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Clomid side effects or Pregnancy symptoms?? has this happened to you?

I would like to know about clomid side effects and if it is possible that they might be pregnancy symptoms. So i took 50mg clomid from days 5-9 starting on April 3rd ended on the 7th and for the past 5 days i have had alot of cramping in my lower abdominal and feeling bloated, tired, sore muscels and i have headaches and feel weird like i have a full bladder but dont need to pee or like there is something there i dont know its hard to explain i have not been pregnant before and am wondering if anyone else had these same symptoms after clomid and if they were pregnant or ended up being just side effects oh and when is taking a hpt to soon? i took one tonight and it was neg

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thank you i will let you know i am thinking of doing a pregnancy test in the morning its suppose to be the best time to do it

i forgot to add i have been feeling maybe hot flashes and low back pain i am not coming down with anything but i feel so sore and tired my headache hasnt really went away in almost a week i have taken motrin and tylenol almost everyday even though i am so exhausted i havent been sleeping well at nights trying to fall asleep and have been having really weird and sometimes scary dreams please help with your advice or similar symptoms no rude comments

another negative preg test but now my tips of my nipples are sensitive and i had really bad cramps i couldnt stand straight what dooooo you think?????????????

I am in the same situation!! I ovulated around the 8th of this month. I believe it is still too early for me to test, so I would say it would be the same for you. You very well could be pregnant, just to early tp tell:-) This is my 3rd round of clomid. The first round I felt like crap on clomid, dizzy and very tired. I also had a light period. The second month I spotted almost all month and then when I did get my period, I had a full blown heavy period. I had cramps and hot flashes. This time it has been really good. I felt ok while taking the clomid and I haven't spotted at all. Only thing different was I ovulated later than normal, but have had good signs so far. I have some of the same symptoms as you and I am waiting to test also. Good luck:-)

Clomid Users?

When did you feel the side effects of clomid if any? Was it whilst you were taking the clomid (early in your cycle) or later in your cycle, if later approx what days and what symptoms?

I had hot flashes and mood swings, also nausea. It was while taking it and a little afterwards. It was well worth it though, because the first round worked, and my baby boy turned a year old just this week!

Metformin and clomid how did you find them?

How dose metformin and clomid make you feel and what are the side effects?
How long did it take you to get pregnant when taking then?
How many of you had twins or more when taking them?
How often dose multiple birth happen when taking it?

I would like to know as i have just been referred for fertility treatment and the doctor said that metformin and clomid would be what they start me on.

Thank you

I would love to talk to you as I am going thru the same things that you are!

I am on 1500 mg of metformin and can give you a list of side effects of that drug. I start the clomid on day 5 of my cycle. Am finishing up provera, and will go to the dr on the first day of my period.

My email is hardttx@aol.com if you want to chat.

When are clomid mood swings too much?

I am about to start my 5th round of clomid (50mg). I am finding the mood swings unbearable. i am constantly irritated and angry which makes love making very hard lol. i feel very badly for my dh. i know as i am yelling at him for the littlest things that he is just biting his tongue. it is getting bad enough that i am feeling a little depressed. i don't think its about having a baby i think just in general. i dont want to go anywhere, all i want to do is sleep and people just irritate me. I have an appt with my specialist on Monday and i think he is going to up my dosage. my 21 day progesterone test was only at 5 and i didn't actually ovulate until day 28 again. I guess my question is, did anyone else on Clomid have this harsh of side effects? will it get worse if i do up the dosage? Is it bad enough that i should consider not taking clomid anymore? i only have two months left before my doc said i have to go off. i have endometriosis and after this, ivf is my next option. Please just share stories and let me know how it was for other clomid users....thank you!

Clomid does make us go crazy.. that's why I usually take it before going to bed in night so that I can sleep of its effect.. let your husband know that clomid is cause of your mood swings and be patient with you.. he will understand..

I hope your specialist Doc will help you..

Good luck and baby dusts

No cramping while on Clomid. Will I still ovulate?

I guess after reading the side effects on so many clomid boards and having heard from my doctor that usually with clomid you feel slight twinges or cramps when ovulation is about to occur. This is my 1st 50mg round of Clomid and im on cd13 and so far I don't feel ANYTHING. No cramps, no twinges....nothing. Does this mean I will not ovulate? has anyone ovulated and not felt anything prior to ovulation? I have started OPKs (2 days ago) and have been negative so far, I will keep up with the OPKs until I Ovulate. I usually have 45-50 day cycles and IF i ovulate naturally I guess it would be around cycle day 30-35 based on when I get my periods. So anyways my question is: Can you ovulate on Clomid without feeling any cramps or any impending ovulation signs??

This is my 3rd month on Clomid. The first month I didn't ovulate, but the 2nd month I did, but not until day 21. I have a 32-35 day cycle. Don't worry if you haven't yet, sometimes it comes later with Clomid. I did feel cramps & twinges. I knew before I even got out of bed that morning that I was going to ovulate soon. I have not had many other side effects, so lucky me, but I definitely knew I was going to ovulate.

