In pain all the time. Not sure what else to do, at breaking point, would an MRI be a better option?

I have the same thing. It's VERY hard. Do you have shoulder/neck pain? It is DEFINITELY a good thing to get an MRI so they can determine if you have any bulges or a herniated disk. I have bulges in my neck and am constantly icing and rubbing it. Your best bet is to see a pain management doctor. Injections DO help. I had some in my lumbar spine and feel great. I just talked to the one doc I work for and told him I'm going to be scheduling myself for a cervical injection (he ordered it months ago and I never got it done). See a doctor and they will probably have you get an MRI, maybe some PT, and a possible injection. Medication management too.

Any advice on alternative remedies for migraines?

I have suffered from horrific headaches since 2002, after 30 years of a headache free life. I now have had a migraine type headache since April! It is accompanied by light being very painful, nausea, difficult to drive, and extremely difficult to be on the computer.

Migraine medications do not work. Over the years, I have tried homeopathy, acupunture and chiropractic. I stopped drinking caffeine, orange juice and wine, and stopped eating strong cheeses. I am a vegetarian who eats organic and pure foods. I exercise regularly and do yoga every week. I walk at least three miles a day with my dog. Ibuprofon and paracetomol/acetominiphin stopped working. I also tried feverfew, skullcap and valerian. Valium worked for a little while but now that stopped too.

Having had a non-stop migraine type head ache since April has seriously interfered with work, friendships and my relationship with my partner. My doctor refuses to allow me to have a brain scan, even though now the head ache has localised itself in the left side of my head. He suggested steroids for cluster headaches but I do not seem to have the symptoms of a cluster headache.

I am just so ill and am getting very depressed. Is there something I have not thought of? Does anyone else have symptoms like this?

Have you tried getting a second opinion? That would be my first step if I was uncomfortable with my doctor's diagnosis.

Determine if the first physician is correct in assessing cluster headaches and not migraine.

Two votes for a second opinion within the first 10 minutes.

Pain Killer Addiction?

My cousin is addicted to pain killers. She takes 5-7 Valium, Vicodin, and any kind of pain killer she can get her hands on, and when she doesn't have any she goes to the emergency room complaining of a migraine headache so that they'll give her a shot, basically a quick fix. She's living with my grandmother because her home was foreclosed on and only her mom and I know about it. If anyone else in our family knew about it they'd throw her out of my grandmother's home. So we can't really tell anyone and have an 'intervention'. She doesn't believe she has a problem but this has been going on for a while and there's no doubt about it, she's overdosed and I had to call 911, she's even gotten letters from the hospital telling her she has an addiction and to seek help, she just rips them up. Any suggestions on what we should do?

tough love. make the family aware. you all love her, but she needs to realize its wrong.

if its really bad



I just got my custom bite-plate for TMJ and now I have migraines, how long will it take to adjust?

I've been suffering from chronic DAILY headaches for the past 5 years.

Just recently I finally met w/a Neuro-mucsular dentist who diagnosed me w/early stage two TMJ and a severe overbite.

She had a mouthpiece (like a retainer) made to realign and pull my jaw foreward. I've only had it for two nights now (and I was able to keep it in all night) but I can't stand the MIGRAINES it's causing me. And no drug helps!! Not tylanol, advil, valium, cold compress, hot compress, caffeine, no caffeine....thank God I am on dissability for this!!

How long will it take for me to get some relief??? Migraines are far worse than daily headaches!! I'm losing my mind here!! It's always pain pain pain!! Help!

Its not supposed to do that, it needs to be adjusted.

Back pain and hand tingling?

Since about December I have been having bad upper back and neck pain. I work as a medic and I know that the lifting can cause all sorts of injuries. On top of that I have migraines that I have had since childhood. The pain is especially bad between the shoulder blades and up my neck. I can't sit for more than 30min or so without extreme pain shooting up my spine. This at times is causing major migraines lasting for weeks at times. I have had an MRI and it was fine however a couple of days later I dropped a 300lb pt and tried to catch her a hurt myself even more. So I don't even know what I have done since. The headaches are worse. I now get tingling in both of my hands for no reason. I will be at rest. I am on Valium when I am not working and Trazadone for pain. I also take Topomax as a migraine preventative. The headaches seem to be getting a little better but the back and neck with the hand tingling is getting worse and worse. I also get pain in my legs when trying to rest. Help

Go to a Chiropractor, first. Then see an orthopedic surgeon.
You need some serious help that you aren't going to get here on Y/A

Lamictal Headache Question?

I have started Lamictal about two months ago, and titrated it as I should with the help of a psychiatrist. Only now, at 100 mgs, have I gotten a stubborn daily headache. It's been ten days. I had read that if you do get the infamous Lamictal headache, it goes away after a couple of days, four days at most. I do not want to be taking daily pain-killers, as I am concerned about rebound headaches. Non-prescription pain killers are not working anyway. I am finding that I have to take either narcotics, or migraine medicine (a tryptan), or just Valium to sleep it away. I am truly debilitated the days I resist taking anything. Is this going to go away? Or should I go back to 75 mgs, where I had had a headache for the first three days only, then none for what remained of the two weeks at that dose. Lithium is not an option for me, because I developed a nodule on my thyroid, and Hypothyroidism, and Hashimoto, when on it, and am now taking Synthroid (which should help with headaches!

Ah, it's you again!

One option is to be very very careful with the titration. You may need to split the 25mg pills and go up a mere 12.5mg at a time and give it 2 weeks or more of headache free time before you go up further.

The standard guidelines provided by the pharm company have not been slow and careful enough by my doctor's experience, and he is a very well-known guy.

If the more careful titration does not work, try going up as high as you can without headaches and see if it keeps your mood stable. If it does than the 100-200mg range just isn't taking your physiology into account. 75mg or whatever may be fine.

This is a similar pattern as with lithium where they say the theraputic range is such and such but a lower amount works fine for some people.

Good luck.

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