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Dogs and Valium, Acepromine (Thorazine) ,Temazepam (Restoril)?

Does Temazepam work like Valium to sedate dogs?
The Vet has given my dog Valium in the past. I refuse to give her Acepromine (Thorazine).

Acepromine (Thorazine) is know to make a dog quiet and also make the dog feel terrible, plus it has been know to kill dogs, especially Boxers.

Has there been any use of Temazepam on dogs for sedation?


Hi John... benzodiazepines basically fall into two groups - the anxiolytics (for treating anxiety) and the hypnotics (for treating insomnia).

Diazepam (Valium) is an anxiolytic class drug (tranquilizer) used to relieve anxiety. Temazepam (Restoril) is a hypnotic class drug usually given to help with insomnia and therefore will not achieve the results diazepam was prescribed for you dog in the past.

Acepromazine is used as a sedative and antiemetic in dogs, however is not the same as the anti-psychotic drug Thorazine (Chlorpromazine).

Valium is prescribed to treat anxiety in Boxers where Ace can cause cardiac arrhythmia as well as hypotension (decreased blood pressure).

Veterinarians prescribe medications based not only for the condition but takes into consideration the dogs age, weight and overall health. Please first speak to your veterinarian prior to administering any over the counter or prescription medications.

How Long does valium have an affect on dogs?

does anyone know how long valium is supposed to affect dogs? i was given valium for my dog for sedation by the vet, so please try not to say that i'm not supposed to give it to my dog. i just want to know how long it would "knock him out". thanks

If you gave the dog the amount the vet said to for the weight of the dog then the effects can last for 8 to 12 hours.

Is it bad for a human to take Valium that was prescribed for a dog?

It has the same chemical components, so I am just wondering if humans could take it.

And no, I don't have dog Valium and am not planning on taking dog Valium, I am just curious. I have Klonopin and it works just fine.

humans take valium all the time. the dosing is different for humans and animals.

Is valium ok for dogs on airplanes?

I have a 12 lb dog is valium ok to give him? how much?

F NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Besides being illegal & the airlines will NOT accept it,it's really fing stupid & DANGEROUS!!!

Dogs have NO CONCEPT of flight & can't see out the window anyway!

Tell me what you know and your experiences with Acepromazine and Valium for dogs.?

German Shepherd, almost 3, female. She is very high anxiety. She has tried to claw and chew her way out of two rooms by tearing holes in the wall and door on 2 seperate occasions. One time we left her in the car (on a very cool day) while we went into the bank real quick and she freaked out thoroughly, and tried to claw out the window, someone came in and alerted the bank and I went out there with her. Anyways we are going on a 3 day 21 hour trip with a toddler. There are times when she HAS to be left alone, like when we go potty, or when we go eat. I'm sorry if you don't like that, my son comes first. Anyways, she will be in her cage and I was prescribed both. Please tell me your experiences on both. Technically I will be drugging her, but I don't want her to be drugged the whole trip if that makes sense. I want her to not be passed out, I just want the edge and the anxiety to be reduced. I just want her to feel relaxed and calm so we can actually go in a place and eat some lunch and she will be relaxed. I am probably going to talk to my vet again before we leave I just want as much info as I can get. She is my puppy girl and I just want to make this trip as easy for her as I can.

Follow the vet's recommendation on dosage. Separation anxiety is a pain to deal with, and on a trip is not the time to have to try something new. I would recommend that you try a dose of Ace before you leave, as it doesn't always work well on all dogs.

The valium will probably work better, since this is an anxiety problem.

Do remember that it is harder for a dog to regulate it's temps when medicated, so you will need to be extra sensitive to temps.

Valium for separation anxiey in dogs?

hi, my vet recently prescribed valium for my dog's severe separation anxiety. I wondered if anybody else had experience with valium (diazepam) with their dog. how will she react? i'm a little worried. thanks, adam

Check out the dog whisperer on National Geographic;… - it is an easy , quick fix on your vet's part to sedate the dog; is that really helping your dog in the long run, or lining his pockets with money with each and every refill. You should want to ease this anxiety and that can come with training; I am not sure how your pet is acting during this time, but with brief intervals and returns , repetitive over and over can ease your dog's anxiety and stress; stimulation toys , treat balls, challenges and rotating the items can distract for a time; also, exercise so a tired dog is a less anxious dog; the dog whisperer has the owner take the dog on long walks with a dog back pack carrying bottle water to give the dog a sense of a job while walking and carrying the bag; can you have someone come and let the dog out during the day; with consistent training and some of these other techniques you can ease anxiety; if you aren't getting the answers from this vet, perhaps you can find one you assists more than pushing pills; your vet's goal in treatment should be to alleviate your dog's stress not simply medication.

If a dog (including boxers and I have 2 and raised several litters) are tearing everything up - they need stimulation and good exercise. Good Luck!

P.S. to the boxer owner , boxers are so very smart as demonstrated; exercise them ; they are a muscular animal and need to be able to run run run like crazy; if you don't have a fenced in yard , take them to a tennis court at a local school , close the gate and let them burn burn burn off steam. Boxers are social animals and need to be a part of a family and like to be included in everything

Can dogs take valium?

my dog just recently STARTER biting and scratching the vet said feed lamb for trying skin Also thought she might use her to relax (oh was saying monthly med for flea,tick ect she also gets oatmeal bath.
Anyone needin a little help

No. If it can mess a humans head, it can mess up a dog's even more so.

Is dog Valium the same thing as people Valium?

I was told today that they're the same ingredients. He said, "valium is valium". No, neither one of us are druggies. I just don't like to fly and Valium gets me through it. I hate going to the doc for medication for flying. Does anybody know for sure?

It will mellow you out so that you dont wag your tail during the flight

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