Good luck. I hope it works for you.

What happens when Clomid doesn't work?

My first cycle of Clomid was 50mg and it didn't work. I'm now on my second cycle at 100mg and I'm on day 35 and haven't ovulated yet so I'm assuming it hasn't worked again. Anyway, I have a few questions and would be grateful if someone can answer them for me. Here goes..

If Clomid doesn't work for me is there any other drug to encourage ovulation that my consultant might prescribe to me before they advise me to start IVF?

My doctor told me that if 50mg and 100mg don't work then it is very unlikely that it will work at all. If so does this mean it would be pointless taking it for the 6 months as advised? I don't really want to be putting things into my body that aren't going to work.

Lastly, is there anyone you know who has gotten pregnant on a higher dose of clomid eg 150mg or even 200mg? The 100mg side effects are bad so I don't really want to go any higher but if there's a chance it's going to work I'll give it a shot.

Please answer as I'm at my wits end. I really don't know why it's not working for me. I feel so upset.

I went through this aswell, I ended up taking clomid for 8 months and it didn't work, I then had an operation where they drilled holes in my ovaries to see if that would help, which unfortunately it didn't.My doctor then proscibed a nasal spray to stop the signals from my brain to my ovaries and an injection which i had to take everyday to produce eggs, I was then given a releasing injection to release the eggs,unfortunately I didn't concieve the first time round so We have just tried it again this time with me taking metformin aswell, not sure if it's worked yet we shoild find out next week, if it hasen't then our only other option is ivf... so really to answer your question yes there are other options before ivf. Hope this helps some.
Good luck xx

Is it weird that I have no side effects from Prometrium?

My husband and I had our first IUI 4 days ago and I've been taking Prometrium 200mg twice a day ever since. In the past, right after ovulation and just like clockwork, my breasts would start hurting and continue to be very sore until my period arrived. I had heard this was called "progesterone pain". This cycle? No pain whatsoever. No headaches, no dizziness, no joint pain, none of the common symptoms of Prometrium. I also had no Clomid symptoms either (except for hot flashes at night) so I'm wondering if I should be jumping for joy that I dodged a bullet or if I should be concerned that my body is not receiving the medication the way it should. Has anyone who's taken Prometrium *not* had any side effects? Or did the SE just start later? For the ladies who did have side effects, what were they, when did they start, and how long did they last? I feel silly being nervous but it's just that you hear about all the terrible symptoms and I have *none*!

I had no side effects with Clomid at all. I did however have side effects from Prometrium but they didn't occur until close to my period...so it took about 1 1/2 weeks for it to kick in--- SE included: higher than normal BBT temps, bloating (big time) and I also had very sore nipples, so bad I couldn't hardly touch them. I thought for sure it might be our month and I was 5 days late for my period (but as I found out....it also lengthens your luteal phase, so that was another SE)....we got a BFN that month...but I sure wish you the BEST of luck on your IUI!

Baby dust to you! Hang in there....the 2WW is horrible!

IVF and Ganadatropin(sp?sorry?) therapy. bravelle and menepur. how were the side effects?

getting ready for my baseline ultra sound tomorrow and so far ive been on ocella for BC and now just Lupron (10units) neither had any horrible side effects. the Lupron my have caused minor headaches, nothing that a baby aspirin/ glass of water didnt cure. i feel so much better than when i was doing IUI's w/ clomid that im afraid its prolly too easy to be true. i bet the bravelle/menepur will make me crazy again?! any thoughts? has anyone taken these drugs? pleeeease tell me its not like clomid...ugh! either way, ill have to handle it, but a heads up would be nice.. thanks and baby dust to all you TTCvers! i pray we all have spring babies!!!

Great you didn't have horrible side effects on the Lupron! That one is the worst! Clomid is pretty bad too! I've taked Follistim (same as Bravelle) and Menopur. I have been on Follistim, Menopur, and Ganirelix (a.k.a. “stims”) for my cycles. I always get very fatigued and usually ready for bed earlier than usual. My appetite did increase as well. I also had bloating after being on injectables for about 5 days, and twinges in my ovaries. I did also have more forgetfulness…kind of like when you’re looking for your keys and they are in your hands or you go into a room to do something and then forget why you were there. I know some get moody while on stims but I only wanted to hurt my husband once :) All in all, while on the stims I never felt bad. Mostly just tired and a little loopy after being on stims for several days.

The progesterone side effects are a little different! This is the one that will drive you nuts only because the side effects can mimic pregnancy symptoms. Your breast will get full and tender, you will have bloating (From retrieval and the meds), you may feel more tired, need to use the bathroom more often, get dizzy, smells may bother you, or you will feel nauseous. You will also have pinching in your ovaries because they will start shrinking once you stop stims. The BIGGEST side effect from the progesterone is constipation! Drink lots of fluids, increase fruit and fiber, and stay away from bananas or other things the back you up :) You can take Colace and Metamucil if you really need it.

Good luck and baby dust back at you!

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