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Do the medications Zoloft, Valium, or Lexapro cause a person to become quick to anger?

My gf and I are going through a rough time and she has been very "quick to anger" when we start talking about any of our problems, and can be very cruel and hurtful with her words. She also has next to no patience when I get emotional about what we're talking about. She went on these three medications DAYS before we first took some time apart, for depression. She had seemed a bit depressed for about a month before she went to the doctor, but still showed emotion SOMEWHAT. She was always an emotional person, atleast from time to time, but since this all started, I've seen her cry twice,and it wasn't anything more than a few tears for the most part. Is all of this happening because of the medications covering her true feelings up, or is she perfectly aware of how she's acting and just doesn't have much emotion left in her for "us?" I don't know much about this kind of stuff. This is a very important question so I would really appreciate sincere and serious responses. Thank you.

I am on lexapro, and have been for 2 years. I am the opposite, if I am off the Lexapro at all, I am very aggressive. I snap easily, I say mean things, my fuse is very short.
Lexapro is usually a calming drug, but I have heard a couple cases, my sister included, where undue anger and short temper happens.
She should talk to her doctor about it, and consider having it switched to something else.

Can the rise in Valium sales and psychological clinic visits in Liverpool be attributed to?

a. Depression and anger after a failure in Europe due to a loss against Chelski or
b. Sleep deprivation and living in fear and horror at the prospects of meeting Man Utd in CL finals or
c. Both
d. Your choice.

They won't be in the final, so it has to be a. Plus watching them play, wouldn't you want anti-depressants?

Depression + Started abusing valium?

I'm a 16 year old girl. I've had medical problems my entire life and have gone through multiple surgeries and procedures. Because of a particularly rough summer (was in a foreign country, hospitalized for a couple months), I developed depression. Since then, my depression has gotten a bit better, but I still feel numb and hopeless. I've been to a therapist, but it just wasn't a good match and I've convinced my parents that I don't need one. Now, I'm not so sure.

Because of a recent surgery, I have some painkillers and drugs left over. Particularly, a bottle of Valium. Since I stopped taking the drugs during my recovery time after the surgery, I've only abused Valium twice. Both times, I was under an enormous amount of anxiety and anger. I'm getting really scared. I never thought that this would happen to me, considering my background and my lifestyle and all that. I feel like I can't tell my parents, as understanding as they are, because my mom also has a prescription drug abuse problem that I am, ironically, helping her with. I'm scared that they're going to get so mad at me, or send me to rehab or...I don't know.

Side note: I'm taking a year off from school this year because of a particularly major surgery I had at the beginning of the year; I'm homeschooling, but I've been neglecting my schoolwork and I simply don't care about it anymore. My sleeping patterns and eating patterns have taken a turn for the worse (going to sleep at 6 in the morning, waking up at 2 pm, binge eating).

What should I do? I really don't know what to do here.

i wouldnt think rehab would be a bad choice depending on where and what doctor

youmay wish to consult with someone like this, to find out the underlying imbalance for you and your mom dr amen or

i would also consult with someone about detoxing your body after all that surgery , which is known to cause other problems because of anestheisia et al

find the help you need..............get going

Can someone plz help me ? its about suboxone and valium?

been on subox for 2 or 3 yrs .i was taking it because i was on pain pills. i called detox and those jerks couldn't even help me. my Doc who gives me them says i will be on them forever and that is so not true. but long story short i was taking 5 or 6 8mg of subox a day. I'm still taking my valium and im trying to cut down on them also AND Ambien. im working on one thing at a time and the one I'm working on is suboxone. for the past week in a half i have been taking one subox and splitting it in half so i will take half in morning and half later. but as time goes by I'm really getting depressed and edgy . im in my 30s and i feel like picking up and leaving the state i live in.i wont do it though because i have an 18 yr old. he wont go with me because he would rather stay with grandma.
but is it normal for me to have break downs , depression , i have so much anger inside of me its ridiculous. is this all because im down to one? BTW i am very proud of myself . but i do have to take half cause i get tired . if this is how it is then how long will it last? am i acting like this from the subox? i was late for work and my boss didnt like it and of course hes right and i yelled at him to fire me !!!! of course he didnt. but please i really need an answer to this .
thank you so much
people getting on my nerves dont help either. but no one will answer my question. not even my damn doctor.

I'd be happy to help you. I was on Suboxone myself for 2 years, and have been off it for over 2 years now.

