Vaccine, Smallpox in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

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Fetal Risk Summary
Breast Feeding Summary
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Fetal Risk Summary

Smallpox vaccine is a live, attenuated virus vaccine (1,2). Although smallpox infection had a high mortality rate, the disease has been largely eradicated from the world (1,3). Vaccination during pregnancy between 3 and 24 weeks has resulted in fetal death (2,3). A 1974 Reference reviewed the published reports of smallpox vaccination during pregnancy and found 20 cases of fetal vaccinia among more than 8,500 maternal vaccinations (4). Of the 21 exposed fetuses (1 set of twins), only 3 of the 10 liveborns survived. There was only weak evidence, however, that vaccination during the 1st trimester increased fetal wastage compared with that occurring later in gestation (4).

Although the incidence of fetal vaccinia with subsequent poor outcome resulting from maternal vaccination appears to be rare, most sources consider smallpox vaccine to be contraindicated during pregnancy (1,2 and 3,5).

Breast Feeding Summary

No data are available.


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