Metolazone in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Risk Factor: BM*
Class: Diuretics

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Fetal Risk Summary
Breast Feeding Summary
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Fetal Risk Summary

Metolazone is structurally related to the thiazide diuretics. See Chlorothiazide.

Reproduction studies in mice, rats, and rabbits at doses up to 50 mg/kg/day revealed no evidence of fetal harm (1).

In general, diuretics are not recommended for the treatment of pregnancy-induced hypertension because of the maternal hypovolemia characteristic of this disease.

[*Risk Factor D is used in pregnancy-induced hypertension.]

Breast Feeding Summary

See Chlorothiazide.


  1. Product information. Mykrox. Medeva Pharmaceuticals, 2000.

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Questions and Answers

Feet swell: doc added metolazone x1/ 5 mg to furosemide 40 mg/ x2 + urea smell up, bleed and stomach hurts?, I am diabetic and just cannot get my sugar count down lately. all my doctors and dentists are nimpcompoops, as best i can tell. they are thin skinned, hate to asked questions, constantly fail to return calls, including forgettng to call i refills. i am military retired and have hard time with that sort of thing. so i am asking for some outside opinions. anybody with expierence?

Swollen feet is usually due to fluid in the wrong place, not an overload of fluid. Diuretics will just dehydrate you in that case. You need to find a doctor you are comfortable with b/c your problems need a lot of time.

Why take metolazone when already taking Bumex and Spironolactone?, I'm taking Bumex and Spironolactone for edema caused by cirrhosis. All of a suddon the edema is not being controlled by those pills. My doctor prescribed Metolazone to take in addition to the other pills. He thinks I'll need them for only 2 weeks. He said the Metolazone is stronger than the other two I'm taking but I found out that it is NOT stronger. Can anyone explain to me why this new diuretic is being prescribed instead of simply increasing the Bumex? Thank you for taking the time to answer me.

You can keep increasing the dosage of a certain medication, but eventually you reach a point at which increasing the dose doesn't increase the response very much--you have essentially saturated the drug's target. The other option is to use drugs that work by different mechanisms. Metolazone, Bumex, and spironolactone are all diuretics, but they work in different ways. You can conceivably get a synergistic effect from combining them--and at lower doses than you would need if you were just using one or two of the drugs. This could be better, particularly if your doses are high enough to have toxic side effects.

metolazone, fierisemide, glyburide, avandia, potasium, lipitor, ecotrin, procrit, will these medications inter, Will all of these drugs interact with one another??

Ask your doctor or pharmacist. They should of given you this information either by word or in paper form when you got some of these prescriptions. Don't trust our judgment here, check with a professional about it. These meds are used for different things, diabetes, heart disease or cholesterol, potassium deficiencies perhaps from a water pill. And other uses.

is metolazone available in the philipines?,

Please ignore the diabetes zone dot com. It promotes a dangerous scam-cure for diabetes.