I have done extensive research on Suboxone....I had plenty of time to research it while i was in the throws of withdrawals, wondering why they could possibly be lasting so long and why I was feeling so strange while on it, with all kinds of strange symptoms.

First i will say your plan is a good one, working on one drug at a time, and the sub is the first one you should get rid of. The reason Sub goes first is because sub withdrawal causes a lot of tension in the body, and the valium will help with that....Also you will need a sleep aid to detox from sub.

Yes, everything you are feeling is normal. If I understand your post, you are down to 8 mg's a day and you are splitting your dose. That's all good. It sounds like you made the drop from 5-6 pills a day to 1 pill a day rather quickly...which is fine, but now you need to wait a week or two and stabilize on this new dose. Once you stabilize and feel ok again, you can wean down further. Once you get down to 4 mg's a day, you need to make very small decreases in your dose.

I'll post a very informative pod cast that you really should take 20 minutes and watch. This is a doctor that does know Suboxone very well, and he's a former addict himself.…

If you can't listen to the whole thing, start it at about 12 minutes in.

The reason you can't get an answer from doctors is because most of them just do not know the answers. suboxone is a relatively new drug in the US, and most of the doctors prescribing it are doing so for one money.

And the reason detox centers won't help you is because they know they can not detox a person from sub in 30 days.

here's a site you can go to and learn you are not alone...what you are experiencing is the norm. Most people think sub is great at first....but after time it stops working...or the patient wants to get off it and get clean, and then they discover Sub is much harder to detox than their original drug of choice.

There is hope though, and you can get off this drug. Good luck.

Are there any fast acting anxiety meds like xanax but with no addictive side effects?

I am diangosed psychotic depression. I am prescribed 4 medications at the moment but stopped for financial reasons. I still take xanax as needed though. I think i would honestly be okay with only a medication like xanax to help me when my anxiety gets bad, because my anxiety is what causes my anger and depression a lot of the times. I do know that it is addictive though. I do not want a type of med like cymbalta or lexapro that treats anxiety because i have taken them before and do not like taking medication every day. I would like a medication like xanax that i can take as needed but that is not as addictive. I currently take .5mg Xanax XR once or twice depending on my anxiety.

Also out of Clonazepam, xanax, ativan, valium, and all the others that can be addictive, which is least addictive but helpful? Thanks

There is nothing that works like a benzodiazepine except for a benzodiazepine. They are unique drugs in that they are so fast-acting and potent, that is why they work as well as they do for what they are intended to do. However you are right, they do have an addictive potential that can cause big problems for some people, so they have to be handled with caution. Some people can take them sporadically for years and never be addicted, while other people take them for only a short period of time and are hooked.

If you're already taking Xanax then why are you looking for a different drug? Do you feel like you are going to become addicted to the Xanax over time? How long have you been taking it? Of course you can become addicted after any amount of time taking a medication, but if you've already been on it for a while and are experiencing no feelings of addiction (are able to use it on an as-need basis and never feel the impulse to take it if you aren't in a panic-inducing situation) then I'm not sure why exactly you want a different medication.

Most benzodiazepines have the same addictive potential, there isn't really one in the class that is "less" addictive than the others, although I have heard that Ativan is one of the least potent in the group. Xanax tends to be one of the more potent drugs, hence its street value and the reason why many doctors will not prescribe it at all. I don't know how true it is that Ativan is less potent than the others, I don't know much about it having no experience with it, but I suppose if you took enough of it it would be just as potent as any of the other drugs in its class (and therefore just as addictive in nature).

I would strongly suggest you look into therapy to deal with your anxiety problems. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of therapy that is intended to be short-term (on average 12-16 weeks) so it is not as expensive as some other forms of therapy that take a long time, since you said you are under financial restraints. CBT can teach you cognitive and behavioral tools (hence the name) to manage your anxiety without medication, and it is also effective in helping manage depressive symptoms as well. It has a great track record as far as its efficacy, and it has no side effects or addictive potential like a drug does. It's definitely worth looking into.

Good luck!

I need help with myself, bad..!?

Alright, I don't go on this site really and definitely do not ask people over the internet for help but I am desperate for something. Anyone that knows or gets it..

