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Is Tramadol HCL for dogs the same for humans?

My dog was prescribed this and since she can't tolerate a lot of meds I am trying to look it up but all I am finding is Tramadol for humans and it says it hasn't been approved for dogs by the FDA.

Is this not the same Tramadol that is given to humans?

Yes, they are the same drug compound.

Why you cannot find it "for dogs" is because tramadol is only a medication that has labeled use for humans. It's use as a mechanism for pain control in a veterinarian setting is considered off label. There are many medications that are used by vets in their furry patients that are human medications that do not have a veterinarian version.

The drug is still manufactured by the same people who make the tramadol for people. Clinical trials have of course been performed in human patients (if not then it could not be on the market), it is just no one has done clinical trials on dogs or cats or whatever in the way of its efficacy for those animals.

There should be no major issues with your dog taking this medication unless your dog has some type of seizure disorder. Just give it a try. Tarmadol is different from most opioid pain medications because it is part opiate and part SNRI, which is probably why your vet wants to try her on it. The SNRI component can in many cases help to minimize the side effects of the opioid agonist component.

Also, since I am not certain what the reason for your pup needing this script for, I am just curious if this is going to be used to treat some form of chronic pain or if this is just for an accute situation (I.e. she just had surgery, sustained an injury, etc.). If this is for long term treatment, then that is most likely why your vet chose tramadol. If it is for an accute issue, then was most likely prescribed because of intolerance to NSAIDs as well as traditional opoid pain medications.

I can tell you that in regards to pain control, there have been some other drugs which have shown very effective for pain control used in an off label/investigative manner. Something like gabapentin may be an option. If the tramadol does not work out, or if you feel uncomfortable with it, then you can ask your vet about gabapentin.

Just from a personal and not professional aspect, I can tell you that I take Tramadol every day and have no negative side effects from it. Also, after sustaining a Hills-Sac fracture to his tibia, my dog (whom i love like a child and would do anything to protect) was given both tramadol and Mobic for pain and he had no negative responses from either drug.

Tramadol hcl is my new pain medication, but I am having some problems with it.?

I get kind of nauseated and almost sick to my stomach every time I take it, which has been like only, twice. Could I only be adjusting to the medication? It wasn't as bad as yesterday- I've tried their suggestions on the medication side affects sheet. Any advice for me? I don't want to be sick to my stomach every day! Not only gross, but rather annoying too. Please help!

try putting the meds in the middle of a piece of
banana,this should get the them past the stomach

I am allergic to coedine , is it safe to take tramadol hcl 50 mg?

I will have need a hip replacement in Oct. gbut till then the pain is incredible. Am taking davrocet with little result. Doctor suggested tramadol but there is a warning if allergic to coedine. I am allergic to coedine.Can I take the tramadol or do you know of an other safe pain-killer, please.

Ask your doctor to prescribe you a non-coedine based pain killer

I take Tramadol for pain and my mom taked Tramadol HCL, Whats the difference?

hers is probably time released.

What is Tramadol HCL 50mg exactly and what's the difference betwwen it and Vicodin?

tramadol (generic) is also known as Ultram (trade name).. this medication is a Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medication.. This medication is non-narcotic and is not addictive. it can be used for a variety of pain issues, but works very well for orthopaedic (bone) issues and muscle pain/strain... Vicodin is a narcotic and has hydrocodone and tylenol in it.. it comes in either regular strength (5 mg hydrocodone and 500mg of tylenol) or extra strength (7.5 mg hydrocodone and 500 mg tylenol) Vicodin is a narcotic and can lead to addiction, but is a good pain reliever. If pain is controlled by Ultram, I would recommend not using the Vicodin unless severe pain is not relieved by Ultram.. I hope this helps you.. I have used both medications and have also used both medications for my patients.

can you have a reaction to a medication called Tramadol hcl acctamimophen?

You can have a reaction to any medication. Even the ones that say reactions are rare.

What are the consequences from taking Wlbutrn SR200mg,Concerta 36mg & Tramadol HCL & ACET 37.5/325mg together?

If you're on all these meds and all your doctors know about it, then probably nothing. All the drugs you mentioned are different classes of drugs, and the Concerta and Wellbutrin have been established ss an effective psychotropic regimen.

Tramadol/APAP is for pain, and it's a very, very safe drug. Call your doctor(s) if you are having symptoms that you feel are worrisome, because they do all have their side effects. I know tramadol (Ultram) can make people feel goofy, as do Concerta and Wellbutrin. If you can't function, your meds need changed.

Can person take tramadol presribed to a dog?

My dog was perscribed tramadol HCL 50mg tablets for post op but he no longer needs them. Now one of my friends asked if she could have them. Both her and I have had tramadol pprscribed to us as people, will it be harmful if she takes the tramadol given to the dog????

I wouldn't want too. The dosage may be incorrect.

does the pill tramadol hcl have the number 10 on one side and the letters fl on the other?


Drugs.com also has a pill identifier.

If it's a pink triangle, it's a heart medicine that's called bystolic.

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