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What do you do when you have a high tolerance for pain medication and you are in pain 24/7?

I am 25 years old and i have moderately-severe back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and arthritis in my left ankle. I can't run, walk long distances, and can't stand for long periods of time. I am in pain all day every day, i am 80% disabled through the military, and i go to my doctor at the VA for pain meds. I have taken vicodin, tramadol, and hydrocodone and nothing works at all. My arthritis is from when i broke my ankle and tore 2 ligaments, 1 completely in half and the other one partially in half, and i was given vicodin and it worked then, but it doesn't anymore. My body builds a resistance to the meds extremely fast, i have taken naprosen(naprozen) 500mg and by the fourth pill it didn't work anymore and that dosage but anymore and it could damage your liver. I hate being in pain and i don't know how to tell my doctor that i need stronger pain meds without them thinking i am a drug seeker????

The person who deals with Arthritis is a Rheumatologist, he specializes in the condition. Therefore you need to locate a Rheumatologist and get to see them, as they will do all the tests and sort out the drugs. Best of Luck

Anti-Nausea medication question. Why does Ativan seem to be used for this & not other benzodiazepines?

I have had pretty severe nausea over the past many months...too long due to a chronic pain condition that requires the use of opioid medicines (in addition to other medicines to help treat the underlying auto-immune related disease; mainly Imuran and Plaquenil).

I have tried just about all known pain relievers, but won't go too far into that since it isn't really related to this question. The short version is, I am still in pretty severe pain almost all the time and only am getting minimal relief because I have not been able to tolerate stronger pain meds. Mainly, my problem is with the horrible nausea that the medicines cause me, which does not lessen or go away, as most people seem to luckily find; and I have done my best to suffer through even 2 or more months (with the debilitating nausea, each day) to see if my body would FINALLY adjust to the medicine; but I just couldn't handle it or have even the limited life that I have without them. So, I wasn't able to get to a high enough dosage of the various pain meds to get much help & had to stop.
Oops, I wasn't going to get into that, sorry :)

...But just to give all the details I can, luckily my Dr. is very compassionate and has tried all she can. I literally think I tried almost all of the normal opiate-type pain relievers, like Oxycontin, Fentanyl (caused the worst nausea of them all), a few Morphine variants & the Hydromorphone, some various long-acting versions like Kadian, and many others. But, they all led to the same resulting nausea, just more or less of it, but even the "less" was a lot. Right now, the most I can handle is just Norco (hydrocodone), which is not even close to helping much.

MY QUESTION (Finally):
After all that info, my actual question is about anti-nausea medicines. I currently take Zofran, which is definitely better then nothing and does help. I think it mostly helps keep me from actually physically throwing up, but doesn't really make me feel less nauseous. I have also tried Phenergan, but it didn't seem to help.

I try to research as much as I can online and came across lots of info about "Ativan" being a widely used & effective medicine. From what little I know, I've heard of it & know that it's in the same overall class of those "benzodiazepines", except when looking up info on it, Ativan specifically says it treats nausea while none of the other "benzo" meds mentioned that (like klonopin, valium, xanax).
I was wondering why that would be? I actually currently take Klonopin to slightly help with muscle pain, but doesn't seem to help with the nausea much obviously...

But when researching klonopin, it doesn't mention that it treats nausea. I was under the impression that all of those benzo class meds were pretty much the same thing, except like the klonopin lasts much longer then say xanax. Except now I am really wondering if Ativan is an option that might help and, or if there are any major downsides or risks with it?
And if it is different and "better" for anti-nausea use, can and is it ever used much on a long term basis? Unfortunately, my condition and symptoms are lifelong and I hopefully have a while left :)

Thanks for reading all this & so sorry it got so long. Any help or advice or experiences with it would be hugely appreciated!

Lorazepam is effective at reducing anxiety--thus its efficacy in reducing chemotherapy-inducing anticipatory nausea or potentially for anxiety-induced nausea. There just isn't the data to support the use of lorazepam as a major anti-emetic for non-anxiety nausea, and there is data on the potential harm of delirium or excessive sedation.

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