I am the most angry person I have ever had the displeasure to know and to anyone that knows me will agree. I have ****** almost every relationship I have with everyone in my life. My girlfriend and I (Year and three months) are on the verge of never speaking to one another again. This has been going on for awhile. I am a very troubled teen and for those who don't know the **** I have done do not try and tell me that I haven't. I love my girlfriend with all my heart but it definitely does not look like it. I've cheated, I lie, I do everything wrong. I honestly can't believe shes still with me. I cant seem to do ANYTHING right. Not for myself, my family, her or anybody! I am 18 years old. I started being extremely angry about 13. All hell broke loose, I was doing drugs every night. Through out the years, 13 to 17 I would say, involving heroin, meth, ecstasy,weed, all sorts of prescription pills (xanx, oxycontin, valium, etc...) alcohol, pcp, special k, acid, mescaline, coke/crack, dmt everything you can imagine. Ive taken them all in different ways, Shooting up(injecting), snorting, smoking, normally taking everything im very intelligent in the "drug field" but don't touch that stuff anymore. Iv'e been smoking a pack to two packs of cigarettes a day for four years already and have been a popular drug dealer growing up through my years, that's how people knew me and liked me. I don't sell or use anything anymore except drink a beer here and there and of course cigarettes. After chronic use of drugs, abusing myself. I have mental disabilities, I am diagnosed with the mood disorder Bipolar, manic depression, Impulse disorder, anger issues and can't control myself at all. My psychologist checked my brain. I nearly have any serotonin in my brain to keep me the slightest bit of happiness, I pretty much created a permanent depression for me filled with anger and hate. After I think things are going, OKAY it goes to **** shortly after. My relationship with my parents are at 0. I can't talk to either one of them with out cussing, going crazy etc.. (don't judge based off that you don't know what goes on in the house, what has happened in the past, and such) I do have much to be angry for for what has happened in my life. I can't even tell you what I have done. The people I have hurt, things I have destroyed in my own anger. And I found myself a compulsive liar, I find myself lying about the simplest things, things that I don't even need to lie about! Been doing it for years and just can"t stop for the life of me. I can go on and on about the problems I have, the **** I have done, the criminal record I have, everything but I'm giving you the outline of it.

I have never had a job in my life except for an "entrepreneur" you could say. But I need help. With my anger, I've been to countless hospitals for depression, suicide places (My anger just gets so high and find my self breaking my hands over walls and punching walls till my hands pop) and need to be restrained. Doing anger management right now and AA/NA meeting but doesn't seem to help much. My girlfriend would definitely be a good person to help (she helped me on the dope) but again another reason for a lot of it. I find myself needing to escape and run away. Ill run to LA and be homeless for months then come back to nothing. I don't know whats wrong with me. I have serious issues. And am looking for help in every way possible. I hope to find happiness in myself one day and actually have something to be proud about and stop letting people down in my life. So many disappointments, I guess I'm just venting to people I don't even know. If anyone will even reply or whatever I just need to get my **** out i guess. ****

You have to get involved in AA and NA for the program to work, otherwise you never learn the 12 Steps of the program.

Growing up with alcoholism is too much for most of us and of course you were born into the disease and had a 90% chance of becoming or marrying an alcoholic because of it. Abuse is just a side effect, and since your dad uses it, so do you. Alcoholism affects the whole family, every member and from generation to generation. Your younger brother has a much better chance of living a normal life if you break the cycle of abuse and addiction in your family.

Because of NA you know that a drug is a drug including alcohol and you can't use any drugs or alcohol if you want life to get better. Telling yourself anything else is bullshit.

Bipolar is manic depression and all addicts have it, we just call it "all or nothing behavior," extremes, high highs and low lows and shrinks call it bipolar and impulsivity disorder. Anger problems? We know it's rage and it feels good, it's addictive and powerful, because it releases endorphins and dopamine and makes mothers and girlfriends and little brothers cry and tremble and give us our own way.

When you're sitting in jail (it won't be long you're not a juvenile anymore) and your girl is gone and your family has kicked you out, I hope you remember this and give AA and NA an honest try.

I think i might be having anxiety attacks what can i do?

I assume these symptoms are related to stress but i have no idea
they include; uncontrollable thoughts, mood swings, racing heartbeat out of no where, shaking hands, tingling hands and arms, headaches, feelings of doom, depression, stomach aches, anger, tension in back and neck and insomnia. Nothing seems to help ive taken valium for anxiety but that doesnt help, ive tried hot baths to relax ive tried deep breathing nothing seems to help and these anxiety attacks seem to make my stress worse i seriously had two in one day in a three hour period yesterday and its scaring me i feel like something is seriously wrong. does anyone know what this sounds like or what i can do?

You should ask your doctor for a new prescription to switch to and advice.

