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How often does the law require I see the doc who prescribes my vicodin?

After several basically unsuccessful procedures for my back pain, my pain management specialist now simply treats me with vicodin. Because I take it on an "as needed" basis, a typical prescription with one refill lasts me at least year. I can certainly understand & justify an annual visit (unless I NEED to go in for something). However - an office visit is very expensive for me and my doctor wants me to come in every 3 months. If my condition doesn't change, the vicodin helps when I need it, and I don't need him to write me a script for more - why do I need to see him so frequently? I'm sure there are laws when it comes to dispensing vicodin - does that include requiring quarterly office visits?

It will depend on what State you live in, but in most States (in addition to Federal law) it is required by law that the doctor see you either every month or every 3 months to check the status of your condition in order to keep giving you your medication.

One place you can check is with the State Medical Board for your State to see what they say.

Wisdom teeth extraction, my percocet is already gone, will he prescribe something else?

The percocet worked great! But now it's gone. There's a label on the bottle that says under federal law no refills, but can he prescribe something else for the pain when I go back for the follow up? Like Vicodin or something similar?

He can prescribe more percocet if thats what you need, but I doubt you will need more of that. In the meantime you can try some tylenol or motrin, but be careful not to over do the motrin because it thins the blood a little and if you get dry socket....yikes. But 800mg (4pills) three times daily should be okay. BUT you can always call him and ask! Thats what your paying him for.

Cousin in trouble with the law?

I just heard that my cousin changed the number of refills on a Vicodin prescription. She got caught trying to fill the prescription. How much trouble is she in? The medicine was for her mom. Will she go to jail?

If I'm correct, I think your cousin broke a federal offense. If she falsified the prescription and claimed it was for her, which is stealing, I think thats a felony automatically. I remember my mom saying that doing something like was like stealing someones mail.

They require your driver's license for prescriptions now?

i've been having some tooth trouble (i.e., infected gums & pain) - and am not able to see a dentist yet because of my insurance not being in effect until december. so i am on antibiotics and pain medication to get me through until i can get the work done on my gums (i require oral surgery). i went to fill my prescriptions but when it came to the pain medication (vicodin) the pharmacist asked for my ID. i gave her my ID, she made note of my driver's license. that's the first time ever a pharmacist asked for my ID to fill a prescription - she told me that was the new law required for filling controlled substances but its the first i've heard of it.

are they doing that now? or did she just ask for MY id because she got suspicious? because some time ago i've had to get the same prescriptions filled and the pharmacist did not ask for my ID's.

i also have refills for my prescriptions, will i run into problems when i go to refill them?

In an effort to curb illegal drug use, limitations have been put on certain classes of drugs (painkillers and certain anti-histamines top the list) so that people can't go out and as easily fill false prescriptions. You will just need to show ID again when picking up the refill possibly.

Why does it hurt to be honest?

Ok, I know the law enforcement wants honest people, but come on, how many honest cops are really out there? What I mean is that I wanted to start off as a Corrections Officer and then move onto a local Police Department.

Well, I went and did basic testing and the Psyche testing and they said I passed and wanted me to fill out my background paperwork and turn it in and go from there.

So, I did just that, and when the recruiter was explaining the paperwork, he said that we need to be honest, even when it comes to drugs, and if we've smoked marijuana (who hasn't) then we need to put approx. dates and how many times as long as it wasn't over 20x's because it'll be considered experimental and if we've done anything else, we need to put it down and explain.

So, I did just so, I put that I have smoked marijuana but it was approx. 13x's but I didn't like the effect. Then it asked if we've ever taken a controlled substance, and being honest, I put yes, 6x's and the last time was Nov. 2006. And it asked if I've ever taken prescription drugs not prescribed to me. And again, being honest, I answered, Yes, once.

The recruiter took 1 look at it and said, "I see 3 things here that automatically disqualify you." (The Drugs)

The marijuana, he that I missed by 1 month because you need to be one month clean. So that was no biggy.

The precription drug would be looked into and most likely be ok'd because what happened was that I had my wisdom's pulled and was prescribed 750mg of Hydrocodone (vicodin) and I already ran out of the first bottle and while waiting for my refill, the pain was too much, so a friend with the SAME EXACT prescription gave me one to hold me over til I got my bottle.

But my main problem is the controlled substance, I had taken shroom's approx. 6x's and again, the last time was Nov. 2006 and I guess by their standards, that's too soon, you need toe clean for 5 years, so therefore I cannot reapply til Nov. 2011.

So I guess my main question is, why do they discriminate for being truthful? Should I have just lied like the other 90% of applicants did? Should I have just said the last time I took any controlled substance was Jan. of 2004? Or not said anything about it at all?

Because I can almost guarantee that there are alot of officers that have either lied, or are currently engaging in illegal use of some drug or another (including steroids) and are getting away with it. So what the hell?

Well hmmmm...... I agree that you should be honest. I do give you all my kudos for being honest in the first place and just because you weren't qualified this time because of the length of time between the last drug use and now, doesn't mean that you should give up on becoming a C.O. My B/F works for the Department of Defense here in D.C. & I've always wanted to be an officer, despite what my family thinks. I've been clean (from Meth) since June 2006 and have a felony on my record that will be expunged in November of this year. I have full intentions of pursuing this dream of mine, even though I've not always been law-abiding in the past (Everyone makes mistakes). After talking to my B/F about this, he advised me that yes, they do look at the amount of time that's past since your last usage, and that I should probably wait about a year after my records are expunged to try and apply. I agreed and now (giving you something to think about and maybe to do to bide the time) is maybe think about going BACK to college and furthering your criminal justice degree and it can only help on your resume' and will give that time needed to go by. See what I mean? But please don't lie, and right now, you actually can't go back and lie because you've already told the truth, so it's on file. But I wish you the best of luck and like I said... ALL MY KUDOS FOR BEING HONEST!!!! We NEED more people like that! -Kelly

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