Vaccine, Typhoid in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Risk Factor: CM
Class: Serums, toxoids, and vaccines / Vaccines

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Fetal Risk Summary
Breast Feeding Summary
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Fetal Risk Summary

Three typhoid vaccines are available: typhoid Vi polysaccharide vaccine that is given IM (1); typhoid vaccine live attenuated oral Ty21a (2); and typhoid vaccine of inactivated (killed) bacteria that is given SC (3). No animal reproduction studies have been conducted with any of the vaccine types.

Typhoid is a serious infectious disease with high morbidity and mortality. The risk to the fetus from the vaccine is unknown (4,5). The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends vaccination during pregnancy only for close, continued exposure or travel to endemic areas (5).

Breast Feeding Summary

No data are available.


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Questions and Answers

Can the typhoid oral vaccine survive 25 min out of refrigeration?, The Vivotif Berna Typhoid Vaccine Live Oral Ty21a is supposed to be refrigerated [2ºC - 8ºC (35.6ºF - 46.4ºF)] "at all times" between doses, according to the instructions. Does anyone know if it possible for the live vaccine to survive 25 minutes out of refrigeration?

All vaccines that require a cold chain say "at all times". Leaving a vaccine out for a short amount of time will not ruin the efficacy of the vaccine. I suggest using an ice chest, if the issue is transport. I always use a soft lunch cooler and fill it with ice for anything that is typically kept at 4C.

Do I really need Typhoid Vaccine when travelling to Shainghai, Beijing and Wuhan?, Well I got my Tetanus and Hep A Gamma Globulin....but I have been told by the Travel Clinic and my doctor that Typhoid is endemic to China and I should take the Vaccine.....but I have also been told by many that they have gone without this and been fine. Granted an upset stomach and diarrea, etc. is expected (even when following best practices) but I'm not sure about the Typhoid because I always associate this with Rural areas. I don't mind spending the money if I really need it but if I'm taking it when the chances are next to nothing well that's just seems extreme and unecessarily expensive.

I will be staying with my Chinese Girlfriend's family in a humble, urban environment for my stay in Wuhan and with her friends in Beijing and Shanghai.

Does anyone have an opinion or experience with this?

So.... lemme get this straight...

Doctor and Travel Clinic both say you should get it. These are people who's job it is to know what is needed and why and trained in the field.

Some strangers who may or may not have the sense to pour piss out of a boot say otherwise.

Man... tough decision.

will soon be taking the Ty21a attenuated live typhoid vaccine?, How worried should I be about secondary mutation that could cause a reversion to virulence? Also, how worried should I be that this could make me a carrier?

It is a pretty rare occurance for that to happen. In general, it only occurs if the person already has a weakened immue system - cancer, autoimmune disease, hiv, etc...

I have been vaccinated with the live typhoid, have not have any problems.

Who founded the typhoid fever vaccine?,

Sir Almroth Wright of Ireland

how long does a typhoid vaccine need to take affect?,

The period of validity of the International Vaccination Certificate for yellow fever (Typhoid Vaccine) is 10 years, beginning 10 days after primary vaccination and immediately after re-vaccination.

Kimberly, RRT

how much hepatitis A and typhoid vaccine cost in india?, i am trying to get my kids vaccinated with hep a and thypoid before we go to india as last time my son came back to u.s with 106 fever. is that ok to have them vaccinate there on the first day or should i do before i leave. these vaccines are pretty costly here just wondering how much it is ove there

HAVRIX for Hepatitis A would cost you approximately US $ 14.80 and for Typhoid would cost u US $ 5.71. For more information you can check this site

Hope u find this useful and hope to hear from u personally at Thanks for giving my earlier answer the Best answer status.

My 5 yr old daughter got Typhoid and was hospitalized for 6 days and was given antibiotics. Is she cured 100%?, Will the virus still be inside her body? Can the Typhoid vaccine be taken after a person get's Typhoid?

Yes it can and I would really suggest to vacinate... my younger sister suffered from typhoid 2 times in her life.. by the grace of God she is fine now.... but it is possible for typhoid to strike again....

Does penicillin make me more susceptible to typhoid?, I'm going to an Indonesian city in a week, for a two week stay. Haven't gotten the typhoid vaccine. My dentist just put me on penicillin for a gum infection. Will the penicillin make me more vulnerable to typhoid? I read something that made me wonder about this. Thanks.

No it will not. Ampicillin (a synthetic form of penicillin) is one of the drugs used to treat it. It will not protect you from it either since penicillin lasts only a few days in the body.

You should get the Typhoid immunization at least 2 weeks before you go.

I am an RN.

is typhoid vaccine safe?,

Yeah, of course it is safe.
It does NOT give you a fever or something like some other vaccines.
It is completely safe and it protects you against Typhoid which is quite a dangerous disease. It is especially a must if you live near water or there is a possibility of water contamination

Which company produces an oral typhoid vaccine.?, A. Lederle Laboratories
B. Berna Products
C. Wyeth-Ayerst
D. DuPont Pharmaceuticals

Berna Products