Klonopin for anxiety?

i just started taking klonopin for anxiety last week. The first day i took it i felt really sedated not high but it felt nice. I no longer feel any sedation from it at all. Which is ok but i still am really tired from it all day long. I am also on vicodin because i have a cracked rib but i only take the vicodin at night after work and only take 10 mg's and do not take them together. My question is how many people think this is a good drug for anxiety? I was on valium which had a faster onset and sedated me a little more but i felt better i was in a really good mood. With the klonopin it doesnt make me in a good mood. I wonder if i also have depression. I have really bad aggression and anger alot of times for no reason. anyone have any comments or suggestions. i take .5 three times a day.

Hi....Well what Mg. are you taking,I mean the Klonopin? You should only be focused on feeling better and calmer,not being in a good mood.These kinds of medications aren't made to make people feel in a good mood,they are made to calm anxiety.That's all.But taking 5 a day? That's a pretty good dose,even though they come in small Mg's,I've never been on 5 a day,even on a small dosage.Either way I hope that you feel better soon...But do remember this...These medications aren't made to make us feel 'Nice',they only help with our symptoms...

Help. Schizophrenia? Bipolar Disorder?

This is going to be quite a long post. Please bear with me.

Last year, July 29 I tried to kill my self with Valium in my condo near my college. I woke up 2 days later in a hospital. My father visited me(a surprise visit) and found me, he took me to the hospital. After that I had to go back home and take a leave on college (for a while until your OK, he promised me). I had been drinking a lot, smoking cigarettes and weed. I used other drugs like e and v's once in a while.

I went to a shrink and they told me I had depression. They told me to stay with my family for a while and I was given some drugs to help with my withrawals from certain substances. They also gave me LEXAPRO for my OCD and depression. The thing is my environment here is making me just so much more depressed. My parents dont let me out of the house because their scared I might do something bad again. I spend my days on the computer, eating and sleeping. Its pathetic really and its not me.

To make things worse I told my parents that I no longer want to attend our church ( Jehovah's Witness) and that I want to be disassociated from them. Because of this I dont think my father is ever sending me back to school. I think its just unfair because I was a very good student, and it reflected on my grades. I have a sister in college, awful grades, but they're OK with her as long as she take care of her "spirituality".

The thing is lately Ive been becoming violent. I have violent thoughts, I hate everything around me. I want to kill my self again. I want to kill my father. I think its because Im a social person and being stuck inside our house( boring house by the way. my parents confiscated my gaming consoles and they took away the cable tv) I just cant stand not talking to anyone. To top things off, im getting anxious because, as I said im getting my self disassociated from JW's and theres actually a lot of pressure in doing so. I get paranoid a lot. Ive been interested in a lot of things that I know are going to get me into a lot of trouble lately.

So yeah, I checked the internet for symptoms of schizophrenia and I actually have a lot of these. Like I sometimes like to believe I have powers and ****. Also as a kid I saw some things that I just know couldnt possibly be there. Lately I cant feel any emotion aside from anger and hate. I am rarely motivated to do anything. The thing is I dont tell anybody because I know its silly. But then again, bipolar disorder is in the family so Im not sure what it is.

Im in a really tough spot here. I think Im going to explode one of these days. Can anybody help me? Especially with my anger Also could my environment be contributing to this? Appreciate the help.

There is always some overlap of the symptoms of bipolar and schizophrenia. Only a dr. can diagnose your condition.Since you recognize you are having a problem ,the first step is to go back to your psychiatrist (MD) asap and listen to him. Let him know about your anger and paranoia.He is there to help you.At least try what he suggests, It sounds like you are getting a little worse right now,maybe just from frustration,so I also think a visit to a psychologist for some therapy might be a very good idea so you'll be able to talk out the pressure you feel from family issues.The DR and therapist visits are a lot cheaper than going to the hospital. If your parents see that you are really trying to get better ,than they will trust you move.Doing all those drugs has a consequence. Don't do that anymore. It must have been a great shock for them to learn that you tried to kill yourself and now you say you feel like killing yourself again. Maybe your family can sense this and they want to keep a safe watch over you. Don't have hate in your heart for them.Be patient and while you are at home do some studying on the subjects you want to learn when you go back to college.See if a used book store in your area has any used college books that might help-It's better than getting stuck on the computer all day. Try any self calming activities.How about Haiku.That type poetry is a kind of a spiritual activity. It will give you something to focus on during the day and it doesn't have to be perfect for you to think up your own poems..Keep well and don't give up.

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